Thursday, January 07, 2010

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. Peter Spencer 46th day of Hunger Strike.

Socialist Dictator Kevin Rudd along with the rest of the Socialist Left the Communist the Marxist the Anti Fascist and the Greens all ignore this issue.

Not everyone is ignoring this issue. More HERE
"The hunger strikers on the Oceanic Viking, who were individuals labelled as terrorists by their own government (which is a government ours apparently acknowledges) had their demands met by Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd refuses to even acknowledge Peter Spencer's plight however and claims his reasons to be that he will not 'bend to the will of someone who is committing self-harm'."

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Marshall der Republik said...

I've never understood the term "Marxist Fabian". How can you be a Fabian and Marxist at the same time? Also, how can you equate Stalin with Rudd? That is an insult. To compare die Grosse Stalin with that thing!