Saturday, January 23, 2010

Donald Oorst talks it up BIG

If lying were an Olympic sport then Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst would be a shoe in for a Gold medal and equally if bullshit were music he would be a brass band. It has come to the attention of Whitelaw Towers’ staff that Oorst has been peddling his peculiar spin on Australian so-called ‘racism’ at an American Online Political Site known as “The Something Awful Forums”.

As is the case with all the Fight Dem Back Criminals, Oorst’s voluminous verbosity is matched only by his woeful incompetence with the English language in written form. If there is one thing these freaks can do with great efficiency it is to churn out lies like a sausage machine.

We beg the gentle and faithful reader to be patient as we present, over the coming days (weeks?) some of the more mendacious, outrageously hypocritical, pompous and preposterous claims.

The process of trawling through the mess is made all the more difficult and tedious by the appalling grammar, spelling, chaotic notation and often utterly irrelevant and fictitious ‘references’. How this creature ever graduated from University with a Degree in anything more prestigious than lavatory cleaning is beyond this writer.

By necessity then, for your amusement as well as elucidation, the following will be merely an extract or two from his doggerel. The remainder will be presented in episodic form of a size more easily digested. Good luck, vomit bags on standby…

duck monster
Dec 15, 2004 (Join Date?)

“I'd really like to read your research dude.”

This is Oorst clumsily attempting to appear ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ to his unsuspecting American audience. As in ‘Dude, where’s my brain?’.

“I did my thesis (perhaps that should be spelt faeces?) on the Far right nativist movement in Australia, which I might add is very diferent, (sic) and have a rough idea how the US scene was looking about a decade ago. It definately (sic) seems to have had a kick since Obama, although like the resurgant (sic) Nativism here (Mostly as a strange surfie-come-flag-waver youth movement, but tied in to the Anti-refugee witchhunts (sic) and 90s Hanson movement) it looks rather hard to define by the old Klansman type stereotypes.”

Oh dear, what a shame Donald. Does this mean you’re going to have to strain the brain somewhat to apply enough spin while dumbing it down for those hated ‘murrikans’?

“What I think might be worth looking at in depth might be the Minutemen type movements. Those should give anyone serious pause if allowed to grow, because there seems to be a strong crossover with the old Klansman nativist networks whilst adopting the old anti 'nigger' rhetoric into the more discourse palatable 'illegal immigrant' (code for mexicans, (sic) they dont (sic) seem too worried about canadians).” (sic)

Yes, well Oorst you absolute fuckwit, for one thing Canadians don’t have a Racist Political element equivalent to the Aztlan Movement from Mexico which is claiming some very large American real estate including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Some fuckin’ ‘researcher; and ‘academic’ who has produced a ‘thesis’ you are, you moron!

“The problem is the old anti-racist tactics dont (sic) work as well with this mob, because the targets (sic) so different. The Minutemen will proudly parade around black guys and jews (sic) (And I'll note the newest 'nativist' movement here , the "Protectionist party", although staffed with old neo-nazi stalwarts from Australia First, have been making a noise about being , apparently, Zionist.) and it makes the more simplistic "Racist" accusation a bit more complex to defeat rhetorically, even though at its core its (sic) still an 'anti wetback' movement.”

The “Racist” accusation always has been “simplistic” and, we might add, lazy and reactionary. This dimwit could not defeat a cockroach ‘rhetorically’ let alone win the intellectual struggle of a Political debate.

“Theres (sic) sort of a constellation of interests around that that(sic) also intersect with Arpaios harassment of mexicans, (sic) calls for the big gently caress-off sized wall along the mexico (sic) border and other such things that seem to have approval from the GOP, starting right from Tancredo's vocal approval of white-nativist (supremacist?) groups like the minutemen, to the Ron Paul factions tango with the neo-nazis prior to the election, Arizona GOP approval of Arpaio and so on.

duck monster fucked around with this message at Jan 13, 2010 around 16:03”

The post wasn’t the only thing ‘duckmonster’ fucked around with. The English language copped a fairly decent hiding also.

duck monster
Dec 15, 2004

“teacup posted:
As an Aussie, I'd really like to see some good, hard essays and writings on the whole hard racist stuff that has been simmering (or worse) for a while in Australia. Got any links, or specific blogs/sites you frequent?

I love this country but hate what it's becoming. Bogan pride and the gently caress off we're full mentality, just the other day I saw a T shirt in a shopping centre saying "In Australia we eat meat, drink beer and speak loving english"(sic) on it. Ugh.”

The best information (Read: DISinformation) source on the net on australias (sic) far right probably used to be the "FightDemBack" website (Disclosure, I'm the webmaster, so I guess I WOULD say that wouldn't I?) , but over the last year some of the steams (sic) gone out of that , and a blog called "slackbastard" has probably been keeping the most scholarly watch on the far right, in between various random stuff on punk and the melbourne (sic) anarchist movement.”

Slackbastard “Scholarly”???!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! A moron recommending the efforts of an idiot.

“Andy the guy who runs it did a pretty good set of annotation to a so-so article in "Madison" magazine on the rise of the far right here.”

Andy couldn’t do a good shit after a curry, let alone analyse or annotate a magazine article. He’s a bigger fool than Oorst, and believe us folks, that’s really saying something.


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UPSTART! is dead! Suck shit!

The world is measurably now a better place.

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If all white nationalists put guns to their balls and pulled the trigger, the world would be a much better place.

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I suppose it fine for all other Nationalist to push ahead. Just the White Nationalist and the proud white people must be killed. Go hang yourself.