Friday, February 26, 2010

Cowardly idiots indeed!

From the A.P.P.'s so-called 'Australian Identity Forums':
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Re: Race Police Seek to Outlaw BNP Policy
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“Damn Daz you beat me to it!

Basically what the marxist (sic) QUANGO is saying is that no party can have policies that the Labour party disagrees with. The sad thing is that most of the cowardly idiots in the Tory party don't see that after they come for the BNP they will use the same measures against ANYONE who disagrees with them.

The main thing seems to be that the BNP's constitution and policies if put into practice would be of disadvantage to minority communities. This is absurd, every parties policies are of disadvantage to someone, thats (sic) why there are different political parties. The QUANGO involved seems to think that there should only be one political party.

To be clear this is not going to stick, the goal is to drain the BNP of funds in the run up to the elections. If it were any other party this would be shown up as a laughably transparent attack on democracy, because it's the BNP they will almost certainly get away with it.”

What amazing clarity of thought.
What astounding skills of deduction.
What wildly wondrous talents of perception.

Why then is it that ol’ Libby over at the A.P.P. ‘Australian Identity Forums’ does not extrapolate this ‘conspiracy theory’ and apply this flawless logic to the A.P.P.’s relationship to other… less…erm…user friendly and ‘marketable’ Nationalist’ entities here in Australia? Why is it that he does not extend the same degree of latitude and tolerance for other more ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ (read: honest and forthright) elements in the certain knowledge that no amount of sucking up to the ZOG by defaming these people and acting as Shabbos Goy will stay the A.P.P.’s certain execution a single day?

It is as certain as night follows day that the very instant following the frogmarching of the last White Nationalist into the ZOG gulag that the docile morons at the A.P.P. having served their purpose and exhausted the indulgence of their masters will be having THEIR doors kicked in at three o’clock in the morning. Why such selective ‘wisdom’ Libby?

Why proffer a formula and then not utilise it yourself?

How many fingers am I holding up, Libby?


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