Monday, February 22, 2010

The Brain Dead Suck Holes Of A.P.P.

From the A.P.P. Australian Identity Forums:

Libertine said: “I might have once refered (sic) to myself as "WN" but that was before it was made very clear to me that being WN meant hating Jews.”

This is so tiresomely typical of lickspittle Shabbos Goy tactics designed to further ingratiate themselves (if that’s possible) to their Zionist lords and masters while perpetrating the same old simplistic, clichéd lies and disinformation about White Nationalism. One more time, for the dummies, being ‘Jew wise’ and being honest about their true role in Human History does not necessarily translate directly to ‘I Hate Jews’ although one can understand why many would be angered once alerted to their duplicity, mendacity and perfidious influence in our affairs.

Truly, without exaggeration, that lame stuff from the A.P.P. 'A.I. Forum' could easily have been posted by ‘slackbastard’ or any other ‘core member’ of ‘FDB’. Of course there are legions of people falsely and/or misguidedly claiming to be ‘White Nationalists’ or ‘White Power/Pride Skinheads’ or ‘White Racial Patriots’ or whatever label they choose. So what? All that and the observations made by these A.P.P. pelicans is of no consequence whatsoever to the REALITY of the dire situation our people find themselves in.

Because you say you are this or that proves NOTHING. One can only be accurately and properly judged by ones actions, or in this case, inaction. Talk is cheap and the A.P.P. crowd have even more, not less, ‘keyboard commandos’ than mobs like the miserable Stormfront brigade. While these A.P.P. self promoters flap their gums about how they have found the one and only true path to redemption they seem blissfully ignorant of the irony of what they have actually done.

The A.P.P. are now lower than pariahs, lower than untouchables, they are a distillation of the vile, toxic scum scraped from the very bottom of the political barrel. As such, they form a concentrated liquor of all that is wrong today with the raggedy edges of what is often erroneously referred to as ‘Nationalist’ politics.

Bringing an intellectual butter knife to a gunfight, they have antagonised and turned into enemies ninety percent of the very people who have the knowledge and experience to ultimately achieve White Racial survival and Western Cultural resurgence. Instead of recruiting intelligent and dynamic reformers and revolutionaries they have instead merely gathered together the ultra conservatives, insular post code snobs, the malcontents, the sour, bitter and twisted losers.The do nothing, 'steady as she goes', 'don't frighten the horses' compromisers and trimmers.

They are the derelicts of ‘Australian Nationalism’, pushing their low rent, cut price, trimmed down ‘ideology’ about in a battered and rusty shopping trolley. They are the tatty old tramps and ‘bag ladies’ of Australian ‘Nationalism’, kicked out of every party and group, moved on from every doorway, they sit on a park bench reeking of piss and stale B.O. blaming everyone except themselves for the wretched exile they find themselves in.

What else CAN they say but that we, the True White Nationalists, are the real villains and the real problem with the survival of our Race and Culture? They have made a pact with the Devil himself and are locked in to a contract to sing only from the hymn book of the Synagogue of Satan.

One wonders if the ‘A.I.’ of the ‘Australian Identity Forums’ stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence’ because there is precious little evidence of the real thing over there. Also, having Darrin Hodges accuse one of being a ‘charlatan and a fraud’, as he did David Duke, is comparable to having Ronnie Biggs calling one a thief!

There is a very special place reserved for these creatures in Hell.
They'd better spend their ill gotten shekels now while they're still worth something.


Ghost of Vinnitsa said...


I've scraped better material from the soles of my boots after stepping in something nasty.


They are the Dennis Fergusons (celebrity child molester) of Australian politics.

Anonymous said...

Really colorful piece.

"they sit on a park bench reeking of piss and stale B.O"


Peter Watson said...

I really do have the feeling that history will repeat it's self. Australian nationalists are gaining support over the immigration and economic issues. The Liberals are losing support from the White Australia conservatives and the Labor Party is losing support from the White working men and women. Both Liberal and Labor parties know this and are trying every thing they can to regain people's support. Like One Nation, the Australian Protectionist Party is going to be a satellite party of the tories. The Liberal Party will claim to be concerned with the state of White Australians. White Nationalists and National Socialists must not allow this to happen. We must fight the established parties. We must expose them for what they really are.

Anonymous said...

Coming to a Trade Union negotiated EBA or collective agreement near you.

The contract is possibly already in us in certain Australian "Nationalist" circles..
There's and admin fee of 30 Shekels.
“I hereby sign that I will undertake to observe the Seven Noachide Laws and declare my faithfulness to the Jewish nation according to Jewish values,” it is written in the statement. “I know that if I am caught violating any one of these laws, my employer will be allowed to fire me with no prior notice nor compensation.”