Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Can even a pathological liar tell the truth…occasionally…?

@ndy, the prolific cut ‘n’ paste (small ‘a’) State sponsored ‘Anarchist’ recently posted the following on his woefully puerile ‘slackbastard’ site:

0 Comments Published by @ndy January 29th, 2010 in Anarchism, History
“Little is known in other countries of the fact that Bolshevism took shape, developed and became steeled in the long years of struggle against petty-bourgeois revolutionism, which smacks of anarchism, or borrows something from the latter and, in all essential matters, does not measure up to the conditions and requirements of a consistently proletarian class struggle.”

The text from which this illiterate buffoon stole the above ‘quotation’ continues:

“Marxist theory has established—and the experience of all European revolutions and revolutionary movements has fully confirmed—that the petty proprietor, the small master (a social type existing on a very extensive and even mass scale in many European countries), who, under capitalism, always suffers oppression and very frequently a most acute and rapid deterioration in his conditions of life, and even ruin, easily goes to revolutionary extremes, but is incapable of perseverance, organisation, discipline and steadfastness.”

Is this perhaps a more concise description/explanation of the entropic decay of activity over at Fight Dem Back, which has abjectly failed to ‘maintain the rage’ lacking the leadership of the self indulgent dilettante, social climber and ADL stooge Mathew Henderson- Hau aka ‘Darp’?

Of course this does not apply to the many lounge lizards and indolent ‘wasters’, driven purely by the ‘politics’ of envy, who bloat the ranks of FDB and other criminal Left Wing groups but rather to the petty merchant class and exploitative, upwardly mobile ‘operators’ out to graft a quick buck. @ndy most definitely belongs to the former.

“A petty bourgeois driven to frenzy by the horrors of capitalism is a social phenomenon which, like anarchism, is characteristic of all capitalist countries. The instability of such revolutionism, its barrenness, and its tendency to turn rapidly into submission, apathy, phantasms, and even a frenzied infatuation with one bourgeois fad or another—all this is common knowledge.”

“Common knowledge”, eh? Then how is it that generation after generation of young Middle Class people, particularly those with tertiary or University education, continue to be so easily duped? Apart from the obvious effects of political indoctrination in the ‘education’ system, it would appear the golden rule of not forgetting history has been discarded or ignored and these young folk are indeed repeating the dreadful mistakes of former generations.

“However, a theoretical or abstract recognition of these truths does not at all rid revolutionary parties of old errors, which always crop up at unexpected occasions, in somewhat new forms, in a hitherto unfamiliar garb or surroundings, in an unusual—a more or less unusual—situation.”

The following quotation, though from an earlier era, might just as easily have been written with the likes of @ndy ‘slackbastard’ and his fellow FDB crew members in mind…

“Having been imbued with the teachings of Karl Marx, he then found congenial surroundings among a group of Anarchists, who in those days went by the name of “activists” but were just a gang of common criminals…”
The World Hoax by Ernest F. Elmhurst 1938 .P79

Some things never change.

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Anonymous said...

They've all got Pussies it would appear.....and not 'cause the kids would like a pet, but because of the barren and sterile nature of their existence. No wonder these weirdos are collectively Cat Shit Crazy.