Monday, February 15, 2010

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it" ­ Lenin

BNP and EDL in the UK, APP in Australia, Alex Jones in the US? Watch the vid you be the judge.

Alex Jones Wrecks Pro-Gun Rally, Then Lies About It

Back ground


The legitimate rally was organized to call attention to a 2nd amendment infringement issue. Organizers were extremely deliberate in aiming to focus the message on points relevant to firearm rights and the issue at hand. The organizing groups have worked very hard to establish good media relationships and they had blasted out to numerous media outlets some precise talking points in a well-crafted press release. The media vans were positioned across the street from the police station by 3:30 when I arrived - multiple media trucks had their booms up ready to run live broadcasts on the 5pm news.

Now let me tell you what I observed about Alex.

Alex swaggered up to the protest area with an entourage of 8 or 9 people (mostly his videographers) at just a couple of minutes past 5 o'clock. The first thing I noticed was that it looked like he was wearing makeup... so I thought 'Oh, I guess Alex is here to get some footage for an upcoming NWO film'. But then it became apparent to me he was there to do more than that...

He looked directly at the *legitimate* rally organizer already speaking on the police department steps. He positioned himself directly in front of the ongoing rally (between the rally and the media trucks) and began bullhorning *extremely* loudly about how the "Media are LIARS!! Mainstream media is nothing but BS!!" Yadda yadda. Now, you'd think Alex - with all his years of experience - would realize the effect this would have. It, of course, resulted in cancellation of all the LIVE broadcasts. They couldn't air live. Period. If he had actually been yelling about gun control issues, maybe they could have.

Alex could have chosen to jump right into the 2nd amendment issues, if his agenda was to bring attention to the problem of gun control. But he didn't. That stuff became mixed in here and there later.

For two hours, Alex stayed on a maniacal trajectory insulting numerous people at the event - including his fans, including Catherine Bleish, and including the director of the Texas Libertarian Party. He was a grotesque caricature of himself, IMO.

Mostly I was heartbroken that he would trash the hard work of the organizers by neutralizing the press coverage they had at-the-ready.

And then there's the fact that Alex over-spoke an excellent lineup of planned speakers. In the lineup were two local attorneys who have been examining the specifics of the gun show shutdown case that prompted the rally, Catherine Bleish (Liberty Restoration Project), Robert Butler (Director of the LP Texas), and Darwin Boedecker (the owner of the gun store that was shut down).

Organizers tried to work with Jones, first by offering him his choice of speaking positions in the lineup -- then, when Alex declined their speaking invitation, by moving their rally (again, already in progress) about 20 feet away to another corner of the pavilion in front of the PD building. Guess what Jones did. Yep, went up the steps so he could bullhorn within 20 feet of them again.

The whole scene involving AJ was reprehensible.


davo said...

Post is missing a link or commentary.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry mate all fixed. I was thinking that folks would do their own research behind this and make up their own minds.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones declares it a Prison Planet but neglects to identify his role in a Lowlife Kapo.