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Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Here is an example of why it is important to keep a running tally so we know exactly how many invaders are coming into the country -

New asylum (invader) boat stopped


The Australian Navy has picked up another boat carrying asylum seekers (invaders), the 16th for the year. (Yes, 16 boats is correct.)

HMAS Wollongong intercepted the vessel at 7.20pm yesterday five nautical miles west of Christmas Island.

Initial reports are that the boat is carrying 45
(invaders) passengers and two crew.

The group will be transferred to Christmas Island for security, identity and health checks and to establish their reasons for travel.

So far this year, there have been 751 arrivals
(invaders) on 16 boats, excluding 40 crew. (WRONG, as you can clearly see throughout this thread I have kept a running tally of each invader that comes illegally into the country and that tally currently stands at 806 NOT 751! 55 invaders might not sound like a lot but the money that each one of them sucks up from us the Australian taxpayer or hosts (they are parasites of course) is a lot. I wonder how much the media's figures will be out from my own by year's end?)

Visit Australian New Nation HERE

Frederick Toben reports on Whistleblower Brendon O'Connell.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Cowardly idiots indeed!

From the A.P.P.'s so-called 'Australian Identity Forums':
Sr. Member
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Re: Race Police Seek to Outlaw BNP Policy
Reply #1 on: Today at 01:45:25 PM

“Damn Daz you beat me to it!

Basically what the marxist (sic) QUANGO is saying is that no party can have policies that the Labour party disagrees with. The sad thing is that most of the cowardly idiots in the Tory party don't see that after they come for the BNP they will use the same measures against ANYONE who disagrees with them.

The main thing seems to be that the BNP's constitution and policies if put into practice would be of disadvantage to minority communities. This is absurd, every parties policies are of disadvantage to someone, thats (sic) why there are different political parties. The QUANGO involved seems to think that there should only be one political party.

To be clear this is not going to stick, the goal is to drain the BNP of funds in the run up to the elections. If it were any other party this would be shown up as a laughably transparent attack on democracy, because it's the BNP they will almost certainly get away with it.”

What amazing clarity of thought.
What astounding skills of deduction.
What wildly wondrous talents of perception.

Why then is it that ol’ Libby over at the A.P.P. ‘Australian Identity Forums’ does not extrapolate this ‘conspiracy theory’ and apply this flawless logic to the A.P.P.’s relationship to other… less…erm…user friendly and ‘marketable’ Nationalist’ entities here in Australia? Why is it that he does not extend the same degree of latitude and tolerance for other more ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ (read: honest and forthright) elements in the certain knowledge that no amount of sucking up to the ZOG by defaming these people and acting as Shabbos Goy will stay the A.P.P.’s certain execution a single day?

It is as certain as night follows day that the very instant following the frogmarching of the last White Nationalist into the ZOG gulag that the docile morons at the A.P.P. having served their purpose and exhausted the indulgence of their masters will be having THEIR doors kicked in at three o’clock in the morning. Why such selective ‘wisdom’ Libby?

Why proffer a formula and then not utilise it yourself?

How many fingers am I holding up, Libby?


Another Bobby DAZZLER From The A.P.P.

The latest thread on the so-called ‘Australian Identity Forums’ that was utilised to attack the messenger (WLT) has provided true White Nationalists with some helpful information. Their most recent self indulgent bile fest saw the likes of ‘Libertine’ and ‘Mick Dundee’ projectile vomiting streams of unadulterated vitriol at the likes of yours truly and is further confirmation that the A.P.P. are little more than the Wandering Jews of Australian Politics.

In response to the likes of ‘Mick Dundee’ and his constant hysterical ranting about ‘Nazis’ we would like to make some statements. We have no identity crisis here at Whitelaw Towers. We know who we are and have no ambiguity regarding our dedication to the clearly defined mission of the survival and resurgence of the gestalt entity known as the White European Race. We believe in the Fourteen Words philosophy and, as family Men, we live it. If that brands us as ‘Nazis’ or ‘haters’ or ‘nutters’ or ‘losers’ or whatever other insulting epithets our enemies and detractors wish to employ against us then so be it.

We know all the people in our various associated groups and have met them face to face, looked them in the eye and shook their hands. We know that as any group or movement grows there will naturally be an increasing risk of not only infiltration and agent provocateurs but also of a divergence of opinion among the membership. This is a simple reality of the dynamics of Human relationships which involve individuals with personal opinions and egos. This cannot be avoided. However, on the basics we all agree. That is enough for now.

Conversely A.P.P. is comprised largely of ghosts. Remove their keyboards and not only are they disarmed and utterly ineffectual but, for all intents and purposes, they are non entities. Existing as they do only within the ‘consensus reality’ of the Internet, they evaporate into the ether upon exposure to light. They have no investment in the future of White Survival. They are, at best, trimmers and appeasers and, at worst, Racial traitors and agents for our sworn traditional enemies.

The character calling itself ‘Mick Dundee’ is clearly delusional, possibly even psychotic and, like all the A.P.P. crew, he is not, to put it politely, exactly an eminent student of history. One suspects the age of reason passed him and his fellow Neanderthals by with nary a flicker of recognition in the lobotomised stare of their eyes. This makes him, and them, as putty in the hands of the J_w manipulators. There must be great rejoicing and partying long into the night at the Synagogue of Satan every time this idiot puts up a new, barely literate, post.

No decent, honest, open minded and literate person, let alone a White Nationalist, could stand firm in stubborn, bone headed denial of the toxic influence of the J_w in all Human affairs. Any truly objective analysis of the overwhelming evidence as proof of this global conspiracy would convince the harshest sceptic and awaken the greatest dullard to the awful truth.

There is simply no excuse in this day and age of almost instant access to information. These A.P.P. frauds appear to exist in either a self imposed intellectual vacuum or they ARE the enemy themselves. There can be no other conclusion. To paraphrase another well known White Nationalist ‘Either they truly are that stupid or they are that evil”.

Another point worthy of note is their usage of such standard issue FDB terms and phraseology such as ‘Oh Noes!’ and ‘It’s the Joos!’ woven into the way too familiar fabric of taunting posts defaming White Nationalists and suggesting the entire J_w Conspiracy is simply the product of fevered and paranoid minds obsessed with Nineteen Thirties politics. It is SO similar to Darp, @ndy, weezil, duckmonster etc that it makes this writer’s flesh crawl with the disgust of recognition.

From the A.P.P. fraudsters’ Australian Identity Forums:

Libertine Wrote:

“how about a small re-write?

Bringing an intellectual butter knife to a gunfight, they have antagonised and turned into enemies ninety percent of the very people who they claim to be defending. Instead of recruiting intelligent and dynamic reformers and revolutionaries they have instead merely gathered together the conspiracy nuts, the neo-nazis, the malcontents, the sour, bitter and twisted losers.They sit around swapping theories about how the world is secretly controlled without ever noticing that most people in their own communities hate the very sight of them.

Which is better do you think?”

Ah yes, the re-write, VERY standard FDB practice. Darp and weezil would be proud.

Libertine Wrote:
“I would prefer to sit down and debate with reds any day of the week, at least the conspiracy theories they peddle have been worked out and thought through a little bit. Still wrong, but far more entertaining than "Da Joo did it".

Hooray for Hollywood, eh Libertine? You think this is about ‘entertainment’? And yes, we BELIEVE you when you say you prefer Reds. Mate, you are thicker than pigshit stuck in the neck of a bottle. Thicker even than two short planks. How can anyone BE so THICK?

Libertine Wrote:
“Excuse me, why is daz a fraud?”

Erm...well, because he posed, for quite some time, as a ‘National Socialist’ and then, when it suited him, with all the cynical political expediency he could muster, he did a ‘Darp’ and cleansed his ‘Proud to be an infidel’ Blog entirely from the ‘net, scrubbing the cache squeaky clean of incriminating evidence to his duplicity, all this within days of disseminating Holocaust Revisionist material to ‘fellow National Socialists’. So, what WAS his game? Was he really that different in this behaviour than Jim Saleam and his claim that he was merely ‘infiltrating’ the Nazis by way of explanation for the swazi armband pictures?

Perhaps our learned friend ‘Libertine’ might enlighten us as to the process of Darrin’s political ‘rehabilitation’? How DID Daz pull off that sudden conversion on the road to Tel Aviv and, more to the point, WHY?

Libertine Wrote:
“Hey Daz, where the hell are MY shekels? Are you hording all the damn shekels? You dirty shekel lover! Play fair and give out the shekels evenly, it fits with the APP's secret plans to introduce communism by the back door!”

Now that is vintage ‘weezil’. Just compare the above post with the one below and then tell us we are simply imagining very marked similarities in writing styles. You will see the same lame attempts at a lampooning type of ‘humour’ but what is most creepy is the same catchphrases and key words.

From the Fight Dem Back Forum:
Post subject:
Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:16 am
political tar baby
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Posts: 2790

@ndy wrote:
PS. ThE bAgEl HaS lAnDeD...

"Whole friggin' skipfull of bagels, @ndy.

The International Socialist Alliance of Money Toting Jooooos just dropped it beside the skip full of $50 notes they put out here the other day. I gotta blow all this skipfull of fifties on cocaine and whores before the end of the month or else we get another pay rise, dammit!! Ready to swap it out for gold bars or something that doesn't take up so damn much space in the driveway... plus, I can't get the fucking Rolls out of the garage for the skipfull of bagels...”

Post subject:
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:21 pm
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“Paid? I haven't been paid by FDB. Hell all I got for Hanukkah was a stale orange with "Thanks from ZOG" stamped on it. And this Heggarty character is boasting about the amount he gets paid "through FDB". I think it's about time we rank and file FDB'ers stood up for ourselves to our mint julep sipping "masters" and demanded an equal share of the ZOG bounty. Open up the B'Nai B'Rith coffers and share the shekels or I'm afraid there may be industrial action afoot. You have been warned.

Post subject:
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:53 pm
political tar baby
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Location: Born and bred in the briar patch
“Well, considering ZOG & Heggarty have been funding casa del weezil to the tune of $10,000 per month, I spoze you jokers otta get a cut, too. FDBers should stop by my place for a nice bowl of matzo ball soup and a couple of slugs of Mad Dog 20/20 some time. Raz, sorry about that orange. I was instructed by ZOG to give you a lemon, but when they get a little stale, it's hard to tell the diff, eh.”

And while we are on the subject of it being "hard to tell the diff" let's try these two examples for comparison:

From the 'slackbastard' site:

OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war
Published by @ndy November 23rd, 2008 in Anti-fascism, Media, Student movement
Update : See also Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty, December 12, 2008, on the police shooting of Tyler Cassidy, 15-year-old Southern Cross Soldier. Crazy kids and their intarwebs! The Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) finally make it into the papers.

From the 'Australian Identity Forums:

Oh Noes! Banned by the Grand Dragoness of the KKKKKKKKKKK!
January 22, 2009, 07:42:35 PM
Hero Member
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In some other, less adversarial, fields of Human endeavour this might be termed flattery through imitation but it is difficult, within the particular socio-political context, to interpret this quite chilling similarity with such a benign and mundane observation.

Generally speaking, since most of these evil clowns at A.P.P. ceased posting on other Nationalist forums there has been relative peace. This is, of itself, ample evidence of their caustic effect upon the broader White Nationalist community. They have formed their own leper colony on an isolated island but still persist in lobbing ‘messages in a bottle’ from their beach to poison the waters.

To sum up, in relation to the useful idiots of the A.P.P. and in accordance with the original stated mission of the Victor Whitelaw Project to expose the frauds infesting our Movement as well as shining the harsh light of truth upon our traditional enemies of the Red Left, in conclusion, we would LIKE to state with some confidence that “Our work here is done”. Sadly, the nature of the beast being what it is, we can only foresee the necessity of a continued maintenance program to alert any ‘newbies’ who might became ensnared in their net of deceit, their web of lies…

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Queensland Rural City Under Siege.

Steven Hagan Convicted criminal USQ lecturer, Black Activist and all round Anti White Racist. Pin up boy for the Bnai Brith.

We have been sitting on this story for a few weeks now.

Back Ground.


21st January 2010

"THE family of Peter “Bo” Duncan have described his shock death as a nightmare as he collapsed after being assaulted in a North Toowoomba street brawl."

The Duncan Family are a well known Indigenous family living in Toowoomba Queensland.

"Mr Duncan, 55, a resident of Chamberlain Street, was walking to a shop to buy soft drink when he became involved in a fight at 6.50pm on Tuesday.

Family members ran to assist him and also became involved in the fight while a concerned resident called police.

Mr Duncan dies after having a heart attack while being spoken to by Local police."

So we have a family that is well known for some very violent behavior getting involved in a fight. The elder of the family has a heart attack while being questioned by Police.

After this incident occurred we became personally aware of at least 3 white males who were bashed by members of this family or their friends. Their only crime? Being White and living nearby. One man in particular is still in hospital from last reports.

This was not reported in the media. But we have heard that many other random attacks have happened in Toowoomba since Mr Duncan past away.

At the time of Mr Duncans death and until recently many simply thought it was just a family squabble. This is usually the case with local Aborigines.

Trouble is brewing.

22nd January 2010


FAMILY members yesterday described Peter “Bo” Duncan as a larrikin who was loved by all who knew him.

Mr Duncan, 55, and his wife Normella were proud of their big family and had 12 children and 31 grandchildren between them.

Yes a very large family. Well known to Local Authorities.

"After Mr Duncan’s first heart attack two years ago".

"Mr Duncan was taking his heart medication leading up to his collapse".

Note previous medical condition.

Widow calls for court justice

22nd January 2010


NORMELLA Duncan is too frightened to return to her Chamberlain Street home where she says her beloved husband Peter was attacked by four men and later died.

Typical media spin.

"Mrs Duncan, 49, is haunted by the violence Peter suffered in the moments leading up to him collapsing and later dying from a suspected heart attack".

Mr and Mrs Duncan, their son Josh and five of their grandchildren were sitting at the back of their home having tea and coffee on Tuesday evening when Mr Duncan left to drive to the BP service station on North Street to buy food for his lunch the next day.

Mr Duncan was returning home when he stopped his car just metres from his Chamberlain Street home.

“A drunken man was on the street, pulling his pants down and flashing him,” Mrs Duncan said.

She said he got out of the car and exchanged words with the man who then punched him in the face.

The man’s brother and two friends became involved in the fight while Mrs Duncan and their son Josh, 17, came to help.

This still had local people thinking it was a black on black fight.

Everyone who lives in Toowoomba is now aware that there will be trouble. Talk on the streets is that it was a Family Feud. Two Aboriginal families at each others throats. White folk are getting a little worried about their safety. Large groups of Aboriginal youths are roaming the streets at night and rumors of the Duncan Family driving around looking to bash people are common. Still we have no idea who the other group is. All the local's know is that White People are being bashed.

The only info anyone has on the others involved is this.

One of the men involved in the fight lives in Chamberlain Street. He was attending a wake held at his parents’ home as the man’s grandmother had been buried that day.

The man, his brother, and two other men were involved.

Fighting breaks out after funeral

1st February 2010


BOGGABILLA Police described the actions at Peter ‘Bo’ Duncan’s funeral and wake on Friday as simply not good enough.

Boggabilla is an Aboriginal camp on the Queensland New South Wales border. Not the sorta place to be in late at night if you are white.

His funeral was held at Goondiwindi on Friday afternoon, before everyone moved to Boggabilla for the night where the evening took a turn for the worse.

Boggabilla is not a dry community. It has two pubs. It is well known for street crime' violence and child prostitution.

The fights spilled out onto the streets and police were called several times.

Boggabilla police were assisted by the Goondiwindi police to help get the situation under control.

No injuries were reported and so far no arrests have been made although Inspector Styles said that further action would be taken.

Inspector Styles said the incidents occurred as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

This is typical behavior. The people of Toowoomba had already been living with this type of behavior since this mans death. Everyone was thinking that these attacks and reports of violence in Toowoomba were Revenge Attacks. But no one could figure out why the White Folk? Both the groups involved in Duncans death are black?

No white folk had been reported to be involved. It all seemed to be a case of drunken indiscriminate violence towards the White Community. The fights in Boggabilla only suggested to people that this was still a family feud. The whites being bashed in Toowoomba must be victims of drunken emotional Duncan Family members or their friends. As stated this is not a surprise to many. They family is well known for their violence.

The cat is let out of the bag.

Widow gathers protest support

19th February 2010


ANGRY widow Normella Duncan wants answers about the bashing death of her husband Peter “Bo” Duncan.

Mrs Duncan said Toowoomba Police would not be able to ignore the justice protest she was holding next Friday — involving more than 500 family members and friends.

Thats tomorrow folks.

Fliers are being distributed around the communities of Cunnamulla, Boggabilla and Moree to drum-up support

Big trouble for Toowoomba this weekend. Over 500 angry Blacks from some of the most violent Aborigine community's in South East Queensland.

Mrs Duncan disputed police concerns the protest could degenerate into violence.

The Police know. They are aware of the bashing's of local white residents. Everyone knows but the News Paper. Funny that.

And here it is folks. Get ready.

“I’m not a racist person. But if four black men bashed a white man, they would be in jail awaiting trial,” she said.

Widow wife plays the race card. It was white people who were involved in the fight. Now everything makes sense.

“The police are making out that we’re going to be violent, but it will be a peaceful get-together.

“We want answers and we want somebody made accountable for what happened to Peter.”

The Police are scared so should the residents. It simply will not be a safe place in Toowoomba until these people get their pound of White Flesh. Yet White folk are bashed every weekend by the same people now screaming for justice.

Now have a look at who is organizing this. Many of our old readers are familiar with one Black Racist in particular.

Mrs Duncan said Aboriginal activists Lyall Munro and Stephen Hagan would be at the protest.

Stephen Hagan. The most racist black man at the University of Southern Queensland. The same man who proudly boasted about his Jewish Lawyer who makes him a lot of money. Old Steve "the KKK stole my lunch" is one of the most left wing anti white ex crims ever to walk this planet.

This letter from a local black sums it up.

Mrs Duncan im sorry for you loss. But you do not help yourself or the memory of your late husband when you act like this. Im a proud Black man but firstly im an Australian. You say that you are not a racised but you have two of the greats Black rights people attending the protest. Hagon is a man who lives on hatred of the white man, and Lyall is a man that drums up black power. You want people charged that is a joke. If they charge them now with murder it would be thrown out of court. If you charge them with assult this would not be good enought in your eyes. Until we all start to live as one group of people in this country under 1 set of laws you will never find peace. Let the police do there job.

We will not say anymore on this for now. But be sure we will be taking a trip to Toowoomba this weekend to keep an eye on what happens. We predict a riot. If you are planing a night out in the Toowoomba City on Friday night, DONT!

More here

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What goes around comes around...

Sweet, poetic justice.

From the ABC Website:

Documentary producer wins defamation damages

The producer of a controversial documentary that depicted teenage girls talking about their sex lives has been awarded damages for defamation by a Canberra court.

Dennis O'Rourke successfully sued Indigenous rights activist Stephen Hagan for implying to a journalist that he was unscrupulous in making the film Cunnamulla.

Nationwide News has also been sued for publishing Mr Hagan's comments in The Daily Telegraph six years ago.

The ACT Supreme Court today ordered $200,000 be paid to Mr O'Rourke.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!



While we are looking at Mr. Hagan lets see what he has to say about the KKK in Toowoomba? It seems that he is an expert. Over the years he has sued a University in QLD for publishing his address so other Indigenous peoples may contact him. But shock horror Hagan claimed that KKK branches in Crows Nest, High Fields and Dalby sent him hate mail saying “Don’t snigger nigger the Klan is getting Bigger”. Fearing a cross burning he sued the Uni for an undisclosed amount to relocate his family to protect them. Whitelaw staff knows this was a scam on Hagan’s part. Using his Jewish lawyer that he bragged about on ABC Speaking Out in 2005 he won this case and another one against McDonalds for the Long Black Coffee.

Mr. Hagan’s own Racism knows no bounds. Last year he accused the RSL of being made up of nothing but Racists after his cousin burnt the Australian flag on Australia Day 2006.


Mr Stephen Hagan

Name : Mr Stephen Hagan
Position : Lecturer
Section : Pro Vice-Chancellor's Office (Social Justice)
Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges
Office : TA205
Location : Toowoomba Campus
Phone : 61 7 4631 1867
Extension : 1867
E-mail :
Qualifications : BA CanberraCAE

Storm over golliwogs The Courier-Mail

18 Aug 2007 ... Mr Watson and Aboriginal activist Stephen Hagan said they would lodge complaints with the Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights and Equal ...,23739,22266566-3102,00.html - Similar

'Racist' KFC cricket ad from Australia causes uproar in US - Page ...

7 Jan 2010 ... Coon cheese is racist, says activist Stephen Hagan EMBOLDENED by the State Government's decision to erase the word 'n*gger' from a sports ... › ... › Down Under Newslinks - Cached

Wheels fall off at FDB central. Rats leaving a sinking ship!

Sad days folks. Yet another Hebrew speaking member of the near non existent group Fight Dem Back or as we call them Flog Da Baton retires. I must say it has been very interesting watching these left wing State Assets die a very slow death. Poor old VC FDB's Hebrew speaking Kiwi member is moving onto bigger and better things. Off to do a tour in the IDF are we VC.

They are dead in the water. The first stage of the WLT project is nearly complete.

New 28 Australia "Ours Not Theirs" T shirt

Once again 9% Productions have come up with yet another great design in their exclusive range of T Shirts. The statement on the back of this shirt claiming our right to the Symbol of Eureka is a must have for the out and about Australian White Nationalist. While you are there why not pick up a few other things. Support the movement support Blood & Honour Australia!

9% Productions HERE.

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Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Here's boat number 15 for 2010 -

Authorities intercept asylum seeker (invader) boat


Authorities have intercepted another boat of asylum seekers
(invaders) off Australia's northwest coast.

The boat was intercepted at 10.45am (AEDT) on Wednesday near West Island in the Ashmore Islands.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said initial indications were that there were
43(invaders) and four crew on board the boat.
It is the 15th asylum seeker (invader) boat to be intercepted in Australian waters this year.

The group will be transferred to Christmas Island where they will undergo security, identity and health checks. Their reasons for travel will also be established.
(Um der, the unarmed invasion of Australia so they can get a free ride for life at the Australian taxpayer's expense!)


The tally 55 days into 2010 is 15 boats carrying 761 invaders.

Visit Australian New Nation Australia's leading White Nationalist site. HERE

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Dresden Memorial March 2010"

Resistance is our duty!

National Front receive 70% increase in memberships. Thanks to the BNP.



Being in Nationalist politics in an up and down existence and no matter what we do or achieve we never seem to attract any TV time without what we say being twisted and turned against us.

However this time I feel that we may receive normal treatment in fact it is possible that we will be treated as any other political party, something which we have demanded for many decades.

For a number of months now we have been hearing rumours of BNP members defecting to the NF and to be honest there have been a few but a steady trickle only.

Since Question Time with the BNP’s leader we have seen nearly 900 enquiries over and above the norm. This has helped us to over a 70% increase in membership during this period.

Recently the BBC contacted me as the parties Press Officer if I would do a piece for the Politics Show regarding the leaching of BNP members to the NF (not my words).

I of course prepared myself and arrived at BBC Leeds and was met by the team and the interview was recorded.

The next step was for the party to provide proof to the BBC that what I had said was true and provable otherwise they would not run the programme.

Our Membership Dept along with our IT dept were able to prove this to be the case both verbally as well as via written proof and because this proof had taken a week to obtain the programme was delayed a week.

So this Sunday the 21st at 12 noon on the Politics Show the piece will be aired

However if you live outside Yorkshire then you can watch the programme on BBC i player around an hour later.

For now here are two short trailers for this Sunday’s programme.

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

But its national press officer, Yorkshire-based Tom Linden, claims 13 BNP branches have at least discussed switching allegiance. He has named four in Yorkshire: Todmorden, Hull, Bradford and Colne Valley.

The return of Silver Fern.

Australia's one and only KKK fraud has stuck her head out once again. Yes folks remember Silver Fern, Maxine Grey, Tina Greco, Skippy, Kiwi? Now it would seem that she is still spreading her BS far and wide. Nearly as wide as her fat arse. Hello again Lotie Rose. More on this traitor HERE.

Her nice little claim that she was spying on the Jews at the JTF forum just doesn't cut it. A bit like how these same Jews can and did remove all the posts that APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges made on the same forum. She now uses this as her only credentials. Very convenient.

Her actions alone on just about every WN forum only serve to prove that she is and was nothing but a tool for the enemy. The list of good white folk she has attacked in this country alone is staggering. Funny enough they are all the same people and groups that Darrin Hodges and members of the Australian Protectionist Party are currently attacking in another smear campaign.

Tina why is it that your mother wears a Star Of David around her neck? Please feel free to drop in and give us an answer.

Now members of this blog did in fact meet Tina Greco in Sydney. After the meeting it was discussed that something was very strange about this one. The number one thing that stood out was the fact that she could not look anyone in the eye. In fact it was so obvious that it was noticed by all. It left everyone wondering what the hell was she hiding.

Not long after this meeting Tina Greco started using information that was originally invented by Mathew Henderson Hau founder of the Jewish run Anti Racist and criminal group Fight Dem Back. These claims are simply laughable. When confronted over this and other claims via telephone she apologized to a staff member here on behalf of the Australian KKK. Yes it was tapped. It has since been sent onto other well known and respected WN in Australia as proof of her BS. It was also reported to members of this blog from an ex KKK member that she purposely targeted individuals in the WN scene in a smear and lie campaign. He was ordered to use Storm Front Down Under while she used the VNN forum. Of course this happened after she was banned from all the Australian WN forums.

Sadly she is still out there doing her best to disrupt the movement. What she later done with the info she admits in the same phone conversation she was collecting on prominent WN and NS groups in this country is anyone's guess. Needless to say this Jew has ZERO credibility and should be avoided like the POX.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Brain Dead Suck Holes Of A.P.P.

From the A.P.P. Australian Identity Forums:

Libertine said: “I might have once refered (sic) to myself as "WN" but that was before it was made very clear to me that being WN meant hating Jews.”

This is so tiresomely typical of lickspittle Shabbos Goy tactics designed to further ingratiate themselves (if that’s possible) to their Zionist lords and masters while perpetrating the same old simplistic, clich├ęd lies and disinformation about White Nationalism. One more time, for the dummies, being ‘Jew wise’ and being honest about their true role in Human History does not necessarily translate directly to ‘I Hate Jews’ although one can understand why many would be angered once alerted to their duplicity, mendacity and perfidious influence in our affairs.

Truly, without exaggeration, that lame stuff from the A.P.P. 'A.I. Forum' could easily have been posted by ‘slackbastard’ or any other ‘core member’ of ‘FDB’. Of course there are legions of people falsely and/or misguidedly claiming to be ‘White Nationalists’ or ‘White Power/Pride Skinheads’ or ‘White Racial Patriots’ or whatever label they choose. So what? All that and the observations made by these A.P.P. pelicans is of no consequence whatsoever to the REALITY of the dire situation our people find themselves in.

Because you say you are this or that proves NOTHING. One can only be accurately and properly judged by ones actions, or in this case, inaction. Talk is cheap and the A.P.P. crowd have even more, not less, ‘keyboard commandos’ than mobs like the miserable Stormfront brigade. While these A.P.P. self promoters flap their gums about how they have found the one and only true path to redemption they seem blissfully ignorant of the irony of what they have actually done.

The A.P.P. are now lower than pariahs, lower than untouchables, they are a distillation of the vile, toxic scum scraped from the very bottom of the political barrel. As such, they form a concentrated liquor of all that is wrong today with the raggedy edges of what is often erroneously referred to as ‘Nationalist’ politics.

Bringing an intellectual butter knife to a gunfight, they have antagonised and turned into enemies ninety percent of the very people who have the knowledge and experience to ultimately achieve White Racial survival and Western Cultural resurgence. Instead of recruiting intelligent and dynamic reformers and revolutionaries they have instead merely gathered together the ultra conservatives, insular post code snobs, the malcontents, the sour, bitter and twisted losers.The do nothing, 'steady as she goes', 'don't frighten the horses' compromisers and trimmers.

They are the derelicts of ‘Australian Nationalism’, pushing their low rent, cut price, trimmed down ‘ideology’ about in a battered and rusty shopping trolley. They are the tatty old tramps and ‘bag ladies’ of Australian ‘Nationalism’, kicked out of every party and group, moved on from every doorway, they sit on a park bench reeking of piss and stale B.O. blaming everyone except themselves for the wretched exile they find themselves in.

What else CAN they say but that we, the True White Nationalists, are the real villains and the real problem with the survival of our Race and Culture? They have made a pact with the Devil himself and are locked in to a contract to sing only from the hymn book of the Synagogue of Satan.

One wonders if the ‘A.I.’ of the ‘Australian Identity Forums’ stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence’ because there is precious little evidence of the real thing over there. Also, having Darrin Hodges accuse one of being a ‘charlatan and a fraud’, as he did David Duke, is comparable to having Ronnie Biggs calling one a thief!

There is a very special place reserved for these creatures in Hell.
They'd better spend their ill gotten shekels now while they're still worth something.

Out Of Control. Number 14 for 2010

Here's boat number 14 for 2010 -

Asylum seekers (invaders) intercepted near Ashmore Islands

Australian authorities have intercepted a boat of asylum seekers (invaders) near the Ashmore Islands.

HMAS Ararat intercepted the boat on Saturday morning, about 16 nautical miles north of the islands.

The Department of Home Affairs says initial indications suggest 10 passengers (invaders)

It is not yet clear where the people are from.

They will be transferred to Christmas Island for processing.


In the 51 days (up to last night) of 2010 14 boats and 718 invaders have illegally made their way into Australian waters.
and three crew members are on board.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rack up another Enemy for the Australian Protectionist. "David Duke is a fraud"

What can we say? Well we can wonder why it is Storm Front Down Under still allows members of the APP to sell their venom and anti WN party on a site that supports David Duke.

Darrin Hodges co founder of the Australian Protectionist Party,

"I'm not a "white nationalist", I am an "Australian Nationalist" and yes, David Duke is a charlatan and a fraud." Source.

David Duke Exposes the Hollywood “Basterds”


Youtube Just Censored This Video! HERE

Youtube which is owned by Google has been complaining about censorship in China. This video has had over 17,000 views on its first day. Was number 4 in its favorites list for news and current events. And had hundreds of 5 star ratings.

This video exposes the sick elements in Hollywood, but Youtube can’t have that, can they?

David Duke Exposes the Hollywood “Basterds”

In his latest and greatest video yet, Dr. Duke really gives it to Hollywood. He reviews Inglourious Basterds and shows it is a sick hate-film, promoting torture and sadism. As he says, it is bad enough that the film was even made, but the rest of the media gave it great reviews.

Duke exposes Eli Roth who is a co-star who makes sadistic “torture-porn” films. His film Hostel actually got 60 percent positive reviews from Jewish run media.

This is a powerful video that lays bare the evil world, which the Jewish extremists are leading us to.

Dont worry Folks here it is.

Friday, February 19, 2010

White Genocide. South Africa.

Its strange how somethings go. We have been following the chap that made this video for a few months now. I just finished watching his latest video the one below, and was just about to post it. When I logged in to do so I noticed a comment that needed to be published. It was a link to this video. Its good to see the word is getting out.

Educate yourself on what is really going on in South Africa. Ask yourself why is the International media so silent.

Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Here's boat number 13 for 2010 -

Suspected asylum (invader) boat intercepted

A SUSPECTED asylum seeker (invader) boat carrying 45 people (invaders and 'people' smugglers) has been intercepted off the Ashmore Islands.

It is the 13th boat to have arrived in Australian waters in 2010.

Border Protection Command said the vessel was stopped at 6.35pm AEDT tonight, about 22 nautical miles northwest of the Ashmore Islands.

There are believed to be 41 passengers (invaders) on board, along with four crew members, a statement from Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor's office said.

They will be taken to Christmas Island for the usual security, health and identity checks.


In the 49 days of 2010 13 boats carrying 708 invaders have made their way illegally into Australian waters.

Australian New Nation. Australia's only White Nationalist Forum!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Mossad, coming to a country near you.

Now remember this story we done in 2008?

Thinking of going on an overseas trip? Maybe travel to Europe? Well unless you have spoken out against Zionism or questioned the events of WW2 you should be safe in Europe? What you are about to read will put Asher Goldman’s covert trip to Israel for Mossad to shame.
I am an Australian that worked for a major NGO in Cambodia my exposure to the mossad murder squads operating in the S.E. Asia came about thru the acquaintance of a fellow Australian.

I met Brian at the boarder town of KIoh Kong. Brian was young man from Sydney that had just finished school with an English Major and had come to Australia to teach English for a year we talked in length about how he had lost his entire family in an accident his desire to help the impoverished Cambodian people.

Brian was leaving for Srey Ambel the next day on a small boat to teach at a small local school that he had arranged thru a Cambodian friend he had been corresponding with for a few years.

A few weeks latter I was in the Srey Ambel area and went by to visit Brian. He had never arrived, and was not replying to e-mail from me or his friend at the school he was to teach at, his friend at the school said maybe he had decided to travel around for a few weeks, but no one knew.

Two weeks later while I was in Phnom Penh, I was at a restaurant on the riverfront, I met a man there that introduced himself as Brian, using Brian’s name and background story but it was a deferent man. I tried to get as much information out of him without letting him know I had known the real Brian after our conversation I went strait to the Australian consulate they told me they would look into the report.

The next day I was talking to a Diane, NZ women that I had known for some time that worked for a different NGO. Diane was very alarmed when I told her of what had happened and said I was in great danger and told me to meet her later that day in the Toul Tom Pong Market.
There I was met by Diane and a man I will refer to as Tom that Identified himself as a NZ security Official.

“These mossad run gangs like to throw there victims off of tour boats they do a lot of operations off the southern coast of Thailand and Cambodia” Tom said, as he showed me documentation of 8 people whose bodies where found that ‘disappeared’ like Brian, 5 where Australian.
Tom also showed me some photos of 5 more mossad agents suspected of involvement in the disappearances.

One I identified as the man I met that was using Brian’s Identity, it was a photo of Zev Barkan.
“This is a real bad guy, vicious. He’s killed a few of the victims himself witnesses have said he likes to personally throw them over board while the boats are moving and then turns around and run the victim over, chopping the victim up with the prop” Tom said

As he showed me photos and documents that connected Barkan and 4 other mossad agents to terrorist training camps in southern Thailand And documents linking them to armed terrorist actions in southern Thailand along with documents that linked telecommunications and money wire transfers originating in Israel.

Tom informed me that NZ security Operations have evidence that some Australian Officials are involved in a cover-up of these mossad operations for political reasons that reach up to the highest levels of the Australian Government.

“This guy is an Australian official we linked to Barkan, we have evidence he was involved in the terrorist training camps but not the murders Barkan is in hot water with him because of the murders but he is involved in the cover up of the murders and that why you are in so much danger, now they are committed into covering the murders up” Tom said, as he showed me pictures of Barkan meeting the man at the Australian consulate I had made the missing person report to.

Tom informed me I was in grave danger because of my visit to the Australian consulate, and if I did not Leave Cambodia immediately I would be dead before the end of the week.
Tom arranged for me to fly out of Cambodia to NZ on a small NZ government plane that night.

And now I find myself in NZ living in a safe house not knowing when it will be ok to return to my life. I am writing this in a hope it might save someone from the fate that Brian suffered.

Funny Stuff. Mortal Combat.

Now over the past few days we have received several emails linking a certain You Tube video. The video shows an elderly gent defending himself from an attack by what could only be described as a piece of crap. As funny as the original is we feel this one is much better. Enjoy.

David Duke reviews Inglourious Basterds.

He shows that the film starring Brad Pitt and Eli Roth is nothing but a sadistic and pro-torture. sick Jewish hate film. The film itself, and its overwhelming approval by the mainstream media shows just how sick Hollywood and the entire mainstream media is today.

Of course, it is understandable. Look what the Zionists have done to the Palestinians, they have tortured 6000 a year over many decades, they have stolen their land, imprisoned those who resist, bombed and burned and maimed tens of thousands of men, women and children.

Dr. Duke also shows the work of the co-star, Eli Roth who is famous for "torture-porn" a new film genre combining porn and sadistic torture. His film Hostel got a 60 percent positive rating from the mainstream movie reviewers.

We truly live a in sick world, and Hollywood makes it sicker each day.

This is a fantastic media that exposes Hollywood and the media exactly for what they are, to borrow a term from the Weinstein Bros. film, they are Basterds!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

APP just love the BNP. FN Traitors.

Follow the leader fuckheads.

White-wing British party changes policy


Party leader Nick Griffin said he expected a "trickle, rather than a flood" of applications after race relations laws forced ( bullshit old Nick has been pushing for this and they gave in without even a fight) the party to amend its constitution to allow black and Asian British people to join. "Anyone can be a member of this party. We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree with us that this country should remain fundamentally British," he told Sky television.

Mr Griffin said he expected to welcome the party's first non-white member, a Sikh named Rajinder Singh, soon.

"I will be absolutely delighted to shake his hand and give him his membership card," the BNP leader said. A British court had ordered the party to amend its constitution to comply with the race relations laws.

Stand up and be counted Australian Protectionist TRAITORS.

Yes Jaxxen you dirty little WA troll. In the interview you so proudly advertise on a site that the same CUNT you promote calls a NEO NAZI web site. Darrin Hodges not to be confused with Dennis Ferguson goes on to say "We need to go back to the idea of
assimilation where we encourage people to become a part of the general Australian society". Well if that aint the admission we all already knew I will eat Mathew Henderson's hat.

You post this pathetic dribble on a site that only two years ago you and so many other APP members worked so hard to destroy by trying to change the true meaning of White Nationalism. Fuck you and your Bullshit touchy feely White Nationalism and PRO Zionist crap. You lost out then, don't expect it to be any different this time around.

You support the same people who claimed that Darrin wasn't a Christian Zionist even though he was a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum. Yes dickhead the JTF forum, run by real convicted Terrorists. The same pricks who went to so much trouble to delete all his posts. Why is that Jaxxen? Ever fucking ask him? You promote people who attempted to take over the ONLY REAL White Nationalist Political Party in Australia,"Australia First".

These sleazy pricks tried every trick in the BNP book to rid the party of anyone they considered ANTI SEMITIC. You fucking idiots even bragged about it.

You promote a man and a party who have been behind some of the biggest SMEAR campaigns in the history of Australian White Nationalism. Go on Jaxxen ask Hodges about his latest Email smear. That one will get him the sucker punch of the year as soon as I arrive in Sydney next time. You fucking idiots are so stupid that you cant even be bothered to even try and discover the truth.

You promote the same wanker who LIED and cheated his way into at least 3 other groups that have since collapsed. The same fuck head who came from no place with no background in White Nationalism nor with any Right Wing credentials besides being a member of the FUCKING LIBERAL PARTY. What about his admission at the 2007 Sydney forum when he claimed in front of three well known activists that he was a National Socialist. What the fuck.

You pricks who now viciously attack staunch NS and WN folk. Their only crime? Pegging you pricks from the get go. What the fuck are you even doing posting on a White Nationalist web site you dirty filthy traitor. No bloody wonder you got booted from the only Australian White Nationalist forum that truly represents all the fair dinkum White Nationalist groups in this country.

Ahh that was good. Now for some real feed back from a real White Nationalist.

Yes Jaxxen people are concerned that the truth is out. You are nothing but a bunch of disenfranchised One Nation ex Liberal Party members. Get it dickhead the word is out. Wake the fuck up. Stop playing bloody games with the hard core Nationalist Jaxxen go and join the Salvation Army.

But Jaxxen can save the day. Well he can get away with it on a US based WN forum he certainly wont get away with it any other place.

PERHAPS. Again What the fuck. It's bloody straight forward DICKHEAD. "We need to go back to the idea of assimilation". Shove your Liberal Jewish double talk square up your arse.

That was fun.

TNB African Style.

Julius Sello Malema (born 3 March 1981, in Seshego) is a South African politician, and the president of the African National Congress Youth League.

Debora Patta

Award-winning investigative journalist
Former eNews Editor-in-Chief; Executive Producer and Anchor: 3rd Degree; Freelance Reporter. Winner of 2009's Vodacom Women in the Media award.
South African

Deborah Patta: “Julias, if you had failed grade 12 would you have committed suicide?”

Julius: “Me commit a suicide?... I'd rather kill myself than doing such a horrible thing.”

Maybe he will assimilate and the APP can ask him to join?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Asher "ASH" Goldman has returned. Racist Anti Racism.

Well looks like Fight Dem Back co founder and New Zealand Jew Asher Goldman has returned after doing his stint in the Israeli Defense Force I.D.F.

Yes folks our resident Anti White Jewish Anarchist is back, and he is as bold and arrogant as ever. Check out the latest comments from this Sayanim.

IP Asher Daniel Goldman said. "yah just dont get it me ol son-THE DAY OF THE WHITEMAN IS OVER peace and love Asher"

Now folks remember Asher is the Co-Founder of FDB who claim to be

"FightDemBack is a volunteer based, non-party-political public service ‘organisation’ (we’re really rather ad-hoc) which, in the public interest, collects, collates and disseminates information regarding racist, neo-nazi and other far-right actors and activity in Australia and New Zealand.

A large part of our success lies in scratching the surface of any ‘nationalist’ and ‘patriotic’ group and revealing the hardcore racist within.

We are brought together by the strong belief that all people, regardless of race, religion or creed, are created equal and by our uniform opposition to all groups who would seek to propagate racial hate and division.

and Our members reflect the intrinsic benefits of multicultural understanding and tolerance. We are Muslim, Jew and Christian; Anglo, Asian, and African; blackfellawhitefella; Maori and Pakeha; Aussie and Kiwi — together.

BULLSHIT! Maybe someone should remind "Asher Daniel Goldman" of his mission statement on FDB. Oh hang on that's right its all bullshit and they know it.

Now lets have a look at the changing face of our fearless IDF Anarchist plant.

Above Asher Goldman establishing his Gay Rights and Anarchist credentials after leaving his Bnai Brith sponsored Chabad Lubavitch holiday camp.

Above photograph of Asher Goldman prior to his visit to the Palestinian Territories. No folks we are not kidding. Asher visited peace activists in Israel just prior to operation Cast Lead. We suspect he traveled with a GPS marking strategic places out like hospitals and schools.

The new improved Asher Goldman after his little stint in the IDF. Welcome back Asher you are a role model for the Jewish Community. Keep up the good work.

These guys make this job so easy.

More News From The A.P.P. In Happy Valley...

From the A.P.P. Australian Identity Forums:


Question: In which manner did you become aware of the APP?

Word of Mouth
Leaflet Drop
Article in the media
Via another internet forum/website

Some of the replies:

“I always do what the voices in my head tell me.”

“My psychiatrist, Dr. Finkelstein, recommended it as part of my ongoing therapy to cure my Anti-Semitism.”

“I find it difficult to meet people and make friends.”

“Darrin told me Jim is the Anti-Christ. I believe him.”

“I played my Black Sabbath record backwards and I saw God. He told me to join up ASAP!”

“Duh! I’m sorry. What was the question?”
Slick Dungarees