Sunday, January 17, 2010


Seriously folks, the preceding trash ‘news’ article from 'The Daily Advertiser' reads like it was written by a machine. A primitive and unsophisticated machine at that. All the various dunces of the Controlled Media must be using the same, very limited and P.C. approved, thesaurus. I doubt that even George Orwell himself could have imagined in his darkest nightmares just how bad and how far the murder of the English language would go.

Indeed, Orwell had great prescience for the culturally sterile vacuum the Reds could and would deliver but even he, living in an era when ‘Journalism’, like ‘Teaching’, was still a greatly respected vocation, would have struggled to imagine the depths to which all social standards, including ‘reporting’, would descend.

Also, sadly, our George apparently made no predictions regarding the abject misery and genocide of Multiculturalism. Could he have been unaware, as late as 1948, of the Machiavellian workings of the criminal cabal that would soon begin to emerge as the Global Multi-Cult?

The (over) utilisation of hot button words like ‘outraged’ (have any of you reading this seiously EVER heard a person say “I am outraged!”? APART from a Politician or Meeja goon?) thrown into the mix with the usual hackneyed rot like ‘Racist’, ‘Hater’, Neo-Nazi’, ‘Right Wing Extremist’ prove beyond doubt there is ALWAYS a very specific agenda on the part of the ‘reporter’, being served.

The simplistic way these twits can turn anything, however minor, into a shrill uproar of ‘outrage’ is comical on one hand yet chillingly sinister on the other because the average Joe has no hope of ever gleaning anything approaching the truth from this Red Fog of disinformation and utter claptrap.

They serve the ZOG and that’s that.

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