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Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Here's boat number nine for 2010 -

Boat intercepted off Christmas Island


A BOAT carrying 181 suspected asylum seekers (invaders) has been intercepted off Christmas Island.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said the patrol boat HMAS Larrakia, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, boarded the vessel carrying 181 passengers (invaders) and four crew at approximately 7.25pm (AEDT) tonight.

It is the eighth asylum seeker boat to arrive this year. (No, it is the ninth boat to arrive this year!)

Mr O'Connor said those on board the vessel would be taken to Christmas Island where they would undergo security, identity and health checks (as well as sign up for Centrelink benefits) and their reasons for travel established (The reason is the INVASION of Australia).

"Initial indications suggest there are 181 passengers (invaders) and four crew on board the vessel,'' he said in a statement tonight.

Mr O'Connor said Australia was working with neighbouring countries to address the most serious issue of people smuggling.

"Agencies are working closely with their counterparts ... exchanging and gathering information and strengthening our regional capacity to mitigate irregular migration to Australia,'' he said.

"Our strengthened offshore approach is working. Since September 2008, there have been 94 disruptions of people smuggling ventures in Indonesia, and the arrest of 40 people smuggling organisers.''


That's 9 boats not 8 carrying 485 invaders in the 32 days of 2010. At that rate there will be 103 boats carrying 5,532 invaders by year's end, however there will be many more once winter arrives.

By the way, considering that it cost us $7,857 per head to house the invaders in the 71 days starting on the 1st of July and ending on the 9th of September 2009 which averages out to be $110.66 per day and they stay on Christmas Island for an average of 90 days these 485 invaders will cost us $4,830,309 ($9,959.40 each) before they even get to the mainland and into subsidised housing and of course Centrelink payments which are two and a half times the amount an unemployed White person gets! Why isn't anyone mentioning this instead of branding anyone who disagrees with it a heartless racist pig?

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More on boat number nine -

Illegal boat's shock arrival


ALMOST 200 asylum-seekers (invaders) caught Department of Immigration and Citizenship officials by surprise yesterday when they motored into Christmas Island's Flying Fish Cove. (They know exactly where to go for the start of their endless holiday at our expense of course.)

The 181 passengers (invaders) were taken into immigration detention for processing last night.

Residents of the suburb known as The Kampong saw the boat from the windows of their waterfront flats as it approached the jetty shortly after 3pm local time yesterday (7pm AEDT).

The navy vessel HMAS Larrakia was standing off the cove when the boat arrived, and Immigration officers rushed to the scene.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said last night the boat had 181 passengers (invaders), including women and children, and four crew on board.

It is understood some of those on board are Hazaras from Afghanistan. They are the ninth (at least The Australian got the figures correct) boatload of asylum-seekers (invaders) to be unloaded at Christmas Island this year. Before this boatload, there were 1595 asylum-seekers (invaders) in the island's detention centre, which has a capacity of 1848.


So, this means at present there are 1,776 invaders on the island and going by the figures in my last post they will cost us $17,687,894.40 over their 90 day stay before they get to the mainland.

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