Monday, February 15, 2010

The A.P.P. When even Hell won’t have you…

From our comments page:

Anonymous said...

“The APP is a Nationalist Australian political alternative.”

Erm…no you’re not.

“We are interested in promoting Australian Nationalism not some yesteryear revisionist history.”

Define “Australian Nationalism” please.

“Hitler was a crackpot and killed millions of his fellow Europeans.”

Hey ‘Nick’, we hate to have to be the ones to break it to you but Hollywood ain’t a University and Spielberg movies ain’t documentaries! Ha! Ha! Ha! You WANKER!

“He murdered 28 million Russian and 10 million Poles,”

Well, even if that were true that’d put him two or three leagues below your heroes, the Jewish Bolshevists. Where those figures came from is anyone’s guess but it is probable that like all the illiterate retards at A.P.P. you obviously majored in Cut ‘n’ Paste at the University of Wikipedia. This does not constitute expertise in Political History nor pre-eminence within the Australian Nationalist socio-political sphere.

“diluted” (?)

Hmmm! Not sure what to make of that one…

“working class suburbs of Britian,(sic) Germany, Italy and France which forced Europe after the war to open its doors to third world immigration - all thanks to that fuckwit Hitler.”

Fuckwit, eh? Now that’s the pot calling the kettle ‘burnt arse’ is it not?

“Hitler was not a Nationalist but an Anarchist.”

Dear oh dear! Have you ever read a book that didn’t have BIG print and fold out, stand up figures in it let alone some actual HISTORY books? Do you have even the foggiest notion of what 'Anarchism' is?

“Hitler has done more damage to Eurpean (sic) culture and people than anyone else ever!”

Aww! C’mon ‘Nick’ Your real name’s Schlomo, right?

“Hitler and the Muslims were in bed with each other; both a pack of blind obedient shit for brains fools.”

Not really very clever at all, are you ‘Nick’? The whole ‘information revolution’ thing kinda passed you by like an express train, didn’t it? Seriously though mate, there is simply no excuse for being so ignorant of the facts in this day and age. You are either wilfully stupid, severely intellectually challenged or actively working against the very values you purport to promote. If you are the great white hope Nick, then we are truly lost.

“It seems the Nazi movment (sic) has now accepted the insanity of islam (sic) as their brothers and you call yourselves Nationalists?”

We see no evidence of this claim whatsoever and deny it emphatically. You should be careful ‘Nick’ about listening to those Black Sea Nomads. They speak with the tongues of serpents.

“APP is against third world immigration including Asian immigration. It is unsustainable to see those Fabian Commies mates in Labor support high third world immigration and multiculturalism.”

Essentially no basis for argument there.

“APP is made up of former One Nation, AFP and Liberal members.”

Read as: The A.P.P. is made up of the cast off dregs of other parties, the detritus, the political flotsam and jetsam. They are the troublemakers driven mad by their rejection. Imagine how much it must burn to be shunned by virtually ALL other groups and individuals who identify as Nationalist.

Bitter and twisted, in their impotent rage, this A.P.P. Zionist-Christian and Shabbos Goy scum turn on all others, particularly genuine White Nationalists and Racial Patriots and, utilising the chutzpah of their lords and masters, accuse all others of being losers and idiots. Theirs is not a political philosophy at all but rather a simple pathological manifestation of an acquired alien psychosis.

It reminds one of the Monty Python skit where they did a spoof on the London gangsters The Kray twins, known as ‘The Piranha Brothers’. At one point the comment is made; “They were found to be too mentally unstable, even for National Service”.

“This is something not to be ashamed of, and in my opinion is quite progressive.”

“Progressive”? Now there’s a peculiar choice of word. That’s a term usually reserved for Leftist pseudo-intellectuals.

“Good to see concerned Australians come together and form a new force in Australian political Nationalism.”

“New force”? Mate, you lot will be like last weeks newspapers in no time. You are nobodies on the road to nowhere. Talk about delusional and living in denial.

“The APP were the first to protest against Rudd and his leaky boat diplomacy. I haven't seen any other Nationlaists (sic) on the streets protesting.”

That’s a little Ostrich-like of you ‘Nick’. If you don’t ‘see’ it then it isn’t there? It isn’t happening?

“We will become the third force in Australian politics. We don't want to keep the bastards honest but 'kick them out'.”

You won’t be ‘kicking’ anything ‘Nicko’ old son, it’ll be more like ‘licking’.

“Just watch us grow!”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Mate! Dream on. You could not find your own arse in the dark armed with a torch and a map. It’s obvious who your ‘handlers’ are and who funds you but even those creeps with endless resources know when to pull the plug on a project that won’t fly.

Nicholas Folkes - Australian Protectionist Party

Nick, you’re a blockhead and you know what the late Ian Dury said about blockheads. “If it ever came to a brainy game you’d baffle a blockhead with ease!


Whitelaw Towers said...

WLT QLD ed said. Nice bitch slap mate. I was waiting for the smack down. When will they learn:)

Anonymous said...

WLT oh the power you wield. Fancy having the number two banana from NSW APP taking the time to spread his APP agenda on this blog.

Even Darren Hodges learnt that lesson the hard way. Good stuff lads.

WLT NSW said...

If only the A.P.P. would send a truly worthy champion against our castle walls.

The knaves whose heads we cleave with such ease and impunity are as insects crushed in the hand.

We hereby cast down the gauntlet of challenge to these fools and we mock their great God ZOG. We spit on him.

We say, let them come. We will degrade, humiliate and destroy every last one of them!

Let them send antagonists with hair on their chins and leave these puny boys, like the one known as 'Nick', in their tents for their nightly pleasures...