Friday, January 22, 2010

Owen Jones "Owned" one more time.

This is so good. Now Owen considering the company you keep and your past actions against White Patriotic People this it aint over till we say it is. Probably Monday.

Here is Owens latest comment just in case you missed it. "Owen Jones The Greens" said.

"Thanks for the further insults. Look, I am no longer affiliated with FDB or TRG (Three Rivers Greens)and haven't been for years. So please remove your posts that refer to me and my contact details. I'd rather they don't come up in Google results in that context. Don't worry, I wouldn't go to Toowoomba if you paid me.

Happy International Australia Day

PS thanks for the spellink lesions, thay r (sic)"

I will leave further comments with my esteemed colleges to have some fun with.


Owen Jones said...

Hey, I'm White, Anglo/Celt and PATRIOTIC and I certainly didn't agree with our previous Prime Minister allowing our country to do the bidding of the US empire by entering into unjust wars in two soveriegn countries. Did you?

Owen Jones said...

Just what is it I've done against you other than showing a patriotic concern for the state of my country when I saw shit go down in Cronulla?

As you well know, neither of our current two party preferred options is cutting it. So I got "active".

My nieghbour is probably more pissed at you BTW, until you outed me, now one knew who's Odge's nieghbour was. He'll be reall happy that you brought that to the internets attention. Yup, that one can sit in your lap.

Miners beach BTW is the local gay nude beach where he was spotted hanging out on occassions. He even invited me down there. Ask PMP for a tour sometime.

Anonymous said...

Irag aside, how was the action Afghanistan unjust, Owen?

Q: how many gay nude beaches in Afghanistan or any other Muslim country?