Saturday, December 05, 2009

Twenty Five Years On And Still Dazzlin'

There we were, the Whitelaw Towers’ staff, kicked back and relaxing, having a laugh and a coupla cold ones on the fifth level of the underground bunker, the entertainment sector, watching some funny old video from the Eighties.

It was an episode of the classic Channel 4 comedy series The Comic Strip Presents. It was the ‘Five go mad on mescaline’ story and, would you believe it? There was Darrin Hodges, plain as the nose on yer face in a cameo performance as an über annoying American dweeb named Willy.

We simply had no idea he had been a child actor and were gobsmacked.

We also wonder if he got ‘exploited’ or ‘mishandled’ in some way to result in his present psychotic condition? Remember the Culkin kids?

It's good to see he hung on to the Pink shirt though. He STILL wears it, especially on television appearances.

Go Dazza!


Anonymous said...

At 7.17 we hear Dazzler retort that he does not work for the JEWS.

Anonymous said...

KosherSoake's the Elephant in the room we must not speak of....speadin' his "Tikkun Olam" about Gentile communities.

Apparently all us "Gentiles" are animals in human form sent to serve their Princessly needs.

Anonymous said...

Let's issue a challenge for Stodges and the remanufactured Bubbl'nSqueaks of the APP.

Please link for us Darrin and Dudes, a Jewish Zionist website that aligns itself with ideas that would see a Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the US/Canada remain at least 80% populated by European derived people.

Where the bloody hell are they ? There's a few Jews that profess a love for Whitey Goy as in the MadHatterJewess, Henry Makow and Bro Kapner, but bugger all else...

I guess its another dud quidproquo deal,,You support IsRaEl and we'll drop the MultiCulti.....The problem is this...The Brits and the Yanks slew the Evil Germans only to be Shit on by the Zionists in the next generation with the MultiCulti Krap.

Darrin and the Plonker's Partay just likes to Kosher play about the fringes one suspects...It is safe and guaranteed to elicit a patronising pat on the back and a consolation prize for having a Go Ya Mug..

Anonymous said...

I take that bag about the MadJewess. The suspicion is that Gentile are only "liked" when they believing the Con as kneeling "Noachides"...Just another Judas pretend frend, focussed on the Muslims who are only here as a function of Zionist immigration advocacy..

It wants us to fight and die for their "Israel".