Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here's boat number three for 2010 -

Asylum seeker (invader) situation 'an absolute mess' Australian New Nation Boat Report.


The Federal Opposition is calling on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to act immediately on illegal immigration, as another boat of asylum seekers (invaders) are processed at Christmas Island.

A Customs boat intercepted a boat with 27 people (invaders) and three crew members off the West Australia coast on Friday afternoon.

The Opposition's immigration spokesman Scott Morrison says in the last six weeks, there has been an average of 100 people (invaders) a week arriving in Australia illegally.

He says before the last election the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pledged to be tough on border security.

"Before the election Mr Rudd actually said that he would turn back seaworthy boats and he took every opportunity to echo Mr Howard on the issue of illegal boatload arrivals into Australia," he said.

"Now in government we've had 75 boats arrive on his watch. We see failed policies, weak decisions and an absolute mess."

So far for 2010 we've seen three boats and 133 invaders.

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