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History... A.P.P. style...

Apologies (again) for our indulgence but those wacky dudes over at A.P.P. just keep the bullshit coming. They actually have it on tap over there, straight from the keg.
Also, it's impossible for us to let such absolute tripe go out there into the 'net uncorrected and unchallenged...
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Re: The BNP and Israel
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Quote from: Black Knight on January 25, 2010, 12:59:34 AM
Quote from: Libertine on January 24, 2010, 06:16:43 PM
Quote “there is more than one way to be nationalist.”

I think that to a properly informed person there is only one way to be a nationalist, but I am more than willing to admit that not everyone agrees, and that while I believe them to be wrong they are not stupid or evil simply for disagreeing with me.

Indeed, the only way to be a “Nationalist” is to first understand the concept of Nation and the fundamental principles on which it is based. The first one is Identity, the integrity of which is maintained through commonality of Race and similarity of Culture.
The second is that the Nation State that is OF the people, serves the people and not the other way around.
The third and most misunderstood principle is that a ‘Nation’ is not merely a geopolitical entity bound by arbitrary lines on a map. The Nation exists and is carried within the blood of the members of that Nation.
This is where the great lie of the modern concept of Nations as mere Corporate entities has been so destructive. To truly be a member of a Nation one must be linked by blood. No amount of documentation, such as passports or visas or citizenship certificates can make a person part of your Nationality while ever it is strictly based upon ethnicity.

But surely it is evident that nationalists come in both Left and Right flavours, e.g. Hitler and Mussolini were right-wing nationalists whereas Morales and Chavez are left-wing nationalists.

Such hackneyed terms as ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ have been rendered virtually redundant by the ‘badge engineering’ of current political parties and movements. They are crude and clumsy labels that were once employed to distinguish between Conservative/Traditionalist or Right Wing and Revolutionary/Radical or Left Wing political elements.

By this simple criteria alone, German National Socialism was a radical Left Wing movement but, basing much of its tenets on Folkish Tradition, respect for and revival of certain aspects of its Imperialist and martial history and Racial and Cultural integrity it could also be termed Right Wing.

As Libertine pointed out, Hitler and Mussolini were more left-wing than right. Actually the NSDAP had elements of both. The SA was left at least. Hitler destroyed their Communist dreams in the Knight (sic) of the Long Knives... Anyways, they were more left than right, i (sic) can assure you.

Mussolini was an editor or something for the Communist newspaper before he became a fascist. Hitler fell in love with the Communist demonstrations and their use of the colour red... So he mimicked them with the SA and the Swastika.

This is arrant nonsense.

The National Socialist colours are Black, White and Red. They pre-date the NSDAP in German history as far back as the days of Bismarck and were the official colours used on the old Imperial Reich Flag or the old North German Confederation Flag.

Black is a martial colour with runic/occult connotations of ‘protection’. This is why, in European tradition, most elite Guard and Cavalry units adopted Black as their uniform colour just as many also employed the Skull and Crossbones as an indication of their willingness to fight to the death. This is the ultimate honour and has been deliberately misconstrued by idiots who claim the ‘Nazis’ used the Death’s Head or Totenkopf as a symbol of ‘hate’ to terrorise their intended ‘victims’. Bullshit! Even the British army’s Cavalry Regiment the 17/21st Lancers proudly wore the skull and bones and used the motto “Death or Glory”.

As far as the NSDAP ‘Party Flag’ went;

The Black (of the Swastika) represented the soil.

The White (of the Roundel) was for Nationalism and/or the flesh of the people.

The Red (of the Field) was for Socialism and/or the blood of the people.

Also, “Blood and Soil” was an old, established German Nationalist slogan.

Hitler’s main connection with the Communists was that, in the early days, the NSDAP gained many recruits from the ranks of the disillusioned and disgruntled Communists.

Your (sic) blurring the lines between Nationalism and Socialism (by calling Chavez a Nationalist), whereas for me i (sic) believe there is stark contrasts between the two.



Anonymous said...

Jesus I just has a look over at the APP forum. Boy oh boy talk about a bunch of children. I was wondering how long it will be until they start at each other. Its going off. A real good look for a Party that claims to be WN. Looks like the old SF gang just cant behave.

I give them 12 months. Thats a shame really, so much has been done since all the idiots moved into one camp.

Chico said...

Fuckin A. Spot on. those losers are on the way out