Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Lordy will the APP go the same way as the BNP?

Check this out folks.

Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

Sunday, 24 January 2010
Minority BNP Group vanishes??.

A public group at the BNP web site calling it's self Minority BNP Public Group, seems to have disappeared after a shit storm erupted among disillusioned members.

The group introduction stated: "This Group especially Welcomes all minorities in Britain that want to co-exist and integrate into the British way of life. Many decent and hard working people have left their home countries, for a variety of reasons, to come to Britain to make a new start for their families. The BNP welcomes all people that are not seeking to eradicate Britishness from Britain, but rather adopt British customs, speak English, respect our Christian ethos and co-exist peaceably with their British neighbours as they integrate into British society.."

It then went on to say: "All BNP supporters and members are welcome to join this group and stand together to show that we are more than willing to support British Nationalists from all walks of life.

Let us come together to demonstrate our solidarity – which is what the Britishness is all about!

We stand together here – against racism, side by side!

No-one will be judged if they do or do not join this group…
We all want Nick to lead the bnp into parliament……………."

The link is now dead and redirects to the BNP main index page.

Did I miss something?. I'm still waiting for ballot papers whereby I am supposed to have a say in this matter. It would seem to suggest that it has already been decided and the dismantling of the BNP has already begun..

Want my oppinion?, join the National Front. It's going places...

Pip pip

Now you see it.

Now you dont. Talk about mixed messages. I just hope the good folk at the BNP can get a handle on this type of BS sooner than later. Now one has to wonder now don't they?

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Anonymous said...

Lee John Barnes seems to be on the ball regards Zionist infiltraitors and also has seems to understand that the very essence of Britain and British is its indigenous peoples.

You can't adopt "Britishness" if you're a bloody Asian, African or something else.

Zionism includes not only the manufacture of the Persecution Complex of "israel", but the deconstruction of others via disasporisation and multiculturalism then the installation of satellite Noachide governments in the newly destroyed , pliable, unassertive and servile Noachide nations.

This is how the Jews "excel" in a relative the debasement of others' existence achieved by flooding its collective mind with an infestation of Lies and mischief.