Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Front receive 70% increase in memberships. Thanks to the BNP.



Being in Nationalist politics in an up and down existence and no matter what we do or achieve we never seem to attract any TV time without what we say being twisted and turned against us.

However this time I feel that we may receive normal treatment in fact it is possible that we will be treated as any other political party, something which we have demanded for many decades.

For a number of months now we have been hearing rumours of BNP members defecting to the NF and to be honest there have been a few but a steady trickle only.

Since Question Time with the BNP’s leader we have seen nearly 900 enquiries over and above the norm. This has helped us to over a 70% increase in membership during this period.

Recently the BBC contacted me as the parties Press Officer if I would do a piece for the Politics Show regarding the leaching of BNP members to the NF (not my words).

I of course prepared myself and arrived at BBC Leeds and was met by the team and the interview was recorded.

The next step was for the party to provide proof to the BBC that what I had said was true and provable otherwise they would not run the programme.

Our Membership Dept along with our IT dept were able to prove this to be the case both verbally as well as via written proof and because this proof had taken a week to obtain the programme was delayed a week.

So this Sunday the 21st at 12 noon on the Politics Show the piece will be aired

However if you live outside Yorkshire then you can watch the programme on BBC i player around an hour later.

For now here are two short trailers for this Sunday’s programme.

Tom Linden (NF Press and Publicity)

But its national press officer, Yorkshire-based Tom Linden, claims 13 BNP branches have at least discussed switching allegiance. He has named four in Yorkshire: Todmorden, Hull, Bradford and Colne Valley.


Peter Watson said...

The British National Party has been attacking the leadership of the National Front for the last couple of months. A number of BNP activists have been claiming the leaders of the NF are paedophiles and/or linked to paedophiles.

The reason why the BNP has been attacking the NF is because the BNP leadership are worried that the NF will gain in popularity amongst the White British people. The BNP hasn't been directly attacking the Front but using it's activists on a number of White Nationalist forums to do so.

The National Front hasn't yet responded to the claims but we all know that the claims are groundless.

Hopefully the Front will keep on growing and reach it's highs of the 1970s.

WLT NSW said...

I have always found the utilisation of this particular smear tactic both intriguing and ironic.

When one considers the provable facts that the Left Wing parties such as Labor are virtual rattlesnake dens of sexual perverts and predators why is it always, and I mean always, the White Nationalists who are defamed in this way?

It would be a truly brave person or group though to take on the real Homo Mafia because they are so well protected and most of their leadership ARE the Law! Their ranks are filled with judges, lawyers,bureaucrats and politicians. These are the people who lobby, legislate and administrate the statutes we currently suffer beneath that protect the corrupt and punish the decent.