Monday, January 04, 2010

Invasion report 2010

Thanks to our our good friends at Australian New Nation we will from today keep our readers up to date on the ever increasing flood of refugees onto Australian Shores. Last year saw a total of 62 boats and 2,727 invaders the most since 2001 when there were 43 boats and 5,516 invaders.

The first boat arrives in 2010.

Suspected asylum seekers (invaders) intercepted

with added commentary courtesy of Australia New Nation founder Trouble.

A BOAT carrying 76 suspected asylum seekers (invaders) and four crew has been intercepted in Australian waters near Christmas Island - the first arrival of 2010 (There will be many, many more this year).

HMAS Bundaberg, operating under the control of border protection command, intercepted the vessel about 10.57am (AEDT) today three nautical miles (5.5km) north of Christmas Island.

There were 76 passengers (invaders) and four crew believed to be on board, Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said.

They've been taken to the island for health and identity checks (courtesy of the Australian taxpayer).

It is the first vessel (of what will be many) to be intercepted in the new year.

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