Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sexy Beast… (With all due apologies to Ray Winstone)

The cockeyed, toothy greaseball, Donald Oorst
(Picture obtained from his Facebook Site)

Y’know it’s funny how the past ALWAYS comes back to haunt us. With all the inevitability of the Reaper’s call, nobody is immune from the inexorable march of time or safe from its most brutal of heralds, irony.

Sometime back in 2008…well the 18th of
July 2008 at 6:12 pm to precise, on the ‘slackbastard’ site’s comments page, dear Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst opined;

“Google Image Search “Darrin Hodges”. It’s a hell of a head he’s got attached to him. I’m yet to meet a good looking racist.”

The laughable and despicable plagiarising of the great Croatian Nationalist, Tomislav Sunic’s statement regarding Commies; “I have never seen an attractive Leftist” aside, the filthy, oily, slime bag Red Pig, Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst, needs to acquire a mirror for his home. Truly, today, thanks largely to the border demolishing efforts of the good ol’ Ruddster, one may purchase a cheap Chinese mirror from any Two Dollar shop.

While it is true that Darrinh does indeed possess a face like a dropped pie it is equally true that our Donald has a physiognomy resembling that of a dirty, oily, bashed in shit can. How one so swarthy, greasy and downright asymmetrical in the facial dept could have the hide to throw stones at others regarding their appearance is beyond the understanding of this writer. Hypocritical just doesn’t cover it.

If this writer were cursed with the Oorst ‘look’ he would walk only in the shadows at night clothed in a Hessian sack and brandishing a bell while calling out “Unclean! Unclean!”


Anonymous said...

Your correct there WLT. Theres something just not right about that face. Its all wrong.That is a face of evil. Banal and sly.

Davo said...

Here's an idea for a fun T-shirt. You stick that regrettable mush on it along with the caption, "If you drink and perform plastic surgery, you're a bloody idiot!"

Anonymous said...

head like a smashed crab!

Peter Watson said...

Is he an Italian? He doesn't look like a Anglo Saxon Australian. He doesn't even look Nordic. He must be from southern Europe. Probably either Greece or Italy.

Boorstralia said...

Like Barf,,,,Ooorst probably wishes a (Queer) space upon his hard drive.

WLT NSW said...

It has been suggested by a few others who have seen this picture that, with the knowledge that he is supposedly originally from South Africa, he could be a melange blend of Boer/Jew with perhaps a pinch of Cape Coloured or Indian/Paki thrown in?

His nose and mouth in particular are certainly almost identical to those of a South African Jew I once knew. The 'Nick Griffin factor' of the 'wandering' eye simply adds to the 'odd' look.

To put it more succinctly though, he looks like what he IS, an absolute CREEP!

The Monk said...

wot a greaseball

his dial says one thing to me

"Frying Tonight"

Anonymous said...

Faces like that give strength to the argument that abortion should be made retrospective.