Thursday, January 21, 2010

Owen Jones. If he only had a brain…

A second opinion...

Owen Jones said...
Nice piece of out of context Google assassination from someone who has to defend being white supremacist.
Whitelaw Towers Credibility = 0
11:26 AM

“Out of context”? Please explain…WLT doesn’t HAVE to “defend” anything, particularly the accusation of being “white supremacist”. Tell us, would you accuse the Tibetans for example of “Tibetan Supremacy” for having the temerity for wishing to preserve their unique culture from Chinese Communist Genocide?

Owen Jones said...
“Good on ya!

Your threats and intimidation tactics have no effect.”

“Threats and intimidation”? Do you have a prescription for those drugs? Where and when? “No effect”? Mate, we’d long forgotten about you until you decided to stick your dopey, pelican-like head back in our door!

“It is surprising this site isn't blocked at the firewall like SF was very soon after the original threats were made against me.”

“Blocked”? “Threats”? Are you feeling okay, Owen? Listen to your physician Owen. Continue taking the medication strictly as prescribed but if idiocy persists please see your doctor at the earliest opportunity.

“No problem, I stumbled across this site while doing a search during my lunch break, hardly...ILLEGAL!!!”

Now, it’s funny how you should bring up the subject of legality or otherwise Owen because while your mob (Leftists) ceaselessly bleat the mantra of ‘free’ speech and individual rights you simultaneously ‘cooperate’ with the hated State and its agents. You, Owen, are a useful idiot. Congratulations.

“You're right, I will report this blog to the DET administrators. It will be interesting to see what they turn up.”

Well, there you go Owen. There’s the rub. Slavishly obeying the Leftist modus operandi as it is written in the FDB Manual. What a clever little independent thinker you are.

“Port Macquarie is Coalition free :-), my work here is done. Enjoy Kev's visit. I hope Australia Farce turns up in strength to give him a warm welcome. Personally I've moved on...Auf Wiedersehen Suckers!”
11:24 PM

Oh, we get it! Auf Wiedersehen. German = Nazi = White ‘Supremacist”. Yes, yes, Owen, very amusing…

Owen Jones said...
“Want me back eh?”

Erm…no, not particularly…

“You found the ip (sic) of the NSW DET/TAFE reverse proxy server. Good for you. Do your little ip (sic) log trick now.”

We’re sorry Owen. We don’t DO requests.

“Whats (sic) that you were saying about arabs?”(sic)

Not particularly proficient with the English language, are you, Owen?

“Yes I'm baaa-aack, (sic) as you requested.”

Wrong again AND misspelt, Owen.

“You can tell my EX neighbour what you and PMP like Jim. He knows where we stand. You'll probably find him down and (?) Miners beach with his buddies, that is, if you and PMP are game to head down there. Take some sunscreen for your doodle. Hate to get the lil (sic) fella burn't. (sic) Take some happy snaps while you are there.”

That diatribe can go straight in the too hard basket. That is just plain weird.

“Next election I'm planing (sic) on being somewhere in Toowoomba South. Perhaps we could have a friendly chat and share election day anecdotes.”

Oh, goodo! The “planing” bit has us a mite confused though. Are you a carpenter, perchance?

“Now don't take that as a threat (I know you get touchy and start calling names, swearing, talking bullets and stuff), because despite your claims I have not made a single threat to anyone. I've mearly (sic) re enforced (sic) that I have the capability to defend myself should the need arrise (sic) from those that have made threats towards me. You guys have sooo (sic) much hate bottled up.

Oh yeah, the FDB stuff, purile.” (sic)

Owen, mate! If you’re going to try and make other people seem childish by employing a term like PUERILE at least SPELL it correctly! Jeezuz!

“Haven't posted there since 2006 just after Cronulla. Your guys probably boosted their membership hugely.”
1:07 PM

Yeah! Thanks for that Owen. It all makes perfect sense now. WHY didn’t we think of this before? If we hadn’t reacted to Darp and FDB stalking and intimidating minors, infiltrating private, member only websites and forums and publishing everything including private messages, filing numerous vexatious and entirely fictitious complaints with various authorities and the Controlled Media, engaged in entrapment etc we would all be living together in peace and harmony in Happy Valley! What a GENIUS you are!!!

Owen Jones said...
“You racists are sooo (sic) paranoid” :-)
1:10 PM

That's uncanny,you're right again Owen, it’s all merely indicative of a deep underlying psychosis of random hatred. My God! We’ve been such FOOLS! What kind of mess have we imagined ourselves into?

Owen Jones said...
The Tamils are comming (sic) for you...
1:12 PM

Really? Is that a good thing or a bad thing, Owen?

Owen Jones said...
Even the Chinese are mooooving (sic) in...
1:13 PM

Ah, no! You’re not fooling us there Owen. We know for a FACT, they’re already here and have been for a LONG time!

Owen Jones said...
Some 300 million + Indons living on your doorstep????

But no, you don't want to be friends. You'd rather go out in a blaze of glory?
1:15 PM

WLT reserve the right to choose their friends as they see fit.

Owen Jones said...
You know less about how the internet works than the average kenyan (sic) ;-)
1:16 PM

Hmmm! You still a bit tetchy about how even we dumb Nazis found you?

Owen Jones said...
“so please, don't fuck with me!”
1:17 PM

Ooh Err! Somebody took the Darp pill.

Shhh! Listen carefully and you can hear those gonads a’ growing.

Seriously though Owen, we doubt you would present a challenge, either intellectual or physical, to even our most junior member.


Owen Jones said...

Thanks for the further insults. Look, I am no longer affiliated with FDB or TRG (Three Rivers Greens)and haven't been for years. So please remove your posts that refer to me and my contact details. I'd rather they don't come up in Google results in that context. Don't worry, I wouldn't go to Toowoomba if you paid me.

Happy International Australia Day

PS thanks for the spellink lesions, thay r (sic)

Whitelaw Towers said...

Funny stuff

Anonymous said...

BTW, Owen, FDB is now a ghostown. With idiots like you being outed, no wonder.