Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Look out look out! The Hippy Death Squad is about!

Seems our Universities that are so concerned about the safety of Indian and foreign students are not so concerned about the safety of White Australians. In fact as you will see they even allow the use of campus information areas to promote the bashing of White Nationalist.

Has anyone else noticed how violent and dangerous the Left Wing capital of Australia Melbourne has become? Now one would think that a city full of Peace Loving Left Wing Anarchists and Non Whites would be a safe place to reside. After all isn't that supposed to be the model city for Multiculturalism?

Any way this is what our nice animal loving Greens supporting Uni Students have been up to.

Now we got a tip off from our good friends at the National Alternative. Apparently they stumbled across this Asian Student Blogger by accident of course. He even gives us a run down on what is written on the above poster. Very nice of him.

First a little background on our little Javanese blogger Clem.

The author/writer/publisher of this blog is 21 years old (a proud Aquarian whose birthday falls a day after Valentine’s day, 15th February, hinthintdoublehint) and goes by his usual nick, Clem.

Now Clem is a smart one check this out. Ever wonder who sells you all that IT crap on the net?

I am a proud co-owner of the largest fansite of a particular MMORPG, What started off as a side project in the long December school holidays with Jon,

I can be an extremely volatile happy creature, and I can be a sad, emo, ohwhythouarthateme beast the next.

I enjoy hanging out with a group of friends, chit-chatting away over nothing on utterly silly random stuffs,

Ok Clem give us the rundown

"LMAO! Hilarious notice plastered in many places throughout the university, with additional such notices available for picking up at the brochure area. Since it’s not too clear from the picture, it says, in verbatim:"


Recent propaganda by neo-Nazi scum — Nationalist Alternative — has been appearing around campuses in Melbourne. To our knowledge, there have been two types of stickers, titled ‘Put Local Students First’ and ‘Radical Autonomous Action’ respectively.

With Regards to the ‘Put Local Students First’ Nat-Alt stickers, borrowing rhetoric usually associated with Leftist politics, namely access to tertiary education and the student housing crisis (SHAC House, et al.) and the wholesale reappropriation of the ‘hip’ aestheticism of ‘radical’ student activism utilized by Socialist Alternative should come as no surprise to those familiar with the Far Right’s history of parasitically appropriating Leftist politics and struggles in order to further an agenda of white supremacy and racial separatism. The logical conclusion of this agenda being the horrific and murderous logistics of purging all ‘undesirable’ people within Australia — People of Colour, Queers, ‘reds’, Jews, those deemed as ‘ZOG’ affiliates, et al.

That these fuckers are active and organising in our community should be abhorrent to all of us. So please, help keep our community & campus nice, clean and Nazi free.
If you see Nationalist Alternative propaganda, remove it.
If you see anyone posting Nationalist Alternative propaganda, please precede en masse to kick their fucking heads in.

A community message kindly brought to you by:
The Hippy Death Squad

Funny stuff that Clem. Would it be funny if I posted a few things about asking my fellow Australians to kick the shit out of Communist Foreign students?

Now let me think who else do we know from Melbourne that talks like this and incites violence against White Patriots and Nationalist? That dirty little tool of the state Fight Dem Back Co-founder @

Now folks please feel free to start sending all the threats you find on the net targeting White Nationalists. When we defend ourselves with appropriate force you will need all this when you go to court.

Cocky lot hey. Lets see what happens when they start actually attacking us.


Anonymous said...

all this drama over flyers, posters and printouts...turning to violence? O lawdy.
i am... entertained.

Davo said...

In all fairness to the Clemster, though, he has been under a lot of pressure lately trying to meet the publishing deadline for his book, "A Thousand Reasons Why White Chicks Don't Dig Me."

The Ghost Of Darp said...

Am I the only one reading WLT who thinks that stuff reads like it came straight from FDB founder and 'suburban terrorist' Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp'?

It has all the hallmarks. Faux 'hipster' lingo, delusional self importance and impotent threats of physical violence.

Wot a wanker.

Chymes said...

Does the Hippy Death Squad follow standed Antifa "Bum rush" procedure?

You know, knock one down and the rest run? Or is that just the yanks?

Anonymous said...

gotta admit tho the 'Clemster' looks like quite a 'catch' for any young white girl.

Reminds me of whats left on my plate after a good feed of prawns

Whitelaw Towers said...

Chymes it hasn't got to that stage yet. I think the reds know what will happen if they actually start any violence.

It wont be us who start it, but it will be us who finish it. They have only gone for soft targets at this stage. They are yet to get the ball rolling with anyone who can meet their BS with organized resistance.

Lets just say they are testing the water. Word is the cooler heads from the left do not wish to go back to the bad old days. These guys are very easy to pick out in a crowd.

They will just continue to work with Law Enforcement and the Bnai Brith to push their agenda. Real Anarchist type activities.