Friday, January 08, 2010

The Voice - The Plight of Peter Spencer (Video). Australia Man Up!

In this episode we take a look at the plight of Peter Spencer and many other farmers around Australia that have had large sections of their properties declared as carbon sinks without any compensation which is against the Australian Constitution. The ramifications of this are huge and will effect each and every one of us especially as the nation draws closer to a carbon pollution reduction scheme. The time is upon us that we have to stand up and make ourselves heard before it is too late and our primary industry goes the same way as our secondary industry – offshore!

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Eithne said...

I hope so very much that this is enough to awaken enough people to decide to disengage from this system and start to form our own, separate way of life.
The farmers should now just do what they need to do - clear and use their land, they should then sell it locally and the independent truckies should give them preferential treatment.
Businesses like should jump on this and do what they can too.