Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here we go again. NPD under threat.

I hope you are all starting to see a pattern. The Jewish editors and journalists around the word are putting Obama under increasing pressure to strike re blow the shit out of Iran. Meanwhile the Sayanim network is firing up to make Russia once again a member of the axis of evil. Those naughty Russians are selling Iran equipment to protect themselves from Nuclear attack from Israel/America.

Now we have the "Far Right", that's us being stolen right out from underneath our feet. First it was the National Front being mugged by a pro Israel BNP then it was the failed attempt by Israel First types at the take over of Australia First. Leading to the one policy party "I hate Islam" spoiler The Australian Protectionist.

Look out folks no one is safe. The NPD are now in the Zionists sights. I feel sick.


Financier spends €5m on extreme-right party

By Derek Scally

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A SWEDISH billionaire with links to fascist organisations is spending €5 million to build up an extreme-right party in Germany along the lines of Austria's Freedom Party.

Patrik Brinkmann is bankrolling "Pro NRW", which began life in Cologne as an anti-minaret initiative, in May's state election in Germany's most populous state, North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW).

The Swedish businessman hopes to create an extreme-right political party in Germany "without the Nazi nonsense" – a clear dig at the neo-fascist National Democratic Party (NPD).

"My mother was born in the ruins of Berlin in May 1945, now I want to serve my motherland," said Mr Brinkmann of his engagement in Germany in a YouTube video posting.

The Swede has urged Pro NRW to present itself to voters as a social, globalisation critical party in the hope May's vote will represent a breakthrough into the political mainstream.

"We have to say that it is unfriendly to foreigners to force people to leave their homes," said Mr Brinkmann. "It's foreigner friendly to create a perspective for these people in their home country. That is the new right, that is democracy." Six years ago, Mr Brinkmann founded the "Continent Europe Foundation" to recruit ultra-right intellectuals to push the foundation's goals of countering Europe's "physical death" through immigration of non-Europeans and the continent's "political death" through Americanism.

Three years ago the Swede spent a reported €3 million on a lakeside villa in Berlin's upmarket Zehlendorf neighbourhood.

Now he is expected to relocate from Sweden to Germany to aid the NRW campaign.

Markus Beisicht, head of Pro NRW in Cologne, said he saw a "huge chance" for his movement to pick up votes to the right of established parties.

"This NRW is a test vote for our political model," he said, adding that Mr Brinkmann's donation would be used to buy headquarters for the new party.

Extremist parties in Germany and Austria have been anxious to repeat the success of last year's referendum in Switzerland that resulted in a ban on minarets. Pro NRW's website recycles the controversial anti-minarette poster from the Swiss campaign.

Mr Brinkmann's donation to Pro NRW is a blow to the NPD, Germany's oldest neo-Nazi party, as it is in financial dire straits. Adding to their financial woes is a €2.2 million fine imposed by the Bundestag last year after the party filed fraudulent accounts.

"With out the Nazi nonsense". I will translate. Anti Zionists. The only Nazis that I have ever seen in uniform are all on the History channel. All the others are mostly well meaning White Nationals following Jewish sponsored leaders. They roll them out when ever they need to create sympathy for Israel or discredit Anti Zionists or real White Nationalists.

I actually thought at one stage there may have been one group in the US who could have been considered Uniform Nazis. Recent revelations have put that one to sleep also.
Its all getting a bit old.

What do we do? Good question. Support real White Nationals and tell the pro Israel lot to burn in hell. No matter what country you are in if your party supports Non Whites the chances are it aint a White Nationalist party. Best go join one. In fact I would ask that White Nationals who have been doing the "loan wolf thing" join a WN party ASAP. Other wise there wont be any left. Once again the power is your hands use it wisely.

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