Friday, January 22, 2010

All the way with Israel and the A.P.P.

From the A.P.P.’s Australian Identity Forum:

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Re: The BNP and Israel
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“My take on it is, we are a part of and support this project of civilisation.”

There is absolutely NOTHING ‘civilised’ about the Criminal Zionist Cabal and its Bandit State of Israel.

“If we look to the middle-east to determine who would be included in this project of civilisation, its (sic) obvious that Israel would qualify.”

That statement is an obscenity and an insult to any who have even the most rudimentary understanding of the term ‘civilisation’.

“Therefore we do not support Israel merely because it is Israel, in the same way we do not support the United States simply because it is the U.S of A.”

Sadly, in real terms of administration, legislation, logistics and global policy the two are essentially inseparable.

“Israel is part of this project of civilisation, as is the United States or Great Britain and as a civilisation we can choose to hang together or hang separately in trying to defend it.”

You Darrin ‘defend’ nothing but the utterly indefensible and morally repugnant.

“Additionally Australia has a long history with Israel, even before its creation as a modern state.”

Of course! As part of the British Empire Australia was closely associated with the British forces that administered the area ‘formerly known as Palestine’ and, as such, Australians should be just as angry at the gutless campaign of terrorism waged by the Zionist scum which peaked in its barbarity and ferocity with the bombing of the King David Hotel.

There is no excuse for not being aware of the methods employed in the process of creating the Bandit State of Israel. If Dazzles and Co are going to persist in waffling about the history of the Middle East insofar as it is pertinent to their ‘one trick pony’ approach to ‘Nationalism/Patriotism’ and his/their hatred of Islam that blinds him/them to all other issues, then they need to be honest and do some serious research.

“From the last great cavalry charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba in October 1917, to Australian soldiers doing volunteer work in the kibbutzim during WWII, through to Australian political and diplomatic efforts that saw the creation and recognition of the modern state of Israel.”

Yeah! Let’s talk about the Fabian Socialist Proto Jew Bob Hawke, hey? While we’re at it let’s talk about all the other lickspittle brown nosers who all prostrate themselves in abject slavery and worship at the altar of White Genocide in the Synagogue of Satan.

“Israel and Australia have more in common than most people realise.”

What? Do we have secret Nuclear weapons? Do we do research on Biological agents that target specific Races? Do we have stockpiles of White Phosphorous? A hideous terror weapon that is banned by the Geneva Convention? Do we have a citizenship policy based on the ‘Nuremburg Laws’ as Israel does? Do we live behind steel fencing and razor wire?

“Both were the product of British colonialism (in one way or another), both were populated by people nobody else wanted”

Boy! Ain’t THAT part the truth? Israel, according to a certain Jew this writer once knew, was populated by “the scum of European Jewry, the absolute dregs, the con artists and rip off merchants”. According to this South African born Jew the founders of Israel were Meshuga or “crazy” Jews, inspired by the racial elitism and pure hatred of Zionism.

“and both defended their soil with their own blood.”

Well that would be a very rare case in history where the Jews actually did their own fighting instead of waging war by proxy as they had done for centuries in their manipulation of fratricidal wars between the Goyim.

“Our glorious dead lie at rest in war graves throughout Beersheba and Jerusalem, Israel was partly founded on Australian blood.”

I doubt that particular sentiment would raise much support even among the most poorly educated Australians.

“I can say without hesitation that I am an Australian Nationalist first and last.”

Yes, indeed you can say that Darrin. It’s just that we and the vast majority of other White Nationalists simply won’t believe you are a ‘Nationalist’ of ANY sort. You see, Dazzles, just as the truth will always out, so too does the past come back to haunt one. We will never forget how you once said, in relation to your backflipping and your outright lies, "It's just politics"

“However if we are to pass on anything of value at all to our children, then we must defend this great project of civilisation or damn our children to become slaves of Allah or worse.”

Time to get up to speed Dazzles. You are already a slave. And it matters not a jot whether the master be Allah or G_D or Jaweh or Mammon or Beezlebub. A slave is a slave is a slave. All else is contrived sophistry and deliberate misinformation about who is at the top of this global conspiracy.

“I'm not prepared to let some Nazi f***heads decide my children's future, are you?”



Anonymous said...

One thing I have noticed that the Left/Greens and APP have in common. Is the fact that their leaders or reps come across as a bunch of fowl mouth high school students that have no self control.

Is this the caliber of leader/ spokesperson that is destined to represent the Australian Community. These hacks make Pauline Hanson look like a scholar in comparison.

Conclusion. They are all spoilers of one type or another and an embarrassment to their respective Political beliefs.

Much like this Owen Jones from the previous article. He works to weaken the Greens with his stupidity to win back the Green Supporters to the Labor Party. Darrin Hodges works for the Liberal Party by embarrassing White Nationalism with his actions forcing the conservative voter back to the Liberal party.

This site has shown on many occasions how the Leadership at the APP act more like children than respected leaders. Think about it.

bushranger said...

Contemptible dribble from an individual who has about as much credibility as Bozo the clown!

Israel is recognised as a criminal haven by law enforcement agencies across the globe and yet this dreg of humanity states that it represents civilisation! The thing is deluded!

Where is the mention of Jews spitting on Christians! The Jew policy of deliberately driving Christians out of their homes in Jerusalem! The sex slave trade in young European women! Not to mention Israel acting as a safe haven for Jews who have defrauded the Russian people!

It is unbelievable that such a thoroughly repugnant individual is brazen enough to declare himself a Nationalist.

Tyr’s hand has more chance of growing back than this puddle of stench has of obtaining a moral compass!

Anonymous said...

Why the Israeli Flag, when the FDB and all "AntiFa" (implies we're "fascists", cause the Jews are opposin' it) are of Zionist origins.

Cromwell was apparently a "Protector" as well, but of what ? Jewish interests ? which include the engineered destruction of all Gentile communities so that the Jew can manifest as singularly magnificent ?

The APP, purchased "Protectors" of Australian culture, are Cromwellian in nature, and lapdogs of the Self Chosen whose patron saint and tratitorous Messiah is one Judas Iscariot.....Hence....Judasism.