Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A vey merry Christmas to Humanity and White Nationalism.

"Frederick Toben" & "Brendon O'Connell" The fight to save humanity, and right the wrongs of the past one hundred years and counting. 2010 will be the year many have have died and fought for. Pagan or Christian this is the battle of justice for all of man kind. Put aside your differences and stand by the warriors who are willing to fight and make this world a better place for all. Salute the brave. I m proud to say that this battle is being waged in a country that has been built on blood sweat and tears. We will not go silently into the night!


Anonymous said...

To be "Jewed" is to be on the receiving end of a particular kind of behaviour that is a result of a particular belief system codified in the Talmud and transmitted from one believing generation predisposed to entitlement, to the next.

Those of the In Sect are given certain licence and entitlements according to their "religious" beliefs....

Those not of the In Sect are specifically denied those opportunities accorded to those within.....We are pre-judged by the tolerant, facile "religion" of the "Jews" which, contrary to ignorant opinion, includes the rest of us whether we like it or not.....or even whether we know it does.....

As previously posted, it is the opinion of the Rabbis that they have a duty which involves FORCING the "Gentiles" to accept the Jew administered "Noachide" laws, or else we should be killed..... For denying them them their "manifest destiny" by our self assertion ? A disgusting idea if ever their was one.

Likewise, it is our duty to reject the Jews as frauds, impostors and a viciously malevolent people who seek to impose themselves on others by stealth,duplicity or force, because they know that is the only way other will kneel before them as the existential manifestation of their "God".

Note the @narchists's constant use of the Pharisaic Porn Phlick the "Bastards".....A world of kneeling and dead Goyim propped up to give the illusion of "kneeling" is a Jews vindictive wet dream because the only one ever to have prostrated themselves before the Jew is the vassal, the purchaseable, the collaborator and the constitutionally weak willed and eminently purchaseble ManWhore.

Not once in the history of Mankind has a decent person ever shown the Jew and its lies the respect it covets...It deserves none for its treachery and betrayal of what is Right and Good....

By way of deception thought shalt live life is the credo of the Jews when living amongst the other.

The "Jew" is not a "Race" but an idea or symbiotic Meme attempting to confiscate for itself a Race so as to "manifest".

In the Jewish Wet dream the Jews will be platinum blonde haired, starry blue eyed and white skinned...just like the flag of "Israel"

This is probably why they've targetted Europeans for Body Snatching. We have in some measure the things that they want.

They're completely, utterly and Yidiotically Nutz, and dream themselves our Masters..

We find your religion "offensive" Jews...That is way we reject your inverted "benevolent magnanimity"...'cause it is all and only ever about YOU....Wankers.

Anonymous said...

Slippery Menorahic Hoes mock two European derived institutions. (Because they're not Kosher)ie don't idolise or elevate Jews above all others.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mr T.

And thankyou to the German people for this.

Anonymous said...

Jew is neither a race or a religion but a shortened version given to the Judean tribes that lived in Judah, an ancient kingdom in Southern Palestine. Just one of the many stories given to the meaning of the word Jew, a group who want to separate themselves from the "Gentiles,whom they consider an inferior being.
This is the gravest form of racism. And a graver injustice by Christian religions for not taking a firmer stand against their contrived belief that they are the chosen ones by God...

Anonymous said...

"Slowly I began drawing a different picture of Arik. Some of the pieces took years to put together. Finally, everything was confirmed, once he identified himself as a Mossad agent during events which happened beyond the timeframe of this book. By then I had come to understand that being an art student was a common cover story for Mossad agents. They could be everywhere doing all kinds of damage and remain unnoticed. They could work for years producing low quality work and convincingly claim they were simply misunderstood. At the beginning, our meeting was casual; Arik was not observing me per se. However, the security services had formed a net of agents spanning most organizations throughout Israel. My meeting them in the army, university and workplaces was not unusual."

They're a very gifted and artistic people..... To be "artistic" implies a certain type of innocence and innocuousness...An excellent cover for the evil and the Jewplicitous.