Saturday, February 20, 2010

David Duke Exposes the Hollywood “Basterds”


Youtube Just Censored This Video! HERE

Youtube which is owned by Google has been complaining about censorship in China. This video has had over 17,000 views on its first day. Was number 4 in its favorites list for news and current events. And had hundreds of 5 star ratings.

This video exposes the sick elements in Hollywood, but Youtube can’t have that, can they?

David Duke Exposes the Hollywood “Basterds”

In his latest and greatest video yet, Dr. Duke really gives it to Hollywood. He reviews Inglourious Basterds and shows it is a sick hate-film, promoting torture and sadism. As he says, it is bad enough that the film was even made, but the rest of the media gave it great reviews.

Duke exposes Eli Roth who is a co-star who makes sadistic “torture-porn” films. His film Hostel actually got 60 percent positive reviews from Jewish run media.

This is a powerful video that lays bare the evil world, which the Jewish extremists are leading us to.

Dont worry Folks here it is.

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Celt. said...

I read this screed in the Australian Jewish News and nearly puked at the Lies that comprise its colostomych content. These “Jews” do not know “God” because they are not interested in truth, which follows no “laws” of the “Jews” , and stands forever immortal in its naked and immutable innocence. These contemptible judges are interested only in worshipfully attempting to immortalise Lies as truth and in obtaining “convictions” consistent with the imperative of those who fabricate the “LAW”. The desired manufactured consensus as a “truth” believed by the “Goyim” is the Jews are in fact “God” himself, which is indeed a Lie.

“It was less the Day of Judgement than the day of judges at the Great Synagogue last Friday, When the shul hosted its annual service marking the start of the new law term.
The ceremony was attended by more that 150 members of the judiciary , who donned their wigs and robes for the occasion.
Leading the procession into the shul was NSW Chief Justice Jim Spigelman. Among the other legal eagles in attendance were the Executive Council of Australian Jewry president Robert Goot SC and NSW Board of Deputies president Robin Margo SC.
Addressing the congregation, Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence quoted philosophers such as Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau, comparing their thoughts on governance with those outlined in the Jewish Tradition. Reflecting on the Jewish belief in the centrality of law to society, he said “ The administration of; justice is a partnership with God precisely because we bring the best of our human qualities into a divine enterprise”.
At a dinner following the service, guest speaker Zeddy Lawrence, national editor of the AJN contrasted the role of the legal system and the press as forums for airing grievances and righting wrongs.”
End of quoted vainglorious, self worshipful ramblings of a deceitful Narcissis.

150 NSW judges....That must be all of them....We now live under the auspices of treacherous and totalitarian Noachide Law.....A whited Legal supulchre if ever there was one.