Sunday, February 28, 2010

Frederick Toben reports on Whistleblower Brendon O'Connell.

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FugaziQuo said...

Thanks for posting this WLT. It is good to see Dr. Toben fighting Brendon's corner.

I note from the comments section of the video that the Judas goat Jew-shill who operates out of and his side-kick "Giratus" have once again attacked Brendon. The piece of filth who calls himself "Poseidon of Takeourworldback.Com" when he plays the role of a fake white nationalist on Stormfront, but who calls himself "exposedeceivers" when he is trolling on YouTube, has also slandered Brendon's girlfriend by falsely accusing her of "possibly" being an ADL/FBI/CIA agent. There is no "possibly" about it. This accusation is as baseless as it is malicious. Brendon's lass is no "ADL/FBI/CIA" agent. She is 100% legit which is more than can be said for Daryl Bradford Smith's strawman. Making baseless and malicious allegations is this piece of shite's stock-in-trade.

The latest recruit to the takeourworldback disinformation team is a self-admitted mentally-ill heroin addict who goes by the name of Dan Makeham. Makeham reported me to the ADL in December for running an "anti-Semitic" website which "needs to be shut down". Makeham stated that he supplied the ADL with my "full details". Only a Jew with more front than Blackpool promenade could accuse other people of being an "ADL agent" while one of his own crew is a self-confessed ADL informant. And only an incredibly arrogant, self-deluding Jew could collaborate with and openly associate himself with a filthy communist Jew-apologist who cannot bring himself to utter the word "Jew", who goes out of his way to defend Jews, who dates Jewish women, who believes that ProThink is "the vanguard of the Zionist disinfo shill", who believes that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are "fake", and that that only "shills" and "idiots" believe in the Protocols, and then believe himself to be in a position to make attacks on Brendon O'Connell, his girlfriend, his friends, and his associates.