Monday, February 15, 2010

An Ode To The A.P.P.

In Happy Valley, in the forecourt of the insane asylum, stands a gigantic statue of Saint Dazzler the Magnificent. Inscribed upon the massive granite plinth on which the noble colossus stands are the words, in gilded lettering...

“Give me your dumb, stupid, your poor

Your muddled jackasses yearning to breathe free

Your wretched fools and morons by the score

Send these, the clueless, wasters lost to me

I lift my menorah beside the golden door”

The Great Bard himself could scarcely have penned a more moving tribute to the political black hole that is the A.P.P.


Whitelaw Towers said...

WLT QLD said. You crack me up my esteemed friend.

carp the wanker said...

Darrin Hodges - the one John West rejected.

Nicholas said...

Whitelaw you made me laugh. I suppose the next altered graphics will have Nick Griffin driving a Transit Van?

You guys just don't get it. Peddling your revisionist stuff will never get you a political platform.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Oh Nick you are so behind the times. Hello WLT isn't a Political Party. We are White Nationalists you recall them don't ya? They are the ones you guys call Nazis.

Now go back to sleep you are surplus to requirements.

WLT NSW said...

Nicko said:

"You guys just don't get it. Peddling your revisionist stuff will never get you a political platform."

Nope, sorry Nick, YOU just don't 'get it' mate.

Besides, it ain't 'revisionist' to call a spade a digging implement. And why would you utilise the term 'revisionist' in a negative manner?

Whitelaw Towers was originally conceived and set up as a beacon of truth to shine the light on the maggots and cockroaches of the LEFT.

What should be of concern to YOU, Nicko me ol' son, is why creatures like YOU are now the focus of this glaring beam of light.

Why IS that Nick?

Think about it Nick.

Careful now.

Take your time.

Resist your normal urge to simply blurt out the first thing that comes into your pin-like head.

Would you like to phone a friend?

All that being said though, we suppose, on one level we should be grateful.

After all A.P.P. is the 'pooper scooper' of Australian Politics.

You're doing us all a favour by gathering up all the shit.

Just be sure to dispose of it all in an environmentally responsible manner by tossing it into the nearest dumpster bin.