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Another Bobby DAZZLER From The A.P.P.

The latest thread on the so-called ‘Australian Identity Forums’ that was utilised to attack the messenger (WLT) has provided true White Nationalists with some helpful information. Their most recent self indulgent bile fest saw the likes of ‘Libertine’ and ‘Mick Dundee’ projectile vomiting streams of unadulterated vitriol at the likes of yours truly and is further confirmation that the A.P.P. are little more than the Wandering Jews of Australian Politics.

In response to the likes of ‘Mick Dundee’ and his constant hysterical ranting about ‘Nazis’ we would like to make some statements. We have no identity crisis here at Whitelaw Towers. We know who we are and have no ambiguity regarding our dedication to the clearly defined mission of the survival and resurgence of the gestalt entity known as the White European Race. We believe in the Fourteen Words philosophy and, as family Men, we live it. If that brands us as ‘Nazis’ or ‘haters’ or ‘nutters’ or ‘losers’ or whatever other insulting epithets our enemies and detractors wish to employ against us then so be it.

We know all the people in our various associated groups and have met them face to face, looked them in the eye and shook their hands. We know that as any group or movement grows there will naturally be an increasing risk of not only infiltration and agent provocateurs but also of a divergence of opinion among the membership. This is a simple reality of the dynamics of Human relationships which involve individuals with personal opinions and egos. This cannot be avoided. However, on the basics we all agree. That is enough for now.

Conversely A.P.P. is comprised largely of ghosts. Remove their keyboards and not only are they disarmed and utterly ineffectual but, for all intents and purposes, they are non entities. Existing as they do only within the ‘consensus reality’ of the Internet, they evaporate into the ether upon exposure to light. They have no investment in the future of White Survival. They are, at best, trimmers and appeasers and, at worst, Racial traitors and agents for our sworn traditional enemies.

The character calling itself ‘Mick Dundee’ is clearly delusional, possibly even psychotic and, like all the A.P.P. crew, he is not, to put it politely, exactly an eminent student of history. One suspects the age of reason passed him and his fellow Neanderthals by with nary a flicker of recognition in the lobotomised stare of their eyes. This makes him, and them, as putty in the hands of the J_w manipulators. There must be great rejoicing and partying long into the night at the Synagogue of Satan every time this idiot puts up a new, barely literate, post.

No decent, honest, open minded and literate person, let alone a White Nationalist, could stand firm in stubborn, bone headed denial of the toxic influence of the J_w in all Human affairs. Any truly objective analysis of the overwhelming evidence as proof of this global conspiracy would convince the harshest sceptic and awaken the greatest dullard to the awful truth.

There is simply no excuse in this day and age of almost instant access to information. These A.P.P. frauds appear to exist in either a self imposed intellectual vacuum or they ARE the enemy themselves. There can be no other conclusion. To paraphrase another well known White Nationalist ‘Either they truly are that stupid or they are that evil”.

Another point worthy of note is their usage of such standard issue FDB terms and phraseology such as ‘Oh Noes!’ and ‘It’s the Joos!’ woven into the way too familiar fabric of taunting posts defaming White Nationalists and suggesting the entire J_w Conspiracy is simply the product of fevered and paranoid minds obsessed with Nineteen Thirties politics. It is SO similar to Darp, @ndy, weezil, duckmonster etc that it makes this writer’s flesh crawl with the disgust of recognition.

From the A.P.P. fraudsters’ Australian Identity Forums:

Libertine Wrote:

“how about a small re-write?

Bringing an intellectual butter knife to a gunfight, they have antagonised and turned into enemies ninety percent of the very people who they claim to be defending. Instead of recruiting intelligent and dynamic reformers and revolutionaries they have instead merely gathered together the conspiracy nuts, the neo-nazis, the malcontents, the sour, bitter and twisted losers.They sit around swapping theories about how the world is secretly controlled without ever noticing that most people in their own communities hate the very sight of them.

Which is better do you think?”

Ah yes, the re-write, VERY standard FDB practice. Darp and weezil would be proud.

Libertine Wrote:
“I would prefer to sit down and debate with reds any day of the week, at least the conspiracy theories they peddle have been worked out and thought through a little bit. Still wrong, but far more entertaining than "Da Joo did it".

Hooray for Hollywood, eh Libertine? You think this is about ‘entertainment’? And yes, we BELIEVE you when you say you prefer Reds. Mate, you are thicker than pigshit stuck in the neck of a bottle. Thicker even than two short planks. How can anyone BE so THICK?

Libertine Wrote:
“Excuse me, why is daz a fraud?”

Erm...well, because he posed, for quite some time, as a ‘National Socialist’ and then, when it suited him, with all the cynical political expediency he could muster, he did a ‘Darp’ and cleansed his ‘Proud to be an infidel’ Blog entirely from the ‘net, scrubbing the cache squeaky clean of incriminating evidence to his duplicity, all this within days of disseminating Holocaust Revisionist material to ‘fellow National Socialists’. So, what WAS his game? Was he really that different in this behaviour than Jim Saleam and his claim that he was merely ‘infiltrating’ the Nazis by way of explanation for the swazi armband pictures?

Perhaps our learned friend ‘Libertine’ might enlighten us as to the process of Darrin’s political ‘rehabilitation’? How DID Daz pull off that sudden conversion on the road to Tel Aviv and, more to the point, WHY?

Libertine Wrote:
“Hey Daz, where the hell are MY shekels? Are you hording all the damn shekels? You dirty shekel lover! Play fair and give out the shekels evenly, it fits with the APP's secret plans to introduce communism by the back door!”

Now that is vintage ‘weezil’. Just compare the above post with the one below and then tell us we are simply imagining very marked similarities in writing styles. You will see the same lame attempts at a lampooning type of ‘humour’ but what is most creepy is the same catchphrases and key words.

From the Fight Dem Back Forum:
Post subject:
Posted: Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:16 am
political tar baby
Joined: Mon May 16, 2005 11:00 pm
Posts: 2790

@ndy wrote:
PS. ThE bAgEl HaS lAnDeD...

"Whole friggin' skipfull of bagels, @ndy.

The International Socialist Alliance of Money Toting Jooooos just dropped it beside the skip full of $50 notes they put out here the other day. I gotta blow all this skipfull of fifties on cocaine and whores before the end of the month or else we get another pay rise, dammit!! Ready to swap it out for gold bars or something that doesn't take up so damn much space in the driveway... plus, I can't get the fucking Rolls out of the garage for the skipfull of bagels...”

Post subject:
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:21 pm
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“Paid? I haven't been paid by FDB. Hell all I got for Hanukkah was a stale orange with "Thanks from ZOG" stamped on it. And this Heggarty character is boasting about the amount he gets paid "through FDB". I think it's about time we rank and file FDB'ers stood up for ourselves to our mint julep sipping "masters" and demanded an equal share of the ZOG bounty. Open up the B'Nai B'Rith coffers and share the shekels or I'm afraid there may be industrial action afoot. You have been warned.

Post subject:
Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 10:53 pm
political tar baby
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“Well, considering ZOG & Heggarty have been funding casa del weezil to the tune of $10,000 per month, I spoze you jokers otta get a cut, too. FDBers should stop by my place for a nice bowl of matzo ball soup and a couple of slugs of Mad Dog 20/20 some time. Raz, sorry about that orange. I was instructed by ZOG to give you a lemon, but when they get a little stale, it's hard to tell the diff, eh.”

And while we are on the subject of it being "hard to tell the diff" let's try these two examples for comparison:

From the 'slackbastard' site:

OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war
Published by @ndy November 23rd, 2008 in Anti-fascism, Media, Student movement
Update : See also Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty, December 12, 2008, on the police shooting of Tyler Cassidy, 15-year-old Southern Cross Soldier. Crazy kids and their intarwebs! The Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) finally make it into the papers.

From the 'Australian Identity Forums:

Oh Noes! Banned by the Grand Dragoness of the KKKKKKKKKKK!
January 22, 2009, 07:42:35 PM
Hero Member
Karma: +237/-27
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In some other, less adversarial, fields of Human endeavour this might be termed flattery through imitation but it is difficult, within the particular socio-political context, to interpret this quite chilling similarity with such a benign and mundane observation.

Generally speaking, since most of these evil clowns at A.P.P. ceased posting on other Nationalist forums there has been relative peace. This is, of itself, ample evidence of their caustic effect upon the broader White Nationalist community. They have formed their own leper colony on an isolated island but still persist in lobbing ‘messages in a bottle’ from their beach to poison the waters.

To sum up, in relation to the useful idiots of the A.P.P. and in accordance with the original stated mission of the Victor Whitelaw Project to expose the frauds infesting our Movement as well as shining the harsh light of truth upon our traditional enemies of the Red Left, in conclusion, we would LIKE to state with some confidence that “Our work here is done”. Sadly, the nature of the beast being what it is, we can only foresee the necessity of a continued maintenance program to alert any ‘newbies’ who might became ensnared in their net of deceit, their web of lies…

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