Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Cynical Nationalist’s Handbook, Chapter One…

Perhaps as an addendum of sorts to our 'The Da @ndy Code' Post, here are some more definitions of everyday words as interpreted through the filter of today's political view.
Modern Art = Anything that confuses logic, demeans human decency, expresses contempt for morals, ethics and polite social mores, but most importantly, it should evoke feelings of alienation, angst, bitterness, contempt, fear and general discomfort while indulging in infantile scatological dystopic visions through the ‘clever’ use of ‘unconventional media’ such as faecal matter, urine, aborted foetuses and/or any other bodily excreta. It is not essential but rather helpful if the ‘artist’ identifies as ‘Jewish’ and describes their ‘work’ as ‘challenging’.

= Someone who prefers Black and White to Grey.

Extremist = A person who truly believes something and will compromise neither his honour nor his integrity in his quest to see that belief realised.

Conspiracy Theory = A delusion of persecution restricted to the minds of the Nationalist victims of White Genocide which of course does not really exist because it is only a ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

Hate = The totally inexplicable reaction of a White Man upon being informed he and his kind are now surplus to the requirements of the Multicultural State.

Outrage = An emotion deemed eminently appropriate for a Jew to express on the occasion of a White person resorting to either self defence or defence of his Race.

= Anything that a Jew does, says, thinks or promotes.

Brave = When an Anti-Fa or a member of the Controlled Media stalks, menaces, threatens, blackmails, defames and/or vilifies a White Nationalist emboldened by the full knowledge that the Jew contrived statute laws and the utterly corrupt and owned Legal System will almost certainly back them up, in absolute contempt of individual sovereignty and regardless of the facts.

Cowardly = When any White Nationalist so attacked refuses to put his head on show and cop more shit as well as not wishing to jeopardise his livelihood or endanger the physical safety of his family and friends.

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