Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who the hell are the APP? Whats with supporting the IRA ?

Well I just couldn't wait any longer folks. The confusing messages that are streaming from the Most Zionist Party APP seem to be getting even more confusing.

Look at the snap shot above. Yes just another attack from members of the APP on the members of Australia First and the New Zealand National Front you say. Well look very closely. See anything strange? Now the avatar seems fine, a nice pick of a Union Jack over the Harbour Bridge, nothing wrong with that. But look at the bloody signature of the user Black Night. Click on the image for a better look. Interesting hey.

I suppose a lot of people in Australia would be unaware of the meaning of this. But if you just so happen to be an old school RAC member or say a member of the NF in the UK you would realise exactly what "Sinn Fein-we ourselves" means. No bloody wonder they keep attacking us.

Now I am no expert on the IRA, watching a few Hollywood flicks on the telmudvision is hardly a good way of getting a grasp of real history. This guy could think its just a snappy way of making a statement in Gallic? But consider this my friends. If you were a supporter of the BNP and fly the Union Jack proudly it is very unlikely you will use that as your sig.

"The name Sinn Fein (We Ourselves) first emerged in the early 1900s. It was a federation of nationalist clubs and eventually, all nationalists to the left of the Irish Parliamentary Party at Westminster came to be popularly known as Sinn Feiners. The press of the time called the 1916 Rising the "Sinn Fein Rebellion". " Source

Its all very confusing. Who are Sinn Fein?

What are the aims of Sinn Fein now you ask? Well get ready for this.

A Multicultural Dublin in a Multicultural Ireland

In a dramatically short space of time, Ireland has gone from an almost monocultural nation, to one where people of various colours, creeds and cultures are radically changing Irish society.

The response of the Government, and elements of the media, to these changes has left a lot to be desired. Immigrants and asylum seekers have been dehumanised or portrayed as spongers, criminals and welfare cheats. For many of Dublin's newest arrivals, the Ireland of the Welcomes has been anything but.

As Ireland becomes a more multi-cultural country, the challenge is to embrace our growing diversity as a source of strength, opportunity and economic dynamism. To do this we must begin by opposing racism, discrimination and intolerance of any kind wherever it occurs. We must challenge the stigmatisation of non-nationals and of Irish citizens with non-national parents. The discriminatory policies of this Government must also come to an end.

All Sinn Féin candidates in Dublin have been through anti-racist training facilitated by the National Consultative Council on Racism and Interculturalism and have individually signed an anti-racist pledge. We are committed to a multicultural Dublin as the capital city of a multicultural


The priorities for Sinn Féin councillors are:

The establishment of a Dublin Anti Racism Network facilitated, resourced and supported by local councils to develop policy, co-ordinate community activity and liaise on a cross-sectoral basis.

Increased resources for minority ethnic NGOs as well as anti-racist organisations An end to the system of Direct Provision and forced dispersal of asylum seekers and its replacement by the right to work and the freedom to choose one's place of residence.

Retaining the equal right of citizenship for all children born in Ireland
Opposing racism in whatever form it appears in our communities The adoption of an anti racist charter by all local authorities and their services.

Read that folks. Read it good. Seems the Brits are not welcome but any left wing anti racist non white is.

Now ask yourself what type of idiot would even consider using that signature on a supposed pro White Nationalist site? Are they taking the piss?

The head of this vile group Mark Wilson who we believe is on the pay roll spreads the seeds of destruction where ever he goes. Seems he is finished the job with the BNP in the UK and the new target is now Australia.

I bet John Tyndall wishes he never met Wilson.

Yes folks that is Mark Wilson sitting next to John Tyndall. I have to ask was this the beginning of the end for the BNP? Mark Wilson AKA Saxon, here he is on the Australian Protectionist Party forum.

Click on image

One thing is for sure, I and others know who we are. We are White Nationals. Win or lose, at the end of the day there is no confusion over exactly what a White National is. Can we say the same about this new breed of "Nationalists"?

One must ask if the Sinn Fein tactic of "opposing racism in what ever form" is the exact approach "Nationalist " groups like the APP has taken against the National Front and Australia First?

The more I look into this the worse it gets.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they're Zionists working for a Mulitculturally adulterated "Noachide" Ireland...

Noachide "Nationalists"

Gentile Nationalism and Zionist Noachidiocy are two mutually exclusive concepts.

There is no dignity in kneeling as "Noachide" (Puke, retch, Gag, Vomit) before the ideological offspring of one treacherous Judas Iscariot.

If these Irish "Nationalists" are truly Celts, they will stand as they always have. There is only SHAME to be found in deference to the Pharisees, but they seem not to know the concept.

There is evidence to suggest that the Christ was a Kelt. He would not recognise these people.

I would like to remind our Irish readers of one Oliver Cromwell. Remember him ? If you're Irish you know the name well....He was financed and in the employ of the Pharisees...Look for it in realzionist news.
Your "israel" has the blood of the Irish on its hands, its face and in its belly. It has torn your Eireland to pieces while YOU feed on the remains of your own as appeasers of the Jew.

Caubeener said... Wearing of the Green Orange and the Green
It really doesn’t matter much when your entire core culture and heritage is destroyed by multiculturalism does it.
Perhaps those that desire a multiculturally adulterated Noachide Ireland might consider the penning of a new lyric…The wearing of the Rainbow of Shame. Pipers of this version must be Noachidiotically attired, deferentially, in frilly knickers, chaps and the Rainbow tartaned Kilt of the NON Celt.
A beautifully coiffured forelock completes the picture.

Caubeener said...

"Following the War of Independence and the subsequent Civil War,the band ceased to have any political affiliations."

Other than to the Irish as a people we can interpret this to mean which is as it should be...perhaps.

Multiculturalism is one such political construct to which not of us should align.