Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big Dazzles and the Drone Clones

The continuing story of fake Australian 'Nationalists'
From the A.P.P.'s ‘Australian Identity’ Forum:

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
« Reply #67 on: January 10, 2010, 11:11:45 AM »
Quote from: darrinh on January 10, 2010, 10:12:03 AM
“Saleam continues to build his elaborate fantasy via his sock puppet, white trash towers. Even though they tried to rewrite it, you can see many Saleamesque phrases slip though. Imagine being a sock puppet for the mad Arab?”

“Saleamesque”? Careful Dazzles, that word has three syllables. Just because you’ve managed recently to claw your way above Sixth Grade level in English Grammar there’s no need to get cocky.

Oh, okay, okay, dry your eyes now. We’ll let you have that one if we can use ‘Darpesque’ or ‘slackbastardesque’.

“As you will see these idiots are only following orders.....Oh yes we have a lot more yet. We just need to let them hang themselves a bit more. Old Darrin better start packing or praying.

oh noes, have they discovered my MOSSAD handler?”

Standard and predictable chutzpah regarding The MOSSAD aside and the bold mention of the word ‘handler’ (he actually ‘handles’ himself anyway, and way too much) that is quite a revealing exclamation. “oh noes”? This writer has only ever observed two (2) entities in Australian Politics use that term and usually while taunting White Nationalists about some setback or general crime against White Humanity. They are @ndy ‘slackbastard’ and Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes. Dazzles is literally morphing in front of our eyes into an FDB clone.

See I told you Darrin these idiots are running scared! Its (sic) just rhetoric & conjecture, a flimsy speculation of a turd that is drying out.

A person trained in psychiatric matters would probably call that ‘projection’. White Nationalists simply recognise it for what it is, more chutzpah.

I like this sentence

What a coincidence. So do we!

Over these years, Whitelaw Towers has spoken to many nationalists.

Correct and precise as stated, REAL ones that is, not the phoney three Dollar notes that proliferate around Dazzles.

In he's (sic) dreams with his hand on it!

‘WLT’ believes it is actually the tragically illiterate PAT50 who is the dreamer and indulger of auto-erotic masturbation.

WLT has never spoken to me and doesn't have a clue of what he is writing, I mean he fires broadsides at everybody!

Nor would we wish to PAT50, as ‘WLT’ has indulged more than enough idiots like you over the years and wasted far too much time that could have been spent more productively just saving the White Race from extinction…although…it is tempting to allow wretched creatures such as you to be culled by ZOG from the gene pool. That is if you are even White!

“He” fires broadsides at those who deserve broadsides. Here at ‘WLT’ we stand by our product. The truth hurts, especially when it’s funny and our readers just love watching us expose the liars and humiliate the idiots. Truly, we get great fan mail and very supportive testimonials from many within the White Nationalist Community. The folks out there love it. They can’t get enough of it.

If you find when you come here and read ‘WLT’ that it upsets you, makes you angry or hurts your delicate sensibilities then we suggest you just GO AWAY!

The name says it in a nut shell Whitelaw Towers, you know "look out or whitey O'll (sic) get yer"! (sic)

The ‘name’ was around long prior to your emergence from beneath your slimy, moss encrusted rock ‘PAT50’ and shall remain long after you have moved on to your ultimate and inevitable state of absolute oblivion. Good luck in your future career as a speed hump or similar.

A common KKK saying isn't it. (?)

We’re sorry, we missed that PAT. What precisely is the ‘common KKK saying’?

Bring it on WLT!

The last sentence nails ‘PAT50’ as a kid, a dreamer or both. What a pitiful sad sack.


its d'evil said...

The APP needs a fully enunciated policy statement on their Zionist sentiments, especially considering the fact taht the jewish zionist establishment are heavily multiculturally oriented for Gentile countries.

The APP and prospective members need to know that appeasement will not work and that supporting zionist sentiments will not deter the jewish inent to see gentile communities completely fragmented and destroyed. They are as implacably focussed on that goal as they are on the creation of the zionist state from which all will be ruled.

Perhaps the APP seek a quid pro quo from the jewish zionists, we will support your israel if you ceased the multiculti.

They will be betrayed and dudded as have all who shamelessly seek to whore and deal with d'evil.

A psychopath cares not one iota for what his business 'partners' promise, or expect.

The UK dealt with zionist sentimentalists in WW1 and 2...The UK is death rattling as we speak and has been entirely overrun at the governmental levels by conspirators and judas rat collaborators.

The truth takes no prisoners....The APP must decide to stand in its grace, or continue to kneel in shame.

Anonymous said...

APP are already preparing to blame their failure on everyone but themselves.

They will say those nasty Nazis did it to them. In fact it was their own stupidity. Its over for them in Australia they may as well join the CDP or the Lib's.

Whitelaw Towers said...

So Pat how did you go over at the Green Arrow forum by the way? A real political forum unlike the APP trash. Didn't get the answer you were looking for? I get the feeling they read here more than the APP forum.

For the record WLT staff have some good friends in the BNP and the NF who are just like us. They are committed to the BNP or the NF these guys are in it for the long haul. We respect that and hold no bad feelings towards them and others.

Yet Pat50 claimed on the Green Arrow forum exactly the opposite. Go figure.

Bloody hell this is truly pathetic. You guys have no idea about WN and who is who. Why dont you ask Mark Wilson Pat50 about me running the APP in QLD. Yeah Pat this Nazi KKK Muslim loving blogger. Seems that your leadership including Dazza were real keen on it a few years ago.

Once I told them I could not support a group that was Pro Zionist and I refused to help them destroy another WN party they turned on me and others. It was you guys who first stated that for the APP to grow you must destroy AF by calling them Nazis. Its all on your forum Pat. Go have a read.

Oh Pat we know you all. We have that much dirt on you lot we could shut you down in a heart beat. The only thing stopping us is that we would rather see you dig a big enough hole yourselves so that none of you ever get involved in WN politics again.

"Running scared" no just warming up

Peter Watson said...

So what you are saying is that the Australian Protectionist Party is on the verge of dying? Well that is good to hear. The down fall of the APP is goose news for the Natioanl Socialist, White Nationalist and nationalist movements here in Australia. The APP will probably dissolve into either the right faction of the Liberal Party or the Christian Democratic Party. Only time will tell.