Thursday, January 28, 2010

@ndy, turn it up old son!

Oh, that wild and wacky ‘Anarchist’ @ndy. He’s so ‘rare’ that if he were a steak he’d be ‘blue’.
If there’s rubbish out there, the more obscure the better, he’ll track it down and post a link to it.

The latest addition to this garbage fetishist’s collection is a Blog entitled ‘Turn it down’.

Go there and breathe in the heady fumes of ….well, NOTHING really… You’ll find a whole bunch of nothing floating in a vacuum at

The activity report reads “No activity for 90 Days”

He sure knows how to find ‘em, eh?
Here's some of the things TID has to say:

Turn It Down's Interests:

General Roddy Moreno said it best: “If you don't care, they will take your scene, they will ruin it and suck the lifeblood out of it.”
Music The music industry is on the front lines of this battle. Music professionals are essential in any response to white power music.
We encourage you to endorse the Turn It Down Campaign - there is no money involved, only your public commitment not to support white power music or those who do.
Also, please visit our section for the record industry from the Turn It Down Resource Kit (on-line soon) and our list of white power bands.

Turn It Down is youth, bands, parents, teachers, and friends in the record industry speaking out, standing up, and turning down the sounds of hate.

For the past ten years, Turn It Down has united thousands of young people and hundreds of bands, record labels, distributors, pressing facilities, and booking agents to work against the spread of hatred.

White power music has become the most significant recruiting tool for organized bigots across the globe. It has succeeded in infiltrating numerous youth subcultures, transforming healthy youth rebellion into hardcore white supremacy. The Turn It Down Campaign seeks not to demonize all youth culture, but to create a culture that is immune to the hatred and violence that white power music represents by teaming with young people, parents and teachers, and the record industry

Who I'd like to meet:

Fans of any music genre who want to keep racist hatred out of their scenes; bands and artists who want to help keep shows safe; parents who want to respect their kids’ taste for music and culture outside the mainstream, but who also want to keep hate out of their homes; teachers and other youth workers who respect the role music plays in their students’ lives, and who also want to keep their schools and programs free from hate.

So there you have it, MTV’s an unending stream of gun toting, misogynistic Black Rappers festooned with chunky ‘bling’ jewellery, making ridiculous hand signs and strutting about with white ‘hoes’ hanging off them while spewing anti-establishment, anti-law, anti-white verbal diarrhoea. The radio’s not a lot better. The record stores are crammed with this rabble rousing rubbish. Every second car with a driver under twenty five, white or otherwise, has this ‘doof doof’ shit with ‘niggaz’ talking about ‘hangin’ wit’ da bros in da crew’ or ‘poppin’ a cap in dat muthaphuckerz ass’ or ‘icing dat crackah’ or telling some ‘foooool’ he’s ‘gonna kill dat coppa for dissin’ his bitch’…

…BUT @ndy and his newfound (absent and presumed missing) friend are more concerned, deeply even, with furrowed brow and wringing hands, about White Pride music that is desperately trying to stand against this mudslide, this tsunami of hate by promoting pride and confidence in young White folk and letting them know it’s actually ‘okay to be White’ in fact it’s even ‘cool to be White’. No need for self loathing and shame. No need to seek appeasement by attempting to adopt the dress sense of the brutal Black Ghetto thugs. No need to commit suicide because everywhere you look and everything you hear you and your people are being mercilessly vilified.

This writer has NEVER, EVER pulled up at the lights and heard the stereo from another vehicle blasting ‘White Noise’ but he would love a Dollar for every time he has been forced to listen (there’s really no choice at 120db plus) to REALLY offensive and REALLY violent ‘Gangsta Rap’ and the greatest irony is, one will, ninety percent of the time, observe that the idiot broadcasting this shit to the world is a skinny, pencil necked WHITE kid who ‘Da Niggaz’ would tear limb from limb on sight, just for the sport of it.

But @ndy and friends have to be ever vigilant that all this (mostly mythical) White Hate Rock might one day inspire some White kid to commit violence on a non White. No matter that for decades their have been THOUSANDS of assaults and murders every year committed by Blacks hyped up on drugs and the hateful message of ‘Gangsta Rap’ upon White people.

We’ll tell you what, @ndy. Do a quick, random and honest survey of everyone you can encounter on the streets or in the car parks and ask what C.D.’s or MP3’s they have in their cars and compare the numbers who have ‘Gangsta Rap’ and those who have ‘White Hate Rock’. I bet you don’t even find one, solitary punter with White Noise on his stereo but as for the other stuff.
Well, y'all know DAT answer, FOOL!


St Pat laments said...

Jew or Jew Kollaborator wanker get H@ndy'nGl@ndy laments the passing of a talented Celt..At an Irish Festival a couple of years ago I related to fellow Celts the reality of the fact that the detestable Kollaborator against the interests of all in the UK, one protectionist Oliver CromWell, was financed by Pharisees, Jews and Kikes out of Europe as verifiable on the web. Similar alignments counter to the interest of all cultures exist and fester in the maggot infested flesh of the FDB and "Anarchist" movement..

FDB and @ndy speak with Jew forked tongue in a manner which will make the Zionist diasporisation of Celtic culture manifest....

Silence your slippery forked tongue and speak no more of the Celts Maggot @ndy....While you may appreciate the culture your very existence in contagious proximity to it risks its syphllytic demise.

As Jew you have no place commenting on the nature or direction that the Celts might choose of their own informed volition...Shut your diseased lips you devious, ill willed and criminally intelligent Cromwellian Worm. While you may seek to 'protect' that which you appear to appreciate, you cannot help but destroy it because................

You are and will forever remain linguistically "Jew".

Anonymous said...

A quick word of appeciation to CJB at
for his interpretations of the State of affairs in Australia.