Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Australia Calling! Radio Free Australia.

Wake up stupid! You live in a police state

Australians are living in a police state and most of them have no idea.
1. In Australia racial and religious vilification laws make it a crime punishable by huge fines, confiscation of homes and prison time to criticise immigration policy or the behavior of non-white immigrants.

2. Dissenting from the official or politically-correct view of history can and does result in people being thrown into prison in Australia.

3. Government has placed itself above the law, so that it is exempt from town planning laws that it applies to everyone else and has made it illegal for citizens to challenge government projects.

4. Chairman KRudd's plan to censor the Internet is modelled directly on the Chinese system. Kiddie porn is the pretext, but the real agenda is political censorship.

5. Chairman KRudd's office has issued a directive to the public service that the electoral allowances of members of the Parliament are not to be used to pay for the publication of material that is in any way critical of the government.

6. Farmers are being dispossessed of their farms for all practical purposes, without compensation and in violation of both Magna Carta and the Australian Constitution.
Where else but in a police state do such things happen?

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Anonymous said...

Do you listen to Alex Jones on infowars? I enjoy hearing your show through Tommy. Best Wishes, from AL in WI USA.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Not sure if Derrick would. I think the consensus would be that Alex runs decoy for the Zionists. I will pass the message on.

Australia Calling said...

Yes, I do enjoy Alex Jones. I am a big fan. I do not believe that Alex is correct on everything, because he will not touch the Jewish question.
Having said that, on issues such as 9/11, drug companies, the New World Order, etc his information is spot on.
Where, I believe, Alex falls down is that he does not connect that final dot . . . the one that has Jew written on it.
He also screams 'Nazi scum' at people such as myself, which I suspect is motivated by a desire to keep the Jews off his back to at least some extent.
- Derrick MacThomas

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. He rarely mentions Israel. I know he must fear the Mossad. Besides he married a Jew (that's the scuttlebutt I heard).

re: Alex Jones said...

Alex Jones is a smart man as the last thing you want to do is mention Israel or Jews if you are a broadcaster if you want to garner and maintain support from the wider public.
Saying this, anyone with half a brain will put 2 and 2 together and KNOW that Zionism/Jewish supremacism is a behind a lot of the worlds woes to this very day. It is basically un-needed to actually mention Jews because the public has become WAY more aware of them in the last 10 years then ever before and awareness is only increasing. This is why Zionists are so paranoid and have irrational reactions when someone even mentions anything about Race or even just the word "Jew" - they know what they are responsible for and we don't actually have to outwardly call a Jew and Jew when laying responsibility on them for their crimes. In the end, it will all come back on them as it has before, but lets hope this time it is for the betterment of mankind so we don't have to hear their incessant whining of yet another supposed "holocaust"