Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Asher "ASH" Goldman has returned. Racist Anti Racism.

Well looks like Fight Dem Back co founder and New Zealand Jew Asher Goldman has returned after doing his stint in the Israeli Defense Force I.D.F.

Yes folks our resident Anti White Jewish Anarchist is back, and he is as bold and arrogant as ever. Check out the latest comments from this Sayanim.

IP Asher Daniel Goldman said. "yah just dont get it me ol son-THE DAY OF THE WHITEMAN IS OVER peace and love Asher"

Now folks remember Asher is the Co-Founder of FDB who claim to be

"FightDemBack is a volunteer based, non-party-political public service ‘organisation’ (we’re really rather ad-hoc) which, in the public interest, collects, collates and disseminates information regarding racist, neo-nazi and other far-right actors and activity in Australia and New Zealand.

A large part of our success lies in scratching the surface of any ‘nationalist’ and ‘patriotic’ group and revealing the hardcore racist within.

We are brought together by the strong belief that all people, regardless of race, religion or creed, are created equal and by our uniform opposition to all groups who would seek to propagate racial hate and division.

and Our members reflect the intrinsic benefits of multicultural understanding and tolerance. We are Muslim, Jew and Christian; Anglo, Asian, and African; blackfellawhitefella; Maori and Pakeha; Aussie and Kiwi — together.

BULLSHIT! Maybe someone should remind "Asher Daniel Goldman" of his mission statement on FDB. Oh hang on that's right its all bullshit and they know it.

Now lets have a look at the changing face of our fearless IDF Anarchist plant.

Above Asher Goldman establishing his Gay Rights and Anarchist credentials after leaving his Bnai Brith sponsored Chabad Lubavitch holiday camp.

Above photograph of Asher Goldman prior to his visit to the Palestinian Territories. No folks we are not kidding. Asher visited peace activists in Israel just prior to operation Cast Lead. We suspect he traveled with a GPS marking strategic places out like hospitals and schools.

The new improved Asher Goldman after his little stint in the IDF. Welcome back Asher you are a role model for the Jewish Community. Keep up the good work.

These guys make this job so easy.


Ghost of Vinnitsa said...

Such an appropriate name for a Chosen One.
Peace activist one day, baby killer the next.
These J_ws really do play both ends against the middle, don't they?
Their hypocrisy, their Chutzpah knows no bounds.

carp the wanker said...

Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

Goldman looks like a right scruffy bastard. Is being a filthy, smelly, unkempt Jews a prerequisite for becoming a member of 'Fight Dem Back' or are the rank and file of that Jew-front unhygienic by nature?

Whitelaw Towers said...

No mate they all look the same.

Anonymous said...

Will this domestic terrorist and "Golden Man" be setting devices around Australian, British, American and Canadian Military establishments if the Brass are reluctant to commit to the Hollow cause of "defending" our freedoms by engaging in an expanded Middle Easter fracas?
In remembrance of the Bombing of the King David hotel, Zionist engineered deconstruction of Anglo-Saxon and Celt communities and the general level of deceit originating from the orifices pouisecution complexes of the "Jews" that has caused the deaths of millions of our own..... the use of our cultural heritage to "celebrate" a blood spattered "Israel" must be denied.
On behalf of nobody in particular, those who’d like to participate in a cultural event of intrinsically nationalist persuasion are invited to come along to Bundanoon is Brigadoon.
For the Celts and their closely related kin there’s the Stones of Manhood….For ZionTarts and Cromwellian Kollaborators, Dobbers, Snivellers, Pimps and Judases…well they can play outside the occasion with their Protectionist Pebbles of GoyHood. You see, allegiance to Zionism is Treason to your own..It is this way for the simple fact that Zionism comprises not just the creation of “Israel”, but the engineered destruction of everyone else as a precursor to the enforcement of “Noachide” Law…. Perhaps bugger off to a ceremony more befitting of your allegiances. There’s a link above for your consideration. I don’t think any informed “Scottish” or “Irish” Piper could perform at such an occasion with a clear conscience.
To AngloSaxons and Celts of ASIO, Defence Signals Directorate and other watcher agencies.....Check out the Chosen’s form guide, and expect more of the same.....The Hall of Remembrance is lined with the names of our own that did not wittingly forfeit their life’s opportunity in at least two major wars for "Multiculturalism" and "Zionism" . They would demand that you stand for what is right and good, not kneeling in humility and obeisance, humbly beseeching the screeching approvals of that which works for your quiet and painless euthanasia.

Anonymous said...

Asher is currently studying political science at Victoria University wellington.He has matured out of the kiddy anarco scene and is now a member of the world wide workers communist UNITE organisation.Ash is now a commie workers rights activist.Imvolved in various workers rights protests and demos.