Monday, January 25, 2010

"Donald Oorst" the liar pt two.

Donald said

"Jim Peren, who I *personally* believe, but cant prove, was behind shotgun wielding threats against sudanese refugees in toowomba a while back",

Well this is interesting. Funny how up until today no one has ever heard of this. Maybe we missed it? Best Google this and find out.

No nothing yet. try again. Hell a story like that would make National News.

Well that about blows that one out of the water. So folks jump onto what ever search engine you use and see what you can find out about Donald Oorst's claim. If you find something please send us the link. I wonder what Mr Perren thinks about this. Maybe he should seek some legal advice?


Eithne said...

That definitely sounds a lot like defamation to me!

carp the wanker said...

That is certainly defamation.

As for the red swill suing for defamation they wouldn't have a leg to stand on simply because it is not defamation if you are simply quoting something that they themselves have stated and then give an opinion on it that you believe to be correct. I am certain that had anyone truly defamed carp and company carp being the legal 'genius' that he is would have had them up before court years ago.