Tuesday, January 05, 2010

White Farmers in Australia being persecuted by Marxist Fabian Australian Governments!

NSW farmer Peter Spencer remains up a pole and continuing his hunger strike in protest against the government's vegetation laws. Picture: Gary Ramage Source: The Daily Telegraph

AS soon as Bill Heffernan turned up at the rally held in support of pole-sitting hunger striker Peter Spencer, he was a magnet for upset farmers.

At one point the 66-year-old Liberal Party veteran was surrounded by a dozen hard-bitten men and women of the land, vying for his attention, itching to lay into him and dish out unsolicited advice. Heffernan, never backward in coming forward, yesterday found himself at odds with about 300 men and women.

While none of Spencer's supporters want the 58-year-old grazier to come to harm, they support his right to starve himself up a 50-foot-high wind tower in protest against a land clearing ban.

Heffernan, meanwhile, wants Spencer brought back to Earth by force.

He said Spencer, who today enters his 44th day without food, was irreversibly damaging his health.

"Why don't you take him to hospital like a good daughter would?" he cat-called when Spencer's daughter Sarah told of her father's failing health.

Heffernan was booed - not that it bothered him - for goodness sake, he's just trying to save a bloke's life.
The Junee farmer has too many stories of hard-up farmers taking their own lives through the drought.

Just before Christmas he went to the funeral of a man who sat in his lounge room and shot himself in the head.

Heffernan doesn't want Spencer to be another statistic. What will it gain the farmers' cause if Spencer dies?

Outspoken Queensland Senator Barnaby Joyce - the only other federal politician who went to the Canberra rally - is right when he says the best way to change clearing laws is for farmers to keep lobbying the federal government.

Remember people power forced the federal government to do a U-turn on its decision to sell the Snowy hydro scheme.

And it's possible, with enough people and enough pressure, the government could again be forced to changing its thinking on land clearing laws.

In the meantime, Peter Spencer should come down from his wind tower and start eating again. And it's up to his supporters to bring him down.

Spencer's supporters really are dreaming if they think Kevin Rudd will react to threats of self harm - he won't.

Caving into one person threatening self harm would presumably result in an avalanche of crazies on hunger strikers.

But it doesn't look too good when the Prime Minister's advisers declare the release of his children's book as "more secretive than the Budget". Surely there are more important matters.

And surely it wouldn't have been hard to send someone from the Labor Party to reiterate the Government's concerns for Spencer's health.

The all-too valid question from farmers is if Spencer hadn't gone to the lengths he has, would the land-clearing issue have as much attention as it does?

Probably not. But now he has the nation's attention, it's time to come down. If not for his own sake, then for his children and grandchildren. Source


PETER Spencer, the NSW farmer who claims to have been on a hunger strike for 43 days, should be pulled down from his tower, Liberal senator Bill Heffernan said yesterday.

As Kevin Rudd revealed he had sent Eden-Monaro MP Mike Kelly to plead with Mr Spencer to end his protest at his Cooma farm, Senator Heffernan said the farmer was no longer capable of making rational judgments and should be removed by police.

Yesterday, farmers (all white folk) gathered in Canberra in support of Mr Spencer who climbed his wind tower 43 days ago in protest over restrictions on land clearing, imposed as greenhouse-abatement measures.

Mr Spencer wants compensation for farmers who cannot clear their land due to the laws.

He has vowed to maintain his protest until he gets an audience with the Prime Minister.

Senator Heffernan, a farmer who has met with Mr Spencer's family, said if his claims were true they posed real questions about his emotional, as well as his physical, well-being. Source

What bloody next Kevin Rudd? Maybe this is what they have planned for us? Australia's own version of the Holodomor? The Holodomor was the forced starvation and genocide of seven to ten million Ukrainians by Zionist controlled Communist Jews.

It must be noted that not a single Left Wing protester or member from Anti Fa were present at the demo held in Canberra in support of Peter Spencer. They save their demonstrating skills for harassing Nationalists and Patriots at places like Returned Service Personal Clubs.

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