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For every Action there will be an Equal Reaction. APP Bull Shit Machine.

This from Mark Wilson (Saxon)Leader of the Australian Protectionist Party.

"So these "tough" talkers,are happy with the Somalian who tried to kill the Danish cartoonist,who is very much a European,because he dared to be critical of Islam.

and they must be happy with the African who tried to blow up a plane full of Eurpean tourists,and Americans returning home from holiday,

They should ask there Furer saleem,why is he is so happy for African moslems to kill ethnic Europeans,and then ask themselves why do they listen to this sicko."

Well folks this is truly desperate stuff. We have a huge amount of TRUTHFUL information that will eventually expose these White Anters for what they are. As you will see these idiots are only following orders. You truly have to wonder about a So Called Party that has its leaders Mark Wilson and Darrin Hodges acting like a couple of kids from a second rate Internet forum. They have no hope. It must be noted once again every article written here and at Darrin Hodges Zionist Home Page is just a reply to yet another attack from these simpletons. They can keep firing away in a desperate attempt to fracture White Nationalism in this country, but the end game is near.

More Dirt On These 'Right-Wing' Liberals . The Story Of Peter Applin

Well folks we had hoped it would never come to this, but I must say our hand has been forced. You see since 2005 staff at WLT - and its many associates - have not only been doing battle with the reds, but also with gutter creatures that are placed inside the WN movement. That's five years of research and experience at spotting agent provocateurs inside our movement. We have been pushed from pillar to post by these frauds. We have been silenced with smear and innuendo to discredit us along with many other legitimate activists. We found these rats at SFDU and have been keeping an eye on them ever since.

Over these years, Whitelaw Towers has spoken to many nationalists. Most of these people are our personal friends; others are just WN of very long standing. We looked back over the years to see if any patterns would emerge that would help us identify the state sponsored plants who have caused so much damage to the cause. We looked to the UK to try and understand what has happened over there and attempted to compare what has happened there and what is happening now. What follows readers is Hard Rain for the Australian Protectionist Party, and hopefully will be the end of the traitors that attack the Real White Nationalist Movement and its true followers.

Who says history doesn't repeat? The APP really needs to get their collective head around this.

It's 1977. We are all getting sick and tired of re runs from Mash, and one Lyenko Urbanchich an old friend of the Darby dynasty and David Clarke, has just gotten through telling about 20 patriotic type people in a room at the British Ex Services Club, that the Liberal Party is the natural vehicle for Aussie patriotism. He remarks that some softies are in charge and they are morally lax and weak in really standing up to the Reds. His faction will take over the party and restore the hard line of Menzies. "What about immigration?" someone asks. Lyenko says that "traditional sources" are being downplayed right now by the Liberal government, but when the faction gets stronger, that should mean more people "like us" coming in.

Yes what about immigration I bet he didn't discuss it with the 200 Vietnamese he'd just signed up for Liberal branches? I bet he discussed it with his mate Oleg Kavanenko who said in print that anyone could come to Australia as long as they were anti-communist. Boy, this all sounds so familiar, swap the reds for Muslims and the old boys above for Darby and Fred Nile and bango - it's 2010. All they need is a Party to string along. Anyway back to Mash re runs

The two nationalists present at the meeting were then introduced to Peter Applin, a British bloke, who was organising for them in Liverpool.

Applin reported that he'd been in Australia for about 12 months or so, that he was on the committee of the British National Front (NF), that he was hard and tough on immigration and that only through the Liberal Party could "our views" ever get to power. Applin said "abandon these minor efforts" and get into the big party. You're
a "faction" there, he said, protected by the party rules. You can take over. "I finally learned that in Britain", he said.

The Applin Story

Alas, pommy Peter was not what he'd try to project. It seems that he was in the National Front alright, in a dirty faction of his own that sounds so much like the APP today, you'd have to believe in deja vu.

In 1974, John Tyndall, the man to hate at APP headquarters, was running the NF. A faction mobilized against him. They said that he had a bad media image because the media kept saying he was a "Nazi". He was too hard and fast on immigration and repatriation and always too outspoken on Zionism. He was not "popular". If the nationalist cause could look like common sense ordinary person politics, then it would get somewhere and really compete with Conservative and Labour. But you have to get rid of rough edges and rough people.

The faction were called "the Populists" and their campaign to modernise and moderate the National Front (as they liked to put it) was supported in a hundred sneaky ways with selective publicity from the outside by Martin Walker, a journalist with The Guardian newspaper.

The leader of the faction was John Kingsley-Read, a former Conservative Party member. The populists said in public that they were modern and popular and - well, mainstream. In private, they continued to bullshit to people that they were also really as hard as nails, but just too clever to say it. Sound familiar?

Eventually in October 1974, they got the numbers and rolled Tyndall. Late in 1975, they expelled him, but a legal error led to them being rolled in court. Kingsley-Read left the NF, but his rival party never prospered.

Peter Applin was up to his neck in this conspiracy. But it gets better.

Following Kingsley-Read's death in 1985, Searchlight claimed he had been working as an agent. This was disputed by Nick Griffin (of all people and very funny that) and others who claimed that Kingsley- Read had really been working with the knowledge of other leading members of the NF to pass misinformation to the Searchlight. John Tyndall as late as 2002 wrote at length on Kingsley-Read with further material that suggested Kingsley-Read was a double agent. Given the split in the NF and the campaign to bring him to power by The Guardian, he was hardly working
for the National Front.

So Applin comes to Australia and pushes the Liberal Party to the emerging nationalist movement? He could not be persuaded to join any type of nationalist organization. We can see why.

What was Applin's function in the Liberal game? His role was to act as a talent scout and look for disgruntled anti immigration people and lead them into the Liberal takeover plot. Here they would waste time and energy and doing what could not be done. He'd be there to administer smooth talk whenever questions were asked.


Now we have a group in Australia determined to get a good media profile by smearing anyone they can as "Nazis". They work with people right out of Australia's 'Conservative Party' - the Liberals. One of them - Darrin - was in the Liberals and was actually promoted by Mark Wilson of APP as "Australia's Nick Griffin" to take over Australia First. They split the party when they couldn't take it over. Was Darrin more properly another Kingsley-Read?

The new APP alliance with the Liberal Right means that they've also moved on from 1996-7 when they worked against Hanson. Back then, the Liberal Right of Darby and Clarke was to serve the role as a hard system alternative ready to take wayward Liberals back when they tired of Hanson and to set out the outer markers of Liberal membership. Clever stuff folks. Now it seems that all of a sudden they have changed their minds. If you believe that, you should be a member of the APP, or just give up now and join the Liberal Party.

We wonder if the APP has its own Peter Applin? Someone telling them that "we need a nationalist party" (that's the soft soap for some patriotic people looking for a place to go), but we have to have alliances with groups who are standing up for the family and ,morality and against the Islamic invasion - like the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Right. "We're not some silly sect but moving to the mainstream and these guys will help get us there." We can almost hear these words.

Oh yes we have a lot more yet. We just need to let them hang themselves a bit more. Old Darrin better start packing or praying.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, it certainly seems like Wilson is sharing that room at the looney bin with Hodges.

This is beyond 'desperate'. It's actually embarrassing to watch.

One certainly hopes any of the general public looking at their tripe doesn't associate it with true White Nationalism.

Looks like our Marky boy got a straight jacket and ten rolls of rubber wallpaper for Christmas.

Talk about howling at the moon CRAZY!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes well it seems that the brain trust at APP Pat50 has the answers. Apparently the writers here are the crazy ones oh and we are now members of the Klan.

APP thinks that by reading the articles on this site written by two different writers is proof that one of the writers is crazy. They believe there isn't two writers just one that contradicts himself. Smart stuff that. Not really Hodges and Wilson know the truth.

I wonder if Wilson stills wants this writer to be a organizer for APP?

I must say WLT has out done itself. Little old humble WLT has managed to have the focus of the APP committee directed right at us. Shows how serious they are about saving our race.

Yet typical of these people if you look back over the years and see how they operate.

What next the Liberal party taking us on publicly. Or Kevin Rudd leaving comments at our comments section:)

Anyway I must go, I have a cross burning at 8 and have to be at the Mosque early in the morning.