Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I wonder who will feed @ndy? Anti Fa frauds!

Well folks in another glowing example of anti Australian anti White behavior, we find our resident Anti Racist Anarchist and all round Zionist State agent @ndy ignoring the plight of Aussie farmers. Seems Indonesian farmers are more important to the Australian Left and the Zionist Anti Fa. They really are having problems hiding their hatred for the common White Farmer or White Family in this country.

Its of no wonder when you look at this picture below. Below is a picture of Australia's own Anti Fa along with a few offspring from some notorious Jews celebrating The current Labor party's victory at the last election. The same Labor Party that is currently responsible for the destruction of Family Farm's and the high rates of suicide in rural Australia.

A happy looking lot hey.

Ignoring a real life farming crisis in their own country that of Peter Spencer HERE , should not come as a surprise. Our State agent @ndy has decided on promoting the plight of Farmers from Indonesia "Solidarity Action For Kulon Progo Farmers" instead.

This is a bloody outrage. Not only do these self styled anarchists ignore crimes against all nations from Zionism they also ignore the plight of the real working class in their own country. Not even a mention of the Rural struggle against Socialist Dictators like Kevin Rudd. But I guess the pic above explains all that. The fact that these Rural Australians are white and most probably Nationalists only guarantees their status as the enemy.

I hope you all fucking well starve first. While State and Federal Labor Governments lock up more and more Farm Land for the New World Order and plow some of the best Farming Land into a hole for Chinese owned Coal Mines, these Left Wing Jews say nothing. Not a word. I can just see @ndy sitting down to a lump of coal for breakfast instead of his Corn Flakes. What a bunch of FRAUDS.


nonsponsor said...

Spot on! I encourage you to contunue highlighting the gulf between what a sincere antifa would advovate and what our kosher friendly kevin07 warriors propagandize.

These rifts will surely blow themselves wide open in time.

Critical thinking leftists must expel these Likud friendly zionist zealots in the same way that informed Black Nationalists have tried to free themselves from the disingenuous claws of Jewish Activism (Social engineering under guise of civil rights).

Exhibit A - Critical thinking activist. Opposed to injustice wherever it may occur. Expose Tyranny irrespective of political affiliations and ideology.

Exhibit B - Zionist sponsored activist. Purport to champion minority interests. Smear as Nazis and hate peddlers all individuals and institutions that that encourage European collectivism. Always turning a Blind eye to Jewish supermacism and hate crimes. Silent on the apartheid state of Isael while continuing to foster white guilt about the 'horror' of Apartheid South Africa. Silent on injustices committed under communist regimes. Silent on injustices that do no leverage wider ideology.

Silent on the hunger strike of Peter Spencer Issue does not leverage wider ideology!

It must be boring being a zionist sponsored activist. ZZZzzz

Eating the "Gentiles" said...

Detailing the wider ideology.

Destruction of Gentile Nationalism and identity through multiculturalism. Known to the Jewish establishment as "Diasporisation" and is a mechanism intended to achieve the engineered extinction of identifiably different races. Concurrent with this goal is the engineered creation of a "Jewish" race that will appear "White" and is being achieved by euthanasia of European Gentile Whites through propaganda, disenfranchising of Europeans from their heritage and the replacement of European memory, history and heritage with a "Jewish" Jews were always and ever the only "White" people.

Construction of a "Jewish" state as an administrative center of global governance for Gentiles with its rotten core in Jerusalem. The UN or United Noachide is a such and administrative functionary.

Confiscation of all Gentile government and privately owned assets and lands through "privatisation", which facilitates the feigned purchase of these assets with money whose value is measured only in terms of Gentile ignorance...

Imposition of a brutal Noachide Law designed to elevate the "Jews" as a supposed God's "Chosen", with an engineered dumbing down of all intelligent and capable races so as to manufacture the relevant magnificence described in the Jewish Meme. Shelving of Gentile inventions that could threaten the perception of Jewish "magnificence" and a monopoly on capability.

The creation of centers of proxy self worship where the Gentiles will idolise the existential manifestation of "G-d" upon this earth where the Gentiles will exalt the safety, protection and benevolence of the Governance of the Jews.

Any thought outside such a paradigm, or seeking to peer over the intellectual fences and corrals built by the Jews, will be punishable under the legal auspices of the Sannhedrin. Especially punishable is the
questioning of the authority and critiquing the character of the Kosher.

These are the ideals that are evidently supported by the Jewish led AntiFa whose only purpose is to deceive well meaning Gentiles.

The demented and dark world of Jewish "enlightenment" and Jewish anarchy will have been achieved.