Wednesday, February 17, 2010

APP just love the BNP. FN Traitors.

Follow the leader fuckheads.

White-wing British party changes policy


Party leader Nick Griffin said he expected a "trickle, rather than a flood" of applications after race relations laws forced ( bullshit old Nick has been pushing for this and they gave in without even a fight) the party to amend its constitution to allow black and Asian British people to join. "Anyone can be a member of this party. We are happy to accept anyone as a member providing they agree with us that this country should remain fundamentally British," he told Sky television.

Mr Griffin said he expected to welcome the party's first non-white member, a Sikh named Rajinder Singh, soon.

"I will be absolutely delighted to shake his hand and give him his membership card," the BNP leader said. A British court had ordered the party to amend its constitution to comply with the race relations laws.

Stand up and be counted Australian Protectionist TRAITORS.

Yes Jaxxen you dirty little WA troll. In the interview you so proudly advertise on a site that the same CUNT you promote calls a NEO NAZI web site. Darrin Hodges not to be confused with Dennis Ferguson goes on to say "We need to go back to the idea of
assimilation where we encourage people to become a part of the general Australian society". Well if that aint the admission we all already knew I will eat Mathew Henderson's hat.

You post this pathetic dribble on a site that only two years ago you and so many other APP members worked so hard to destroy by trying to change the true meaning of White Nationalism. Fuck you and your Bullshit touchy feely White Nationalism and PRO Zionist crap. You lost out then, don't expect it to be any different this time around.

You support the same people who claimed that Darrin wasn't a Christian Zionist even though he was a member of the Jewish Task Force Forum. Yes dickhead the JTF forum, run by real convicted Terrorists. The same pricks who went to so much trouble to delete all his posts. Why is that Jaxxen? Ever fucking ask him? You promote people who attempted to take over the ONLY REAL White Nationalist Political Party in Australia,"Australia First".

These sleazy pricks tried every trick in the BNP book to rid the party of anyone they considered ANTI SEMITIC. You fucking idiots even bragged about it.

You promote a man and a party who have been behind some of the biggest SMEAR campaigns in the history of Australian White Nationalism. Go on Jaxxen ask Hodges about his latest Email smear. That one will get him the sucker punch of the year as soon as I arrive in Sydney next time. You fucking idiots are so stupid that you cant even be bothered to even try and discover the truth.

You promote the same wanker who LIED and cheated his way into at least 3 other groups that have since collapsed. The same fuck head who came from no place with no background in White Nationalism nor with any Right Wing credentials besides being a member of the FUCKING LIBERAL PARTY. What about his admission at the 2007 Sydney forum when he claimed in front of three well known activists that he was a National Socialist. What the fuck.

You pricks who now viciously attack staunch NS and WN folk. Their only crime? Pegging you pricks from the get go. What the fuck are you even doing posting on a White Nationalist web site you dirty filthy traitor. No bloody wonder you got booted from the only Australian White Nationalist forum that truly represents all the fair dinkum White Nationalist groups in this country.

Ahh that was good. Now for some real feed back from a real White Nationalist.

Yes Jaxxen people are concerned that the truth is out. You are nothing but a bunch of disenfranchised One Nation ex Liberal Party members. Get it dickhead the word is out. Wake the fuck up. Stop playing bloody games with the hard core Nationalist Jaxxen go and join the Salvation Army.

But Jaxxen can save the day. Well he can get away with it on a US based WN forum he certainly wont get away with it any other place.

PERHAPS. Again What the fuck. It's bloody straight forward DICKHEAD. "We need to go back to the idea of assimilation". Shove your Liberal Jewish double talk square up your arse.

That was fun.


Funny "protectors". said...

Like the Judas, the APP appear to beholden to wherever they feel the "power" resides...If it was in the hands of Islam, then they'd be Christian Islamists..

They bear no allegiance to anything more than the pursuit of relevance and the approvals the "Chosen". In doing this, they become irrelevant because their arses are owned .

If they feel appeasment for the purposes of political expdiency will work, then they're wrong again..Like Dennis Ferguson, the Jew will not be appeased because it it a predator....It cares only about the satiation of its own earthly needs, and feels "power" only in the presence of innocents and the gullible.

The Protectionists are Cromwellian in nature. Like Cromwell, they are in the service of the profane.

Anonymous said...

Hi WLTers
just regarding jaxxen he even had a dig at a SF forum member What freedom in the SFDU newslinks section Topic Changing face of the AFL. see what you think.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Thanks anon. What do you expect from a person who see's Nazi's around every corner.

On one hand you have him stating publicly on a WN forum or what what the APP call a Nazi forum, that their Israel loving policy is just a smoke screen. Funny how the media havent picked up on that. Funny how the media didnt pick up on that with the BNP also. I know what the real smoke screen is.

The man is nothing but a idiot who believes what ever he is told. The truth is a very hard thing to find at SFDU.

Judean People's Front said...

'Australian Protectionists Party'
What does it mean? Think about it. All it actually CAN mean is 'Australians' claim to be 'Protectionists' have formed a 'Party'. Nowhere in their name is it revealed precisely WHAT or WHOM they are 'protecting'. They COULD be simply 'protecting' the bald and lesser spotted, hairy nosed, Dazzler from extinction.