Friday, January 15, 2010

Banned You Tube Video from David Duke "The Jewish Matrix of Power in America.


Youtube has taken down my latest video and another I have recently posted.

"It probably won’t do any good, but I want to contact them directly.

Anyone know an email address we can contact them at and demand them to put it back up?

The video as you know is not hate speech. It is actually an exposé of hate speech. Only thing is that you are not allowed to expose hate speech when it comes from Jewish extremists.

If my videos are banned then so should every video that exposes any other kind of extremism, including all the Jewish videos supposedly exposing White extremism, Muslim extremism, Christian extremism.

Why is it that the ony extremist behavior we can’t oppose and expose is Jewish supremacism?

Broadcasting the quotes of Jewish leaders is not hate speech — it is exposing and opposing hate speech.

Help me demand that my videos are put back up!

But please do it in a civil and intellectual way. Railing against them in an email will only make them more determined.

We should also exploit this repressive action across the internet.

I am a former elected official, a PhD in History, who has appeared on most of the major talk shows in the mainstream media, including all the network news programs, meet the press, and other shows. So why am I now banned from Youtube?

Let’s make some effort on this!

Let’s expose the bias for the world to see.

I will work right now to get some alternative posting sites!

Thanks for your help!

As someone told me earlier today. “Your video is too good. It is too truthful, too powerful and too convincing!”

Best to all!

David Duke

Well lucky its on WNTube. HERE

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