Saturday, January 16, 2010

Australia First & The Riverina Daily Advertiser.

Here is another Fish and Chip wrapper you can use next time you are down Riverina way.

Far-right fanatics coming to town
15 Jan, 2010 10:00 AM

(Oooooh lock the doors)

AN EXTREME right-wing political party ( someone has been speaking to Darrin Hodges) is looking to set up a Riverina base and has already started spouting its agenda online.

The Australia First Party (AFP) has established an online blog entitled "Australian Identity" (hell its still under construction and its already famous) which has already taken a swipe at a leading regional identity while also making derogatory comments about minority groups, particularly Wagga's Sudanese community.

The anonymous writer describes Griffith mayor Mike Neville as a "traitor," claiming he relishes the "multi-ethnic/multicultural mess his city has become".

The individual then makes reference to the recent discovery of the body of an Indian man just outside Griffith.

Councillor Neville slammed the AFP blog and said he was outraged by some of its contents.
(someone offer him a tissue please)

"I find it offensive to be called a traitor, I'm a very proud Australian," he said.

"I'm quite proud to defend our multicultural community. (who has the agenda?)

"It's obvious their compassion for their fellow man is comparable with their common sense."

The AFP blog's racially motivated rant goes on to specifically target Wagga's Sudanese population, claiming their inclusion in the city's fabric has created "a permanently dependant welfare class and a cheap labour underclass".

The blog includes a letter from what it claims is a woman who had previously been involved in community welfare.

Contained in the long, rambling letter are complaints that those within the Sudanese community are given preferential treatment and "have veritable slush funds to sustain this intrusive community".

Wagga man Erwin Richter has been a long-time advocate for the city's African population, ( Lets guess Catholic Church anyone?)volunteering as a refugee settlement co-ordinator to aid the transition of families into the Wagga community.

While admitting there had been some early issues, (understatement) he said the Sudanese and other African populations largely lived in harmony within the community and caused proportionately fewer problems than the Australian-born population. (standard bullshit)

He said claims that Sudanese families jumped the queue ahead of other families were inaccurate.

"To say they are cashing in on welfare is simply wrong," he said. (ok so he may like to explain how its wrong)

"I've been involved in the Department of Welfare and they are on the queue like anybody else." (is he saying that they are putting refugees into areas that already have high unemployment. Now why would they do that. I hope someone is pointing this out. Of course they are AF is saying exactly that, that makes them evil and racist)

Mr Richter said he had lost all respect for the AFP and had been infuriated by the claims of their anonymous representative. ( did he ever have respect for them, not likely)

"I'm disappointed really, I did have a certain soft spot for Australia First but the more I look at it I realise they are a recycled version of One Nation," he said. ( wrong buddy AF is a radical WNParty that refuses to play fare with the mainstream. They are nothing like One Nation on many aspects)

"They are so out of touch with reality." ( after reading his comments I must wonder who is out of touch. Good on ya AF Riverina)

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