Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A.P.P. still flappin’ those toothless gums…

Y’know, in another time and another place (perhaps some bizarre parallel universe?) it just might be almost funny. Here and now, with all the insidious manoeuvres being executed by The MOSSAD and its useful idiot Shabbos Goyim at the A.P.P. and other pseudo Neo-Conservative groups (G’Day Mr. Abbott) funny it ain’t, sinister it most certainly is.

Worthy of note here is Darrin and the A.P.P.’s outrageously clichéd stereotyping of true White Nationalists as drunken Sieg Heilers and desperate losers from broken homes with dysfunctional families having low intelligence and no future. This mirrors perfectly the FDB and general Leftist tactic of ignoring the essential issues and political ideology and going straight for the dirty smear and character assassination. Now, having moved on to publishing screenshots from private, member only websites, quoting certain supposedly contentious comments out of context to put a particular spin on things, he is definitely following DARP101 to the letter.

The knuckle dragging mouth breathers who predominate over at A.P.P. can’t even get their insults right. If you are going to disrespect and ridicule Whitelaw Towers properly it’s ‘white trash SEWERS’ you morons. Sheesh! Didn’t you listen to Stokesy, Brian ‘weezil’ that is, properly at your last FDB briefing? If you’re going to imitate FDB and be the new ‘source’ for disinformation and lies about White Nationalists you’ll have to do better than that.

There was one comment that did strike this writer as hysterically funny though. Some idiot who calls itself ‘PAT50’ (please tell us it’s not THE Pat) claimed WE would be the ones eating the scraps at THEIR barbecue! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Coming from a mob of Five Dollar ‘Nationalists’ where the ruck for the last Iced Vo Vo at one of their ‘meetings’ (is five or six people a ‘meeting’?) could lose you a limb that IS funny. No girls, we’re sorry to have to inform you, apart from your leaders, who are no doubt in receipt of a regular stipend from the ZOG, it’s YOU sorry losers who’ll be the dumpster divers come the big meltdown.

Almost as mirth inducing was the comment that A.P.P. have we, the true White Nationalists, "running scared"!?!?!!!!

Hello! Reality check. Wake up, it's time for your medication. Actually that IS a joke because we can't imagine ANY drug that could maintain in the patient that degree of delusion for such sustained peiods of time. Nope. It's just gotta be a 'natural' form of lunacy. Some severe form of psychological pathology that renders the sufferer absolutely impervious to reason, common sense and the ability to discern between the state of consciousness we call reality and the zombie-like sleepwalk the A.P.P. appear to exist in. We believe one just couldn't fake the stupidity of Dazza and friends with to such a convincing level. It has to be real.

Now, the agenda at Whitelaw Towers and its associated allies within the TRUE White Nationalist Movement is one of Urban Survival through financial viability. This is achieved by disengagement from the system wherever practical and achievable. The agenda over at A.P.P. would appear to be one of appeasement with the Chosenites, a symbiotic existence with The System and reliance upon a promised ‘reward’ for being good little arse licking Shabbos Goyim.

Again, we’re sorry to have to give you ‘tards another reality check, but you can’t make ‘deals’ with serpents. No matter how many times you prostrate yourselves before the altar of ZOG in the Synagogue of Satan. Your ‘reward’, at best, will be a painless death, lethal injection perhaps?

It’s said that every Man has his price Dazza. It would appear that yours was pretty low.

Hey! What’s that sound? That clinking, jangling sound. It sounds like loose change.

Are those thirty pieces of Silver wearing a hole in your pocket yet Dazza?

How long can it be before the faithful acolytes and obsequiously slobbering arselickers over at A.P.P., like ‘PAT50’, realise their Little Tin God has feet of clay?

Oh, and say G’Day to your good buddy Joe for us Dazzles, Hildebrand, that is.

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Magik said...

The toothless, obeisant gums of the 'Christian' zionist are have demonstrable multitasking capabilities......They are designed so as not to disturb the precious sensibilities of a very specshully specious people, who are indeed fearful of the Truth.....but are aligned with and beholden to an unmentionable G_d who itself is fearful of the Truth.