Thursday, January 21, 2010

Threats threats and more threats. Owen Jones, what a wanker.

Well folks this is an oldy but a goody. Every time we forget about Owen Jones (back ground HERE) he pops his head up again. This time much like his hero Mathew Henderson he also has picked up some CRC for his balls of steel. Now get ready folks have a read of Owen's comments today. Seems he is coming to Queensland. Good stuff.

Owen Jones said...

Want me back eh? (Um sure if you like we can never get enough of idiots like you. Only helps us in the end)

You found the ip of the NSW DET/TAFE reverse proxy server. Good for you. Do your little ip log trick now. (ohh he is hiding his IP what a clever little fella) Whats that you were saying about arabs? (Im not sure maybe you should remind us. After all its over 12 months ago since you last visited)

Yes I'm baaa-aack, as you requested. (Great this should be good)

You can tell my EX neighbour what you and PMP like Jim. He knows where we stand. (yep you talk openly about private stuff on the net with out his permission. He knows you cant be trusted and that you are a bloody wanker) You'll probably find him down and Miners beach with his buddies, that is, if you and PMP are game to head down there. Take some sunscreen for your doodle. Hate to get the lil fella burn't. Take some happy snaps while you are there.( sorry Owen I have no interests in meeting your male sexual conquests)

Next election I'm planing on being somewhere in Toowoomba South. Perhaps we could have a friendly chat and share election day anecdotes. ( Please feel free to drop us a line. I'm sure we can arrange a meeting)

Now don't take that as a threat, I know you get touchy and start calling names, swearing, talking bullets and stuff, because despite your claims I have not made a single threat to anyone. I've mearly re enforced that I have the capability to defend myself should the need arrise from those that have made threats towards me. You guys have sooo much hate bottled up. ( This will be hard for you to understand Owen so you better sit down. We think you are a joke a type of sport. We just love using idiots like you to show the world how stupid you lot truly are. I think we have proven our point yet again. You are just a funny little anecdote from the past. But if you feel we haven't paid enough attention to you its only because you are nothing to us. Feel free to go and have a little cry.)

Oh yeah, the FDB stuff, purile. Haven't posted there since 2006 just after Cronulla. Your guys probably boosted their membership hugely. ( What membership Owen? FDB are a laughing stock they are flat out keeping the forum up. They now work in the shadows with all the other pond scum. Silly Owen when will you Learn. When you last visited here the number of visitors here averaged about 150 a day. So I suppose not that many had heard of you. In 2010 we average about three times that amount, some days a lot more. I can guarantee we will be getting a lot more visits over the next few days thanks to your little moment of madness. After all our readers like a good laugh. For this we thank you.)
1:07 PM

Owen Jones said...

You racists are sooo paranoid :-) ( No Owen we know were you all are)
1:10 PM

Owen Jones said...

The Tamils are comming for you... ( Just get a new job as a Refugee advocate did we Owen. Maybe you could organize a few for Toowoomba South. I expect who ever it is you are going to help will end up regretting a lot of these statements from you. Regional areas are our territory Owen good luck with that.)
1:12 PM

Owen Jones said...

Even the Chinese are mooooving in.. ( words escape me here. I will let some of the other staff tackle a few of these.)
1:13 PM

Owen Jones said...

Some 300 million + Indons living on your doorstep????

But no, you don't want to be friends. You'd rather go out in a blaze of glory?
1:15 PM

Owen Jones said...

You know less about how the internet works than the average kenyan ;-)
1:16 PM

Owen Jones said...

so please, don't fuck with me! (oh no Owen we are gunna really fuck with you now. We all need good laugh.)
1:17 PM

Gee I wonder who he will be working with in Toowoomba?

Vote for tomorrow today, Vote 1 the Greens

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Authorised by Owen Jones 19 Eve Street Erskineville for The Greens NSW


Anonymous said...

Keep diggin that hole, Owen. Better hold onto that TAFE job as you sure as shit wont get another one now!

Anonymous said...

What is Owen doing now? Working at Southern Cross University, Lismore.

and running his own Marxist website


Anonymous said...

Sorry, right job (at SCU), wrong website.

Here is his blog