Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Invasion - Boat Report 2010 Number Five for 2010

The Invasion - Boat Report 2010 from Australian New Nation.

Here's boat number five for 2010 -

No solution as more asylum seekers (invaders) found


Another 42 asylum seekers (invaders) arrived off Christmas Island on Wednesday as the government faced mounting pressure to explain why it brought five Tamils (terrorists) to Australia after they had been found to be security risks.

The latest arrival means 189 asylum seekers (invaders) have been intercepted in the 13 days of 2010, all part of a $654 million program the government described last year as "the largest surveillance and detection operation against people smuggling in Australian history" (Yeah, Chairman KRudd is detecting them at our expense and then housing them at Christmas Island and giving them the dole at of course OUR EXPENSE!).

The five Tamils (terrorists) were rejected by the spy agency ASIO after security vetting done either aboard the Customs vessel Oceanic Viking or at an Indonesian detention centre last year.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans was unforgiving, saying he trusted ASIO to deliver appropriate findings.

"It was always expected we would have some people fail" the security clearance, Senator Evans told Fairfax Media.

"If they fail the security check they're not coming to Australia.
"It's a world problem, we are all trying to deal with it." (A better way to deal with it is to properly protect Australia's borders demanding that they turn their boats around and if they ignore this their boats should be torpedoed with all of those aboard shot as an example to say to the rest of the world that we take the protection of our borders very seriously.)

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, unable to offer an alternative, still went on the front foot and attacked the government's handling of the issue.
"People are entitled to suspect that the government has put Australians' security at risk," Mr Abbott told reporters in Sydney.

"I think that people are entitled to think that the prime minister has dudded them when he assured us that Australia's security would be safeguarded by his government."

Mr Abbott was then pushed on what alternatives the coalition offered but could only equivocate.

The latest brawling came as the border protection committee of cabinet met again in Canberra to try to plug the holes in the northern border.

Alongside the rejected Tamils (terrorists) are two children facing the potential of years in detention while their parents' future is sorted out.

Australian (Reds) Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young is worried for the children. "The long-term effects of children in detention are quite severe. We've seen that through the dark days of when we used to lock children behind barbed wire in Woomera and Baxter detention centres," Senator Hanson-Young told reporters in Adelaide.

There have been worries for some time about Christmas Island overflowing but Senator Evans said there was still space at the detention centre. "We have still got some spare capacity at Christmas Island."

If the main detention centre on the island does fill, there is another centre at Darwin that can hold 500 people (invaders).


Five boats and 189 invaders in thirteen days isn't a bad effort. Chances of anything coming to Australia are a million to one but still they come!

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