Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zionist stacked UK Government attempts to destroy Nationalism.


"Racism among white supremacists is getting worse, John Denham to warn

Racism among white supremacist groups in Britain’s towns and cities is getting worse, a Cabinet minister will warn today.

John Denham, the Communities secretary, will give warning that Muslims are not the only group which can breed extremism.

Pointing to recent convictions of white supremacists, and a broader rise in overt racism, Mr Denham will say: “It is important that local Muslim communities do not feel that are being singled out if other forms of extremism are a threat in the area”.

The Home Office has already been developing a new programme, called Channel, to support young people who at risk of being drawn into white racist violence.

But speaking in Birmingham today, Mr Denham will unveil a new £5million fund to deal with the spectre of rising white racism.

He will say that every local area country should, where necessary, have a comprehensive strategy for tackling all forms of extremism, including, particularly white racist extremism.

The warning comes amid growing evidence of racial tension against ethic minorities by whites. Last month it was claimed that white supremacist gangs with names like The Aryan Brotherhood were building up support in British jails.

In September a neo-fascist dubbed the 'tennis ball bomber’ was jailed indefinitely at the Old Bailey today for plotting a terrorist campaign for white supremacy.

In August, an American white supremacist was stopped from entering the country to attend a British National Party festival in Derbyshire, after the UK Border Agency said it believed his presence could stir up racial tension.

The BBC also came under fire in October for giving a platform to Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, on the BBC television’s panel show Questiontime.

The cash announced by Mr Denham today will be in addition to the Home Office’s Prevent strategy which targets extremism among Muslim communities through local councils, schools, community groups and police.

The Communities Secretary will tell a conference of 1,000 Prevent workers to “completely reject accusations that Prevent is spying on Muslim communities” and insist that the strategy can only work if it is supported by local Muslim groups.

He will say: “Any programme that is surrounded by suspicion or misunderstanding simply will not work.

“Despite the significant progress and achievements that have been made in the first year of the programme, controversy, criticism and lack of clarity have unnecessarily limited its effectiveness." "

So typical of these thought police and Zionist traitors. Nationalism is not racism. These pricks create a nightmare and then try and blame the victims (White Brits)for their failure to listen to the voices of the Patriotic people of the once Great Britain.

Just another nail in the coffin for White Nationalists under the guise of the War on Terror.

No thought Police there.

Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions,
Of those who fell that Britain might be great,
Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
And urge us on to gain the fascist state!
(Repeat Last Two Lines)

We're of their blood, and spirit of their spirit,
Sprung from that soil for whose dear sake they bled,
Against vested powers, Red Front, and massed ranks of reaction,
We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!
(Repeat Last Two Lines)

The streets are still, the final struggle's ended;
Flushed with the fight we proudly hail the dawn!
See, over all the streets the fascist banners waving,
Triumphant standards of our race reborn!
(Repeat Last Two Lines)


Anonymous said...

I don't want to bang on about the same thing all the time too much Mr WhiteLaw,,,but the Jews are rather insistent on the theme of "racism"....When Zionist AntiFa or Zionist "Nationalists" whine "Waschism" as a mechanism to fracture the mutual trust that must exist between the Gentile Nationalists of different heritage, I think of Noachide Law, Judas Iscariot and Grima WormTongue and some knob who thinks he's a Prig born to rule...Oyl Vey ! The nail of truth is not hammered into the thick Scones of the gullible with one gentle blow. They wail on into us almost as much as the the other.

There can be no alliances with JisRael and the so called "Noachides" who appear to be fat and docile, big and dumb and look so stoopid they aren't much fun,,,...It will aways be a Master Slave relationship wet dream for the magnificent 6.66Chosen and their Noachide Cybelian submissives and I for one will never answer to the forked Tongue of these scheeming scumbags. They shit on everyone they have dealings with and the very concept of decency.

Remember what cross dresser Moans said when he was a woe man..."Anti-semitism ? Its a trick, we do it all the time"...Same with "racism" folks...they do it all the time.

So Again, for the partially aware and the Kosherly Komatose celestial travellers of Cybele...."Yawn"...

An establishment Jew Max Dimont wrote in his book “The Indestructible Jews”, that the destiny of Western civilisation was “ The diasporisation on man into one world, and a synthesis of the Western, Slavic ans Sinic civilisations into one universal culture having the ethics of the Torah for its moral foundation and Jerusalem as its spiritual center.”

Now put you thinking caps on and ask yourselves whether or not the immigration directions of both the left and right polarities of the Jewish body politic, as applied to Gentile communities, are consistent with the above mentioned prediction or should we say prophecy.

Do any of you know of any Jewish group that work for Gentile nationalism and the preservation of racial and cultural identity ?

You and I both know the answer, but you refuse to acknowledge the fact for fear of offending these princessly people. Why ? While you stand with their Israel, the center from which you will be ruled as property, they immigrate you into irrelevance as a distinctly different people, AS THEY HAVE CLEARLY SAID THEY WILL. Do like being disenfranchised from your cultural and racial heritage and then subsumed into some sort of directionless, devolved racial porridge manufactured and debased so that others have only the relative appearance of “excellence” in comparitive terms.

Don’t any of you have a sense of shame that you might have been deceived and that you are laughed at by these “friends” who abuse your honest intentions in this way ?

While we may aspire to the truth and innocence of the infinite , these so called “Jews” aspire only to be “better” than the “Goyim”, however this may be achieved.

bushranger said...

I disagree with you WT.

The nail is the coffin of the British politicians and traitor classes.

This is just further evidence (as if it was needed) that the UK government is losing control and the plot.

History shows that when governments act in a manner openly hostile to its own people it is doomed.

They might think they are in the box seat but the box is a coffin and a resurgence of White Pride is the undertaker!

Anonymous said...

They really do just make this shit up as they go along, don't they?

Talk about 'kneejerk reactionism' and 'policy on the run'.

They are sounding more desperate by the day and that is dangerous for any decent, morally brave person.

These ZOG Kommissars will try the scorched earth ploy and try to drag us all down in the bloody end game.

Spite and impotent rage as they lose control will see them lash out and hurt a lot of good people.

Expect to see things get MUCH worse before they can ever get better.

I have even been having some grim thoughts about a possible WWIII triggered by an Israel furious at the West not invading Iran swiftly enough.

Don't be surprised if we see Israel employ a 'Nuclear Option' on the Persians.