Saturday, February 13, 2010

Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Source Australian New Nation

Here's boat number 12 for 2010 -

48 more suspected asylum-seekers (invaders) nabbed


A BOAT-load of almost 50 suspected asylum seekers (invaders) has been intercepted on its way to Australia.

Border Protection Authorities intercepted the boat carrying 48 passengers (invaders) and two crew at about 5:30pm near Ashmore Islands.

The passengers (invaders) will be taken to Christmas Island where the Federal Government says they will undergo security, identity and health checks (and apply for Centrelink benefits as well as government housing while increasing numbers of Australians are homeless).

The latest boat-load of suspected asylum seekers (invaders) will put more pressure on Christmas Island (holiday resort) which is at bursting point.

Earlier this month the Immigration Department was forced to find 50 new beds to ensure spare capacity at the processing facility (holiday resort).

The Government has come under attack for its immigration policy (this is not immigration it is an invasion) after an influx of boats intercepted en route to Australia this year.

The Government says it has committed more than $654 million to implementing a comprehensive people smuggling strategy to combat this issue (I don't think getting the welcome mat out is combating anything, it is just encouraging more to come).

The latest vessel was identified by the RAAF under the control of Border Protection Command (What border protection?).


In the 43 days of 2010 there have been 12 boats carrying 667 invaders.

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