Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More 'comedy' from @ndy

@ndy said: “We must secure the existence of our people and sexual access to young children.”

Oh, @ndy, you must surely be referring to the Labor Party, the Greens, the Democrats, the Socialist Alliance, the Communist Party, the Anti-Fa and all the other Left wing swill.

The fact is ALL Political Parties, like all large organisations, have a problem with infiltration by nutters and perverts who insinuate themselves into positions of power and influence. Homosexuals have proved to be the sneakiest. We suppose they’ve got the most to gain by keeping their habits a secret and the most to lose by being exposed as perverts.

Also, many of the infiltrators on the Right have been self-loathing Jews like Frank Collin of the NSPA who was sentenced to seven years for sexually abusing two ten year old boys. Ironically (or not) his Lawyer was an ACLU Jew called David Goldberger. There is actually quite a pattern of precedents if you’d like to do some THOROUGH research. But you won’t of course.

Although not a monopoly, the Left CERTAINLY has the most perverts by a country mile. Well known Homos and Bisexuals of the Left include the late John Marsden and Rene Rivkin, Milton ‘the monster’ Orkopoulos, Bob ‘lower the age of consent for boys’ Brown etc. Several of them have been implicated in some very dodgy behaviour to say the least and one or two have (amazingly) been successfully prosecuted. And who could forget that loathsome Chosenite paedophile and hero of the Left, Allen ‘NAMBLA’ Ginsberg?

Just remember @ndy that, essentially, the ONLY difference between a ‘Homosexual’ and a ‘Paedophile’ is opportunity. Homos cannot reproduce (although many have marriages of convenience or employ the services of dykes) so they must recruit and they zero in on their targets when they are at their most vulnerable. A Homo hanging around pubescent boys is like a chicken hawk circling the hen house.

And of course the BIGGEST difference with the Right is, unlike the Left who legitimise these people and their sick lifestyle, they expel and shun these creatures as soon as they are exposed. THAT is the big difference.

@ndy also said: “The dead German incestuous coprophiliac dictator Adolf Hitler set a very high benchmark for sexual and political pathology, but that hasn’t prevented his ideological descendants from trying to emulate their dear departed leader.”

Coprophiliac? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Coming from a Chosenite that is hysterical. The Chosenites are the only Race/Religion who are absolutely OBSESSED, to the point of psychosis, with number twos. The Talmud reckons Jesus Christ himself is in Hell currently boiling in a vat of hot excrement! Even boiling semen, ferfarksake, and other bodily fluids are mentioned over and over again as ways to punish the unbelievers.

Who but the Chosenites could be so fixated on excreta? Their legendary ‘Golem’ is so obviously an analogy for the breathing of life into excreta and creating a walking monster from it. Mud is simply another way of representing faeces.

The Chosenites are very prone to overkill when it comes to character assassination. They simply go WAY too far. That is why we laugh when these outrageous stories emerge about Adolf Hitler and virtually every other National Socialist and Fascist leader. Surely @ndy, even you can’t REALLY believe a lot of this stuff. But then maybe, blinded by your sheer hatred, you’ll believe ANYTHING.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Mirth And Merriment From Moran

@ndy slackbastard wrote:

“Supposedly, only about 40–50 fascists (’White racial patriots’) attended the event and, like the speakers, consisted of the usual suspects (members of Australia First, Blood & Honour, “national anarchists”, New Right, Volksfront, and assorted other racist riff-raff).”

Now that IS very funny @ndy. To read you referring to ANYBODY else as “riff-raff” is quite exceptionally hilarious! Mate, there are filth encrusted, lice infested derelicts lounging on park benches and reeking of body grease, alcohol and stale urine who have more class, credibility and social status than the crew you sent to the RSL Club. We’d suggest the hygiene and personal grooming of a fly blown bush tramp would be several levels above that of the average Anarchist. But hey, thanks for proving there IS such a thing as an Anarchist joke…

Assorted Pics from the Sydney Forum.

Gas warfare!

The only real Female Fascist of the day.

What can we say? Walking target? This one is truly easy to pick in the crowd.

The Fascist Gandhi.

The pencil neck enforcer. This guy was really funny. He thought he was a bit of hero until he found out he was about to have his head shoved up his arse. He sorta just stood there and done nothing after that.

Mrs Marx.

Bagel Boy

@ndy and his continuing love affair with the RSL

From the pathological LIAR’S site known as ‘slackbastard’:

“The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance” is the RSL’s motto,”

Darn tootin’! Where’s the problem with that?

“so how a small group of neo-Nazis managed to book a seat at the table is an interesting question.”

Erm, we’re sorry @ndy, but you’ll have to explain to us why this particular point (there IS a point you’re desperately grasping to make, isn’t there?) is “interesting” in any way, shape or form.

“Even more interesting is the fact that this is not the first time the Sydney Forum has been held at an RSL club: in 2007, Eastwood RSL leaped at the chance to make some $ from fascists, while in 2004 it was Bexley RSL’s opportunity to Throw The Jew Down The Well of Australian history. Oddly enough, the only institution to say nyet to the neo-Nazis was the Russian Social Club in 2005 (the Estonian community opened its arms to temporary conquest in 2006).

In brief, the Master Race may have 99 problems, but an RSL venue ain’t one of ‘em.”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! "Master Race"?!?!!!!

Who, precisely, ever, apart from Hollywood Nazis in ZioProp productions EVER uses the term “Master Race”? Personally, this writer has only ever heard the loony Left throw it around. Hmmm, strange that. Oh, and as the funny Jew in the German helmet on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In Show used to say… Very, very INTERESTING…

“Aside from the venue — Petersham RSL on Saturday; ‘The Bunker’ on Sunday — the Sydney Forum also featured speakers. Among them was the convicted criminal (fraud and conspiracy) of Lebanese descent, Dr James Saleam.”

Ah, now you see, this really IS ‘interesting’ because the ranks of the Left are absolutely bursting with “convicted criminals” and their fellow travellers (read: Left Wing sympathisers) sitting on the bench in judgment of them have (according to Darp and other Lefties) often been guilty of committing similar offences in their salad days of youth, dontchaknow.

Oh, the high jinks, oh the wild spirit of permissive, libertine, bohemian, college life. Oh, the 'free love' and copious quantities of cannabis and various white powders washed down, no doubt, with lashings of Claret and Absinthe. The days of 'The Push'. Oh, how we looked so handsome in our black skivvies and brown corduroy flares with our neatly trimmed beards and Trotsky specs as we sat in the coffee shops and wine bars of Darlinghurst plotting the Marxist overthrow of the system...before, that is, we actually graduated and BECAME the system...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Is this why the vicious Left Wing scumbag crims of today almost invariably receive such lenient sentences for their crimes?

The actual charges range from everything like graffiti vandalism (every ‘Anarchist’ does their apprenticeship tagging the neighbourhood before moving on to making mollies) shoplifting (read: liberating and redistributing the ill gotten wealth of the Fascist oppressors), fare evasion, trespass, resisting arrest, all the way through to really serious offences like aggravated assault, illicit drug use and/or distribution. Oh, and did we mention smashing windows?

Surely nobody can forget Will Saunders, the close friend of Mathew Henderson-Ha aka 'Darp', who with his 'partner' (read: homosexual lover) David Burgess, on 18th March 2003, vandalised the Sydney Opera House with the 'No War' slogan.

As Darp posted on his now electronically cleansed and deleted Blog '' on 24th February 2005 after learning of their extremely lenient sentence of Nine Months periodic detention "This stinks. Will Saunders is a personal friend of mine and an almighty inspiration. Kia Kaha champ. It'll take more than what the courts have dished out to kill that fire of yours old son!"

“Earlier this year, Rupert Murdoch ordered Fairfax journalist Greg Bearup to write a profile of Saleam for the Good Weekend. My rabbi informs me that Word on the street is that Uncle Rupert is growing increasingly worried at the massive yet oddly subterranean influence of the Australia First Party, and is afraid that, if they’re not stopped, they’ll blow the conspiracy wide open.”

Oh, we get it. This is an example of the famous @ndy ‘humour’ we’ve all heard so much about but have, thus far, seen precious little proof of. Sarcasm, is it? What do they say mate? Many a true word is spoken in jest.

The funniest thing though is how @ndy and his crew are so credulous and willing to swallow stories of so-called Right Wing Fascist and Neo Nazi Nationalist conspiracies yet so sneeringly derisive of any talk of what should be glaringly obvious Globalist conspiracies. Conspiracy? Look out @ndy. You’re STANDING in it!

Anti-Establishment my arse! @ndy, you ARE The Establishment and what’s more, you cynical little treacherous bastard, you KNOW it. The time has come to ‘fess up and inform your minions in the so-called radical Anarchist movement the TRUTH about whom you serve and whose long term interests you underwrite.

Not only but also @ndy, we’ll ask you yet again, where has this newfound expertise on all matters RSL come from so suddenly. Where did all this empathy, understanding and expressions of solidarity with the old war heroes materialise from? It was your mates, whom you’re so proud of, your predecessors, the old guard, the elders of your movement who used to screech out the slogans like “Baby Killers!”, “Murderers!”, “Rapists!”, “Enemies of the people!” etc.

You are so keen to tell us tales of glory and give faux history lessons about the antics of Spanish Anarchists and others and their noble bravery (*snigger*) when fighting Da wicked Fash but where are all the stories of the REAL glory days of the Vietnam Moratorium marches and street protests? Come on @ndy, show us pics and all. We want to see what you and your Red bum chums REALLY think of people who’ve fought for their nation and fought in support of the Global resistance to Communism.

Be PROUD to be Red @ndy. Shake that feminine little clenched fist in the Communist salute. You know the one mate. The one you do in the bedroom in front of the mirror, when no one else is around in an Anarchist’s version of ‘air guitar’. The one you do when you wear your Ché Guevara tee shirt and your little black beret. Does it make you feel like a man @ndy? Do you yell things at the mirror like “Smash Da Fash!”, “Death to the system!”, “Lynch the bankers!”…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

That’s okay mate. It’ll be our secret. WE know you don’t really MEAN it…

Sydney Forum 2009 video.

Here is a very small sample of what we have. The amount of fan mail we are getting to get the video's up is staggering. This small sample will have to do for now as we are waiting on a lot more via snail mail and email. But it will be worth wait.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Anarchist Lies! Sydney Forum 2009


“I spoke to Danny FitzGerald at the RSL today about the little weekend fascio-nazi-fest. He said that he had no idea what the room had been booked for until it was underway.”

Is this actually relevant?

“If he had been informed before hand he would not have permitted them entry as he does not support such ideology nor wants his staff or members subjected to these people.”

This is a quite foolish admission to blatant discrimination which leaves the CEO open to legal action within the framework of existing Anti-Discrimination Law, A VERY dangerous game to play. We are assured by the contact we had with several staff members that the only thing they were ‘subjected’ to was the disgraceful and illegal actions of the Anarchists at the front door.

“He was informed by the local constabulary that it would be wiser to let it proceed than to have the fascists removed from the premises.”

This is a deliberately misleading statement intended to lead the reader to believe that violence would be perpetrated by the attendees upon their ejection. An abominable lie.

“The CEO believed that there were legal grounds to remove them (Details please. WHAT “legal grounds”) but it seems that the blue boys didn’t want to do that. Danny FitzGerald was also concerned for the safety and welfare of his staff and members”

As he SHOULD have been. They were, after all, being constantly assailed with a vitriolic stream of hateful and foul language along with threatening and intimidating gestures and behaviour from the MARXIST ANARCHISTS!

“and he believed that they would not go quietly if forced from the premises.”

And why, pray tell, should they?

“He said the police if they were asked would likely deny that this had been their suggestion.”

The man, if this claim is true, is patently a spineless weasel who, terrified to take sides, is blaming the Police to pander to militant Marxist aggression. He is an insult to the sacred memory of our fallen heroes who stood bravely and firmly against the Human wave attacks of Chinese Marxists in Korea.

“So. Clear as mud. But it did go ahead all week end.”

The trouble was NOT coming from the people attending the Sydney Forum which included a wide variety of people including a professor, ex-servicemen, RSL Members, elderly conservative types all the way through to a part aboriginal Man and a self confessed Left Wing Homosexual Man! The average age would have been in the Fifites. The ONLY source of the trouble was ALL coming from OUTSIDE the venue in scenes chillingly reminiscent of the Red thuggery aimed at attendees of One Nation meetings back in the Nineties.

Whitelaw Towers has been informed that the CEO of the venue will be contacted by Sydney Forum organizers and guests and if indeed he HAS made these comments suggesting these innocent and law abiding people presented some form of physical threat to the venue, the staff and/or the surrounding environs then they will be demanding nothing less than a written apology to redress this outrageous slander.

The CEO will be very firmly reminded that the RSL Clubs were founded NOT by filthy, shrieking Anarchist thugs but by mainstream Australian Men and Women who fought bravely for freedom of speech and Democracy for all. He will also be reminded that the very same vile creatures who are now demanding explanations from him verbally assaulted and physically attacked his own staff members.

Has he no sense of irony?

Anti Fa, Anti Climax. Sydney Forum Report.

Lets Roll! Yes readers, the Sydney Forum has come and gone yet again. For all of you who didn't make it this year we will now try and give you all an accurate report on how it all went. We won't be reporting today on the speakers. That will be covered enough by others in the following days.

You guys wanna hear about the Reds right?

At about 0900 hrs it was reported to Whitelaw staff at the forum that a bunch of scruffy looking kids "Anti Fa" had arrived to cause a bit of trouble. Further investigation revealed that ten or eleven members of the Fascist Anti-Fa had barricaded the front entrance to the venue. Apparently the plan was to prevent entry or exit to the RSL.

On arrival at the scene WLT staff along with a scattering of other patriots soon discovered what could be only described as a high School student protest. Further investigation revealed that Mathew Henderson, Andrew Moran, Brian Stokes, Cam Smith or any other member of FDB had failed to arrive. Big surprise there folks.

Seems someone forgot to call them? Or did they? Well Andrew Moran AKA @ndy (yes folks we can confirm that is his real name) had sent one of his little recruits along on Saturday Morning. Sadly, they failed to stay and listen to the speakers. But they did get the details Andrew needed and fled to join the rabble who later arrived. You can call this person on 0407921000. Just ask for Andrew Moran.

But it would seem the brave members of FDB thought it was more appropriate to send in the Fascist Anti-Fa cannon fodder. Once again proving that these brave leaders are all piss and wind. These guys never dirty their own hands.

Now once the good guys (that's us) realised that it was an FDB NO SHOW we all concentrated on Sydney's own Fascist Anti-Fa. Oh, with a couple of young girls from Melbourne. Now these demonstrators may have been a weak lot but they sure could scream. All types of abuse was hurled at the guys and gals outside. Some of my favourites included, Nazi Scum, Fascist Scum, Fuck Off Back To Europe, This is Aboriginal Land you Fucking Racist Scum.

Once the Fascist Anti-Fa linked arms they brought out the secret weapon. Cameras. It was more like a Hollywood Gala Event with the paparazzi snapping away. We are not sure why they haven't published any yet but we guess they may need to get their cameras repaired first? But I'm sure we will see them soon enough?

Not to worry folks, when it comes to a fight you never go in half cocked. The WN at the forum had seriously out gunned them in the camera department. Once the demonstrators realised that it was them who were getting videod by two handy cams from every angle they got a little nervous. In fact over the next week we will be presenting these videos in full for your enjoyment.

The footage I think we like best would be the poor middle aged employee being jostled and screamed at as he attempted to leave the venue. This man who was leaving after working on the pokie machines was not only physically assaulted but was called "A Fucking Nazi" and "Fascist Bastard". He wasn't very impressed nor was the Non White Door man attempting to clear the doorway. A discussion with this doorman during lunch revealed that he wasn't very impressed with the demonstrators. On asking him "I bet you didn't expect this when you came in this morning" he replied "I could have just gone out there and beat the shit out of those loud mouths". I don't think he was very pleased with these kids. The hearts and minds battle raged by Australian Anti-Fa is a bit of a disaster. Nice work guys. It's a sad day when the people you claim to be fighting for think you are all a bunch of DICKHEADS.

Anyway it was about time to test their mettle. One of the forum guests decided to see if he could get a closer look at the Anti-Fa Banner. Grabbing the banner he soon discovered it was attached to at least 6 of these limp wristed Fascist Anti-Fa. It was an amazing sight to see these boys and girls getting swung around. Proving once again that one White Nationalist is worth more than a 6 Fascist Anti-Fa. Yeah, we got most of it on video and it will be on You Tube over the next couple of days. We are still figuring out what song to put it to.

By this time about ten minutes into the fracas a few more arrived to be part of the Sydney Forum. One fellow in particular from the One Nation Party thought he would have a little debate with the demonstrators much to everyones amusement. The abuse came thick and fast but in the end it was a very one sided event leaving the One Nation guy with a clear victory.

About twenty minutes into this clash another bunch of "Fascist's" arrived, namely the New South Wales Police Service. They seemed to be a nice bunch of blokes and looked rather amused to see this scruffy looking lot from some carnival side show. The Anti-Fa looked more relieved to see them than we expected. The cavalry had finally arrived. They had seriously underestimated the hand full of Patriots on the footpath. The Police could now extract them from the fire zone. All very amusing. By this time the demonstrators looked more like stunned deer in the headlights than the brave Anti-Fa that is portrayed over the Internet.

With this they packed their gear and got the Hell out. In no time at all the Forum was again in full swing. We are not sure how they will report this? They are yet to make any comment. Maybe Andrew Moran is going to get his PR machine out and try and salvage something from this. He may be able to get Greg Bearup from the Sydney Morning Herald to write another fantasy story? He seems very good at writing Tabloid Trash.

Things ran rather smoothly for the rest of the day. Of course the RSL received numerous threats from FDB. One particular threat of a large amount of angry uni students arriving unless the management shut the Forum down was simply ignored.

We did have one more incident at about 1400 hrs. It was noticed that a lone protester walking up and down the street was grabbing people by the arm and pointing towards the forum shrieking "Nazis are meeting in that building". He was actually grabbing people off the footpath. All of them NON WHITES by the way. He was simply brushed away. Our friend who attempted to grab the Anti-Fa banner early in the morning decided he would go across the road and have a chat.

As he sprinted across the road this lonely figure, most probably an FDB member, started to snap away with his camera. But it looked like he thought this guy would stop before he reached him. WRONG. Talk about fun and games people. To put it bluntly the single demonstrator SHIT HIS PANTS. He started to scream out to anyone who would listen to come to his rescue. But no one came. Truly heart breaking stuff. Once he stopped flapping his scrawny arms about and yelling to people to call the police he packed up what was left of his dignity and was not seen again. Apparently his camera got broke when he dropped it. We decided to put the hat around to raise some money so he could get a new one but everyone declined. Funny that.

The rest of the forum ran very smoothly and no more incidents occurred at the RSL. The New South Wales Police dropped in from time to time and the RSL put two monstrous Islanders as security on the door just in case. All in all everyone had a good day.

But it wasn't over yet punters. Saturday Night.

At about 2300hrs at the front of the Australia First Headquarters two drunken boofheads, about thirty five to forty years old, decided to have some fun. As members of Australia First were having a meeting these idiots decided to chant "Fascist, Fascist!" towards the members inside. It was a good thing that it just so happened to be the QLD AF people that were having a meeting. They like to talk to the reds.

With video camera in hand thanks to AF Gold Coast they fronted these guys. Now how many drunken thirty something people do you know who go around calling people Fascist? May I suggest none. One fellow about Six Feet tall and full of shit thought he was a bit of a tuff guy. Big mistake. The other fellow who looked rather Jewish thought it was best that they leave, grabbed his mate and headed off down the street. That video will be up some time over the next few days.

Sunday. What can we say. We had everyone there. We had B&H Volksfront the National Anarchists and a whole range of other groups of people with varying beliefs. Along with a HUGE presence from the New South Wales Police Force and the standard men in suits from Canberra. What we didn't have was ANTI FA, FDB or BLACK BLOCK. Funny that.

Sunday was the day many had planned on as being D-Day. The fact that the Fascist Anti-Fa chose Saturday and not Sunday says a lot. I will let you all figure that one out if you haven't already.

Stay tuned for the pics and video.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Until further notice staff and members of Whitelaw Towers will not be posting in the comments section of the 'Slackbastard' site (and all other Forums) due to an unknown agent (Hodges?) having left a toxic comment and falsely claiming to be 'whitelawtowers'.
This activity is obviously designed at this critical moment in the movement's progress to create disunity and animosity among the ranks. Sorry folks, but this is a sign of the sheer frustration and desperation of our enemies.
Watch this space...

Sydney Forum Update

From the ZOG approved and State sponsored Blog ‘Slackbastard’:

“Note that The Returned and Services League (RSL) of Petersham proudly supports the efforts of Dr Saleam and his party to return to a White Australia: the Party’s annual talkfest, the Sydney Forum, is taking place there today.”

This is nothing more than deliberately mischievous nonsense. How does and how CAN @ndy possibly ‘know’ that the management and/or the membership of Petersham RSL fully endorse or, for that matter, fully oppose, the Sydney Forum as a concept or object to any of its guest speakers?

We also wonder when, and in which particular VERSION of reality, it became mandatory for any hosting venue to “proudly support the efforts” of ANYONE or any special interest group who simply hires a function room for a meeting. The Petersham RSL would be like any other commercial enterprise that put their facilities up for hire to a huge variety of different patrons.

Would the Christian ‘Right to Lifer’ cashier be able to successfully object to the RSL hosting a meeting of the local radical Feminist rights and ‘Family Planning’ group? Would the Asian kitchen hand in the club bistro whose father was tortured to death by the Khmer Rouge butchers be able to object to a meeting of the local Socialist/Communist Party if the club agreed to host them? Would the Palestinian storeman whose sister was shot by the IDF be able to object to a meeting of the local Zionist group? @ndy, you are a serious WANKER!

We would assume that, generally speaking, as long as the guests behaved in a respectable manner, didn’t piss in the pot plants or vomit in the ashtrays, they would not give a flying monkey’s fuck what the ‘show’ was about. It all pays their staff’s wages after all.

“Petersham RSL is always interested in hearing from the general public, and can be reached on (02) 9560 8355 or by fax on (02) 9564 1841. But please: no old diggers with memories of WWII, mmmkay?”

Funny stuff, eh? And this (unintended?) comedy comes from an ‘Anarchist’? When did the Anarchists become supporters and advocates of returned servicemen? That’s certainly a big surprise to us and we’re sure the vast majority of our readers. When did the Anarchists cease denigrating servicemen and women as ‘willing tools of the Fascist State’ and stop daubing the cenotaphs and other sacred sites with so-called ‘Anti-War’ slogans? When did this refreshingly new and positive understanding and empathy develop? When did the Anarchists decide it was better to throw bouquets rather than buckets of pig’s blood at returned soldiers? When did these ‘rapists and baby killers in uniform’ suddenly become fellow travellers with the activists of the extreme loony Left? Does this mean there’ll be no more disruptions of dawn services? No more desecrations? No more hateful graffiti sprayed on war graves? No more disrespect for the elderly war veterans?

But then @ndy’s particular take on ‘Anarchism’ is strange, to say the least. It should be obvious to all with an independent mind residing in a functioning brain that @ndy’s credentials as your archetypal ‘Agent Provocateur’ are impeccable. He’s as genuine as the proverbial Three Dollar Note.

While he loves to wax lyrical about revolution from the rooftops and lobbing flaming Mollies at ‘Da Fash’ he resides in fairly standard bourgeois comfort (no sleeping on a piss soaked mattress in some ‘roach infested squat for @ndy) while doubtless receiving a modest stipend from the State, with perhaps the odd ‘Sayanim bonus’ from The Mossad, to act as a lightning rod (read flypaper) for young Reds and then to lag them in to the authorities if they look like actually DOING anything. The entire game plan is clear. Keep ‘Da Fash’ busy and the ‘Anarchists’ even BUSIER! Oh, and did we mention confused?

Telling tales of glory about his Spanish (read: Marrano Jew) Anarchist ancestors and how these ‘noble heroes and tireless defenders of the proletariat’ really stuck it to Da Fash is hysterically funny in light of the FACTS that are gradually emerging about him. But, for now, he still appears to have some of the young and ‘genuine’ Anarchists (is that an oxymoron?) bamboozled with his shite. There they are faithfully shrieking pathetically puerile Left Wing slogans in their shrill voices while waving their girly arms around and shaking their little fists in impotent rage at ‘Da Machine’, and all in the service of the bourgeoisie. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh, the irony. Oh, the stupidity.

And so it went yesterday in the little New South Wales borough of Petersham where the sock puppets all performed magnificently and strictly adhered to the Khazar approved game plan. Well done girls! BUT…will we see the BOYS back up today and put their street cred up for evaluation? Will the ‘Mutiny’ crew show up again with their baseball bats? Will they actually get out of their car this time and ‘bash da Fash?’

We nearly got the flag yesterday we will certainly get it today!

Hope to see you all there today.

Oh, and please, please, please, bring Darp along…

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gay Nazi's and the Anti Fa. More BS from the Kings of Spin.

Seems the Anarchist Jews at Slackbastard are enlisting the help of an insane homo sexual deviate. They truly should source their info before they run with it. Yeah right, as if that will ever happen. In an attempt to frighten people away old @ndy the Anarchist Jew has taken to using some classic right wing history. As with all movements around the world White Nationalism has had its ups and downs and at times reads like a cheap soap opera. But, we suggest, nothing like what has gone on and still does in the radical left circles. Or the Lib/Labor Party in Australia. In fact we all seem very tame compared to the Zionist controlled State and Federal Governments.

What we have now is the openly homosexual John Drew (fag nationalist, One Nation champion and all round nut job) jumping on the gay band wagon with members of FDB. One quick look at the comments section and one can see that these deviates have nothing but stupid jokes and homoerotic innuendo. What did anyone expect?

But it's the claim from the self described "only gay Nazi in the village" that truly raises suspicion. In a comment from John Drew, for reasons only known to his sick little mind he claims a photograph (above) has Jim Saleam standing next to Arthur Charles Smith.

Now Smith who ran the the Australian National Socialist Party in the 60's was said to be a Fag. Something about that doesn't surprise me. With all the Jews running NS groups of the past and present should we be shocked? Yet in an attempt to smear Nationalist, Drew a fag himself, forgets to tell us that Smith was long gone by the mid 70's and is certainly not the guy in the pic. In fact its not even the ANSP. It is the NSPA just before it was shut down. The people in the picture left to right are unknown, Neil Garland, Jim Saleam, and THE SKULL. No poofs for Johnny boy and his gay jew mates this time around.

In the smear piece being flogged off at Slack Bastard we also see @ndy using a bit of history to show how evil we all are. Considering the majority of people involved today would have still been at school or not even born when the dramatic events described
(ASIO recorded murder incident) happened one has to wonder what is the point? It has nothing to do with modern day White Nationalism nor the Sydney Forum. But what @ndy does fail to mention is the other 72 hrs of ASIO tapes that they refuse to release.( ASIO used these tapes to pervert justice in Jim Saleams infamous criminal case). Cover up anyone? Maybe @ndy can ask his handlers if they mind releasing that info? @ndy also fails to mention that the person who they use as a source, David Greason, is an absolute, certified NUTTER who spent a rather long time in a insane asylum. Oh, did we mention he is on their side also.

Who is David Greason?


David Greason has been proclaimed by the media as an expert upon the so-called "Australian Extreme-Right". From his current position with Australia-Israel Review, and through Without Prejudice magazine and in the mainstream media, he has assailed in print (for years) an array of Nationalist, patriotic and conservative organisations as diverse as Australian National Action, the League of Rights, the National Republicans, the Australia First Party and the One Nation Party.

Greason's book - I WAS A TEENAGE FASCIST [1994] - has been uncritically accepted by countless academics, politicians and journalists as source material, not only on the internal affairs of various pro-Australian groups of the late 1970's until 1982, but as an expose of the allegedly unsavoury lives of persons involved therein. The book was also designed to build the credibility of Greason that he may play the role of expert-commentator in the 1990's.

The book was launched by Victorian Opposition Leader, John Brumby, in 1994. It was praised by Justice Marcus Einfeld (remember him folks Mathew Henderson Hau footy mate father) and was lauded by the Extreme Left sects such as the Democratic Socialist Party/Resistance and the International Socialist Organisation. With this sort of political push, Greason has appeared as a mobiliser of activist "anti-racist" opinion, a brave soul who fought the "racist-fascism" within himself and who tore the mask off the new enemy of Australian capitalist democracy.

In 1995, Greason used his position as literary editor of Melbourne's HERALD-SUN to pillory the unfortunate Helen Darville a.k.a. "Helen Demidenko" for the plagiarism contained in her award-winning THE HAND THAT SIGNED THE PAPER [Herald-Sun 26 August 1995; Herald-Sun 25 Sept. 1995; Herald-Sun 7 October 1995]. Not only had Greason noted her supposed plagiarism of word and theme, he accused Demidenko of historical fabrication; he even urged she receive medical (psychological) treatment.

The proverbial chickens have come home to roost. David Greason is himself guilty of plagiarism - subtle and not so subtle "rewrites"'of word and theme; Greason may also have deliberately opted to live out another man's life-theme. David Greason's I WAS A TEENAGE FASCIST is a substantial plagiarism of Cecil Herbert Sharpley's THE GREAT DELUSION: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A COMMUNIST LEADER [1952].

In July 1998, he leapt into a new "fame" as joint editor of Australia-Israel Review when he published some 1700 names and addresses of One Nation Party members. This effort followed weeks of distorted journalism concerning the various patriotic groups in the lead-up to the Queensland State Election of June 23 1998. He cannot now complain if evidence concerning his essential intellectual dishonesty is available to all.

Funny how all these Left Wing people have the same few things in common. See a pattern?

Seek and Destroy.

We are scanning the scene
in the city tonight
We are looking for you
to start up a fight
There is an evil feeling
in our brains
But it is nothing new
you know it drives us insane

On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy

There is no escape
and that is for sure
This is the end we won't take any more
Say goodbye
to the world you live in
You have always been taking
but now you're giving

On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy

Our brains are on fire
with the feeling to kill
And it won't go away
until our dreams are fulfilled
There is only one thing
on our minds
Don't try running away
`cause you're the one we will find

On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
On our way
You will pay
One thousand deaths
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy
Seek and Destroy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Huge influx of "NAZIS" cause Dust Storms in Sydney and Earth Quakes in Victoria!

News Flash/Fash!

Yes folks those Nazis are all on the march. It has been reported by @ndy the anarchist " hundreds and thousands are on the road as we speak. They have caused Earth Quakes in Melbourne today from all the Goose Stepping. The amount of dust that was kicked up from the minions created such a huge Dust Storm that it blanketed Sydney this morning."

Actual footage sourced from @ndy of the Fash moving through rural Australia on their way to the Sydney Forum is a "call to arms for the Anarchists" @ndy commented. @ndy was also heard to say this afternoon on the discovery of the Nazi march "God have mercy on our Souls".

Above. Exclusive Footage of Australian Nazi's marching towards the North today for the Sydney Forum. It has been reported by Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back that the Australian chairman for Australia First has been seen saluting the Nazi columns as they pass through the sleepy town of Hay.

You’re a Ché Guevara tee-shirt wearer and a Useful Idiot!

Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf Week Two

Week Two. At Home. The fighters, the hedgers, and the traitors

At Home. The birth of a Nationalist Here

Next week Chapter Two. Years of Study and suffering in Vienna.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sydney Forum 2009. NEXT WEEKEND!

This is the number one Free Speech Forum on the Nationalist calender in Australia. So if you are truly interested in the direction and influences on Nationalist Politics and many other issues BOOK A TICKET NOW. Don't forget day 2 folks this is a bit more casual and allows White Nationalists from around Australia to swap ideas and form important alliances. Hope to see you all there.

Julia Gillard. Marxist Traitor.


Andrew Bolt
Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 06:29am

The issue isn’t just whether there’s a Red under the bed, but a liar as well.

Labor’s deputy leader Julia Gillard has claimed she was just a part-time “typist” in her “university days” to a mere “debating society” called the “Socialist Forum”, and has really been a “fiscal conservative” all along.

In fact, she was on the management committee of this far-Left group, which was formed by former communists to help them join Labor, and she stayed there even when she was well into her law career.

But how desperately she tries to deny the truth. Yesterday she was asked this on Adelaide radio:

Interviewer: So when did you cease being a member of the Socialist Forum?

Gillard: Well, many a long year ago, and obviously my most active involvement was when I was a university student more than 20 years ago.

The Herald Sun’s Gerard McManus runs this past the fact-checker:

The parliamentary register of interests states Ms Gillard remained a member of Socialist Forum from 1998-2002, after which the group merged with the Fabian Society.

The Herald Sun has also seen a 1994 promotional flyer presenting her as a guest speaker at a Forum event. It describes her as a “member of the Socialist Forum Management Committee”.

Other documents show she authored numerous Socialist Forum papers and organised events, summer schools and conferences on topics such as “Being a Socialist Teacher”.

Australian White Nationalism. Boys Club? Never!

Jane well known and respected Australian Female White Nationalist (and good friend of ours) explains the true meaning of the movement from a woman's perspective. Distribute widely.
Hail The New Dawn!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Chosenite News Network CNN Fake Footage. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

White Pride Thought Crime.

View more news videos at:

Source Radio Werewolf

A Frightening Pandemic of White Pride Disrupts Sleepy Suburbia

I'm somewhat at a loss here. The word "discrimination" is used countless times throughout this video, but I, for the life of me, cannot find the discriminatory element inherent in a seemingly innocuous statement such as "White Pride World Wide."

This whole thing reeks of the paranoia I grew up with in the 80's with the "Satanic Panic" phenomena where teenagers with Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne albums tucked under their arms were evidence of a wide spread coven complete with "breeders"(presumably for a steady, uninterrupted source for "sacrifices" to Old Scratch himself) and a super secret cult of Satanic baddies further sensationalized by cretins like "Geraldo".(Being one of those kids, I thought the whole thing was quite a hysterical hoot.)

But this is far more ridiculous (and insidious) to me. The implication here is that pride in one's heritage is equated with some evil that dare not even speak its name. Look at the pampered suburbanite mom in the Greta Van Susteren mask, who finds the whole thing "disturbing". "It's nothing I believe or teach my children to believe." On what fucking planet do these people reside? So apparently mom is doing nothing to counter balance the brainwashing her kids are receiving whereby they are taught to hate themselves, the Founding Fathers, and Western Civilization itself. I doubt these people live in an area that is even 50% nigger. Even if she did, note that she drives her kid to school, and doesn't subject her to the animal holding pen on wheels that most public school buses have come to represent.

Contrast this video with the previous story of the bus beating I posted. Police were dispatched, notices warning of the impending "danger" were sent out and a community quaked with fear because of a....couple of stickers? Where there is actual violence(and always directed at White people) it is met with apologists bending over backwards to not make a "rush to judgment", searching for the motive(from the victims, not their attackers) and the reactionary, almost rote proclamation that "race did not play a part in this crime." And that, of course, is if reports of the atrocity even see the light of day at all. The attitude is so "blah-zay" in fact, that when it does occur, able bodied adults(like the driver) feel no particular duty or inclination to stop it.

This is how far we've fallen and how suicidal our society has become. Words, even harmless ones that proclaim pride, supersede actual acts of violence and sexual assault. Calling attention to criminal acts has become more despicable than the act themselves. The good news for us is that such an upside down world adhering to these insane and ruinous ideas cannot for very long sustain itself before toppling and descending into chaos.

The message of this anti-White piece of propaganda is clear, when they have made the incredible leap by linking "let's kill people" with "White Pride World Wide." To quote the 9th grader in the story who's upset by this whole nefarious pride plot: "it's like uhhhh...bad and people shouldn't do it and stuff." I agree. Knock off this anti-White horse shit.

Oh, and lest I forget: "White Pride World Wide" everyone!

So who's at the top of the Fascist Anti Fa/Marxist/ movement?

Yes folks we all remember founding member Mathew Henderson Hau, self described Jew, brag about his high ranking Jewish connections. Not to mention the admission from the Australian Jewish News of these mysterious anonymous Jewish backers of Fight Dem Back. “A number of Jewish professionals are on Fight Dem Back 350 strong Australasian team, many of them deliberately keeping a low profile.” Well Whitelaw Towers over the next few weeks will attempt to expose a few of them.

We can chase our tails all day trying to out the idiotic followers like @ndy and his mates. Bugger that, let's go for the ringleaders. No more leading from the rear (pardon the pun) for this lot. The Granddaddys of the Jewish Anti Fa movement are a much better read. Hell, this stuff should be made into a movie, it's that good.

Let's go.

Sydney 1968 The Domain.

Above. White Australian Patriot stands his ground at a Anti-Communist Speech in the Domain 1968.

Speakers attacked by Demonstrators wearing Jewish Stars.

Six members of the crowd had been arrested. The Police prosecuter told the court that "the men are allegedly members of the Jewish Youth Movement" Those arrested were.

Oscar Borecki 35 manager who was charged malicious damage offensive behavior resisting arrest and assaulting Police. Eli Samoke, 25 unemployed (at a time when this nation had full employment and was fighting a war against Communist agression in Vietnam) charged with offensive behavior, resisting arrest and assaulting Police. Peter Korda 18 student, charged with offensive behavior, Betzalal Honohof, 35, panel beater. Charged with resisting arrest, assaulting Police and offensive behaviour. Edwin Adamek, 23 manager. charged with offensive behavior, and David Pacanovski, 24 contractor, charged with offensive behaviour and assaulting a Police officer.

A member of the jewish community gave this report to some associates on the fate of the defendants.

"In order to prevent serious charges being laid against the six Jews arrested, and to get the Government to harden its line against the Nazi's, (any enemy of the Jews) a representative of the Jewish Board of deputies went to see the Premier, Mr Askin. It seems to have had some effect (big surprise) for the Police Prosecutor took a visibly soft line. (nothing changes) Five of the six were released as first offenders, the other on bond. (once again Jews receiving special treatment)

On may 9th it was reported in the Australian Jewish Times that the New South Wales Board of Deputies "has previously announced, and wishes it be widely known, that in general members of the Jewish community should not attend meetings of the National Socialist Party. Large audiences comprising mainly members of the Jewish community highlight and give publicity to this group out of proportion to its present support. (I wonder If FDB have been given an updated version of this order. In other words do not expose us use your useful idiots. Sound familiar?)

Another organisation that is reported to have been embarrassed by the incident was the ISRAELI EMBASSY. Among those arrested were ISRAELI citizens who had training in the ISRAELI ARMED FORCES.

Sydney 1968
Edwin Adamek, 23 manager. charged with offensive behavior.

Sydney 2009.

Ed Adamek –

The chair of the Kings Cross Drug Action Team (CDAT), a volunteer for
the Welfare Rights Centre and acts as a business mentor for the Eastern
Suburbs Enterprise Centre. A retired Company Director, Mr Adamek is
married with of three children and five grandchildren.

"Locals protest over Kings Cross injecting room"
Resident "Totally opposed. I think it's spread everywhere over the suburbs now. Everybody knows where to get whatever they want to get, but if you advertise that you've got a legal shooting gallery in Kings Cross, everyone's going to come to Kings Cross for one reason. It's going to ."

Ed Adamek (used to be Eddy but wife changed it)

Married to:

Estelle (since February 1970)


M*****, B**** and J****

Where I live
In Elizabeth Bay and the Blue Mountains ( gee I wonder if Brian Stokes is one of his neighbors?)

Years in Betar:
(Betar is a Zionist youth movement that was founded in 1923)

Camps attended
Lake Macquarie '59, Narrabeen '60, Macquarie Fields'61, Stanwell Tops'62

Positions Held:
co- leader of camp resistance movement

Some of my Leaders:
Moshe Aarons, Sol Yezerski, Henry Briggs, Larry Levin, Henry Bishopverder

Those I see now:
Zvi Berkovic, Tommy Fischer, George Berkovits, Geoff Williamson, Eddie Price, Burnie Kresner, Leo Rogovin, Peter Cohen, Moshe Aarons

Now only motor biking, collecting cars and boating - used to volunteer as a refugee advocate, as a telephone mentor for the Welfare Rights network , as a business mentor for the Eastern Suburbs Enterprise Centre and was chairman of the Kings Cross Community Drug Action Team. I was a foundation Member of the consultative committee of the Kings Cross Medically Supervised Injecting Centre which opened in 2000 and am still on that committee. I was also a foundation board member of Family Drug Support which advocates on behalf of and counsels families and friends of illicit drug users. I served as a Flag Officer and Board member of the Royal Motor Yacht Club for eight years. (Silver Spoon anyone)

The most significant moments in my life include, meeting my wife, having our children, then being around when our children had their children. Apart from that they were volunteering to go to Israel with Peter Cohen and Geoff Williamson in 1967 and being arrested in the Domain in 1968 for assaulting a fully uniformed member of the Nazi Party at their rally and together with about another 100 “shtarker” Jews giving all the other Nazis a hiding and ensuring they would never hold a rally again in the Domain.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Getting To Know You. Melbourne Reds Anti Fa & Assorted Anarchists.

What a lovely bunch of Melbourne Reds. They look so happy. All fresh after another day of hard work collecting dole forms and the old age pension. Hell, even Nana came out with Lentil dog. But the poor old dogs owner better feed it some meat, look at what it spewed up.

Now that's just wrong... You want to see more? Is it male or female? Or just dogs vomit?

Oh, they look so innocent before they go and do their National service in the Israeli Defense Force.

But it's been a wonderful day. Nana Red needs a bit of a lie down. The dog sure as Hell looks hungry after that purple purge. That's alright if the dog is lucky maybe Nana will give them all a nice bowl of rice to get stuck into. I would prefer Pea and Ham soup but I have a funny feeling some of them don't like Ham.

Now viewers if you are one of these happy people in these pics don't get cranky at us. Drop on down to the Barricade Book Shop and have a word with @ndy. Tell him Whitelaw sent you.

Here is an oldie but a goodie.

Name: Andrew Moran AKA "@ndy"
Location: Victoria, Torquay area.
Occupation: University Student. Works at Barricade Bookshop - 5 Pitt Street, Brunswick, Melbourne.
Old blog: Slack Bastard
New blog: Slackbastard
Moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board.

Andrew Moran is your run of the mill loud mouthed anarchist. It is no surprise that he is associated with all round sexual deviant and self proclaimed illicit drug user Campbell Smith AKA 'Dr Cam Sexenheimer' as they both have similar personalities, that is being of left wing extremists (don't take our word for it, check his writings). Andrew Moran loves to proudly tell everybody who will listen to his preaching exactly what he thinks about, well, anything but on the other hand is so much of a hypocrite he wants to keep his identity secret - sound familiar anyone? That's right, this fellow actually sounds like your run of the mill big brave self proclaimed 'anti-fascist'.

Much like other marxist moaners online, Andrew Moran commonly takes random postings by people on the internet and puts them in the mouth's of whatever "fascist" he finds most convenient, knowing this, it is hard to take much of what he says as credible. This fellow is the moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board which boasts a whopping 42 members with only around five actually active. (Update it now has NONE)

His past-times include reading Marx and spouting his leftist diatribe to any who will listen.

[Note: People like Andy label anyone who doesn't tend to agree with him as being a "fascist".]

Andrew Moran has really only come to the forefront of acting like an "anti-fash" hero since late 2005, online anyhow. He has since stepped up in the world and now maintains a blog which is listed above if you would like to experience his ramblings. If you would like to learn more about this fellow, check his candid posts on the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board where a handful of extreme leftists on the lunar fringe congregate to talk about their anarcho-communist fantasies.

Here's some quotes of Andy to keep you busy...

Andrew Moran's thoughts on forming an anarchist group at his University...

" What I'm interested in to begin with is establishing some kind of network. By that I mean, basically, a way for students who are anarchists to hook up. That has two motivations. One is the fact that, as students, anarchists often feel isolated."

Let's think about that for a moment, I wonder why a bunch of Anarchist loonies would possibly feel "isolated" from normal, decent society?

"Means of working together are either missing at present or extremely partial. So, I propose a semi-formal network to fill this gap, to be a means by which to get anarchist students together and to talk."

Possibility; Vital elements needed to function normally may be missing because his type are on the extremist fringe. What would they talk about anyhow? Who has the best drugs? Why "fascists" (White people who are critical of multiculturalism) are so evil? How drunk they got at the last "anti-fascist" fund raiser gig?

Speaking of fundraiser gigs, around mid 2005 Andrew Moran proposed to put on an event in the name of a fallen comrade - a Russian member of internationally renowned violent anarchist street gang 'Anti-Fascist Action' by the name of Timur Kacharava. Not surprisingly the first band to offer support to this event were the cross dressing Jewish "musicians" of a band called 'Yidcore'.

Yidcore in action.

Andrew Moran has been one to condone, even promote illegal activity and violence in the past; during the riots by Islamic Arabs and Africans in France of late the same year, he stated on his blog:

"Open letter to the gangs of youths who have been torching cars in France.

Comrades! Well done! Give them hell! Do not be intimidated by the fascist police!

Love and solidarity, Andy."

Comrades? If he were to enter the "no go" areas of France where whites are widely disliked I think he would find out just how many "comrades" he would have. Delusional anarchists like this sit in their comfortable western lifestyles, and incite others to violent confrontation then turns informer on the perpetrators when it blows up in their faces.

In other words, he is a weak and hypocritical coward.

Andrew Moran is involved with and works for Barricade Bookshop situated in Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne. Barricade Bookshop is a hot spot of extreme leftists ranging from violent street level anarchists, old school Australian Communist Party members to straight out traitors of the Australian identity and way of life. Reds like Andrew Moran use this venue to indoctrinate young minds and unwitting members of the public with evil and inhumane ideologies such as Communism, Marxism and other equally tantalizing doctrine.

Whitelaw Towers. New weekly feature. Mein Kampf!

Yes folks for all of you who are interested in History you are going to love this. So turn off the History Channel and tune into our weekly book reading segment of Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf. So grab a Schnapps sit back and enjoy. We will.

Landsberg on The Lech Prison of the Fortress
& Dedication to the Martyrs of the Movement.

Chapter One At Home.

Stop the Fascist Anti Fascist and Global Communism!

Australian Anti fa

Australian Anti Fa working with the New South Wales police!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Re: Out Of Africa? ‘Theory’…

Quote: “I conceive of nothing, in religion, science, or philosophy, that is more than the proper thing to wear, for a while.” Charles Fort, Wild Talents (1932).

Regardless of what the intellectually insipid are prepared to believe, often repressing their own natural instincts which urge them to resist swallowing snake oil (overcoming the ‘gag reflex’ is a neat trick) and what those with very specific socio-political agendas are spoon feeding the increasingly compliant and credulous masses, the theory remains just that, a theory.

As in all things ‘Scientific’ it is normal process to release ‘theories’ based on what evidence has been revealed through research and that which exists at the current time. What is not, or should not be, acceptable modus operandi is the at times seemingly wild speculation that exists around the various theories of Humanity’s origins. Frankly, I find the OOA Theory even more bizarre than the speculation on Extraterrestrial Alien ‘intervention programs’.

Interestingly, in the Wikipedia (hardly noted for their ‘Right Wing’ Conservatism. In fact FDB quote them all the time) entry on ‘Theory’ there is this rather revealing admission regarding the term:

“Sometimes theories are falsified, meaning that an explicit set of observations contradicts some fundamental assumption of the theory, but more often theories are revised to conform to new observations, by restricting the class of phenomena the theory applies to or changing the assertions made.”

This activity is what is more often referred to, in the common vernacular, as “Moving the goal posts” or even perhaps “Hammering a square peg into a round hole”. Either way, it is done pretty much shamelessly and without apology or explanation.

The ‘Out Of Africa’ Theory has become a Secular Religion defended by foaming fanatics every bit as brainwashed and/or delusional as any Medieval flagellant or Islamic bomb thrower. Why? Simply because it suits an agenda. What agenda and whose? Call it Tikkun Olam if you wish but it does not really matter what label you put on it, after all, our traditional enemies are masters at ‘badge engineering’. The old adage that ‘Everything is Politics’ is now transposable with ‘Everything is Fashion’. In this Matrix of ‘consensus reality’ the thinking Man is compelled to believe nothing of what he hears and half of what he sees!

The way in which today ‘History’ and the ‘Science’ upon which much of it is based is as plastic and uncertain as the Stock Market reminds me of the definition for ‘Freemasons’ taken from ‘The Devil's Dictionary’ by Ambrose Bierce:

Freemasons; noun
“An order with secret rites, grotesque ceremonies and fantastic costumes, which, originating in the reign of Charles II, among working artisans of London, has been joined successively by the dead of past centuries in unbroken retrogression until now it embraces all the generations of man on the hither side of Adam and is drumming up distinguished recruits among the pre-Creational inhabitants of Chaos and Formless Void. The order was founded at different times by Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, Cyrus, Solomon, Zoroaster, Confucious, Thothmes, and Buddha. Its emblems and symbols have been found in the Catacombs of Paris and Rome, on the stones of the Parthenon and the Chinese Great Wall, among the temples of Karnak and Palmyra and in the Egyptian Pyramids -- always by a Freemason.”

Did you get that bit about ‘unbroken retrogression’? Soon we’ll be told WE were here before the Big Bang!!! What? We slid in from a parallel Universe? Ferfucksake!

Similarly, the indigenous inhabitants of Australia were, until a decade or two ago, understood to have been here for between Fifteen to Twenty Thousand Years. That is what I was told at school in the Seventies. This has been gradually pushed back over the years to the point where conjecture has it at Seventy Thousand Years at least and possibly over One Hundred Thousand Years! Where, I humbly ask, does it end? I must add that most of this theory is extensive extrapolation on meagre evidence. The Australian Aborigines are not a culture that has left much at all in the way of verifiable and dateable artefacts. There are no castles, no palaces, no monuments, not even much in the way of permanent residential sites. So how, I ask, do archaeologists accurately date this stuff? And don’t for one moment doubt that political agenda does not dictate ‘findings’ and ‘results’.

Do a bit of reading up on the work of Egyptian Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass and how he is carefully controlling and editing the flow of information regarding new findings in Egypt in strict accordance with an Egyptian Nationalist political agenda bordering on Arabic Neo-Fascism. In his position as Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, (flashy title, eh?) he has brutally suppressed many findings that don’t fit in with the glorification of modern day (Negroid-tainted) Egyptians as the direct descendants of and inheritors of one of the greatest civilisations of Humanity. He only wants good news and findings which raise embarrassing questions will not be tolerated. He has his own version of the X-Files vault or ‘Hangar 18’ where ‘difficult’ and potentially ‘problematical’ findings are filed and marked ‘never to be released’. Don’t believe it? Check it out.

Bear in mind that as recently as Thirty years ago accepted Scientific 'wisdom' assured us with all the certainty of death and taxes that we were about to enter another Ice Age! I remember reading about it consistently in the ‘papers and seriously worrying about it. Then, about a decade ago that flipped, like a magnetic pole shift, to Global Warming. Now we see the result of years of resistance from saner and more sober scientific minds who were treated like old time Soviet Union political dissidents for daring to point out the Emperor’s new clothes manifested as a clever (?) change of wording in the Global Warming Industry’s language. We are now never again to mention, on pain of death, the term ‘Global Warming’. It is now ‘Climate Change’.

How Orwellian is that? Can everyone say ‘Doublethink’?

Or is it more like Monty Python? Altogether now, Nee!

Quote: “We are now... no longer the Knights Who Say Nee.” “Nee!” “Shh shh. We are now the Knights Who Say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-pikang-zoom-boing-mumble-mumble.”

Lemon Curry anyone?