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Queensland Rural City Under Siege.

Steven Hagan Convicted criminal USQ lecturer, Black Activist and all round Anti White Racist. Pin up boy for the Bnai Brith.

We have been sitting on this story for a few weeks now.

Back Ground.


21st January 2010

"THE family of Peter “Bo” Duncan have described his shock death as a nightmare as he collapsed after being assaulted in a North Toowoomba street brawl."

The Duncan Family are a well known Indigenous family living in Toowoomba Queensland.

"Mr Duncan, 55, a resident of Chamberlain Street, was walking to a shop to buy soft drink when he became involved in a fight at 6.50pm on Tuesday.

Family members ran to assist him and also became involved in the fight while a concerned resident called police.

Mr Duncan dies after having a heart attack while being spoken to by Local police."

So we have a family that is well known for some very violent behavior getting involved in a fight. The elder of the family has a heart attack while being questioned by Police.

After this incident occurred we became personally aware of at least 3 white males who were bashed by members of this family or their friends. Their only crime? Being White and living nearby. One man in particular is still in hospital from last reports.

This was not reported in the media. But we have heard that many other random attacks have happened in Toowoomba since Mr Duncan past away.

At the time of Mr Duncans death and until recently many simply thought it was just a family squabble. This is usually the case with local Aborigines.

Trouble is brewing.

22nd January 2010


FAMILY members yesterday described Peter “Bo” Duncan as a larrikin who was loved by all who knew him.

Mr Duncan, 55, and his wife Normella were proud of their big family and had 12 children and 31 grandchildren between them.

Yes a very large family. Well known to Local Authorities.

"After Mr Duncan’s first heart attack two years ago".

"Mr Duncan was taking his heart medication leading up to his collapse".

Note previous medical condition.

Widow calls for court justice

22nd January 2010


NORMELLA Duncan is too frightened to return to her Chamberlain Street home where she says her beloved husband Peter was attacked by four men and later died.

Typical media spin.

"Mrs Duncan, 49, is haunted by the violence Peter suffered in the moments leading up to him collapsing and later dying from a suspected heart attack".

Mr and Mrs Duncan, their son Josh and five of their grandchildren were sitting at the back of their home having tea and coffee on Tuesday evening when Mr Duncan left to drive to the BP service station on North Street to buy food for his lunch the next day.

Mr Duncan was returning home when he stopped his car just metres from his Chamberlain Street home.

“A drunken man was on the street, pulling his pants down and flashing him,” Mrs Duncan said.

She said he got out of the car and exchanged words with the man who then punched him in the face.

The man’s brother and two friends became involved in the fight while Mrs Duncan and their son Josh, 17, came to help.

This still had local people thinking it was a black on black fight.

Everyone who lives in Toowoomba is now aware that there will be trouble. Talk on the streets is that it was a Family Feud. Two Aboriginal families at each others throats. White folk are getting a little worried about their safety. Large groups of Aboriginal youths are roaming the streets at night and rumors of the Duncan Family driving around looking to bash people are common. Still we have no idea who the other group is. All the local's know is that White People are being bashed.

The only info anyone has on the others involved is this.

One of the men involved in the fight lives in Chamberlain Street. He was attending a wake held at his parents’ home as the man’s grandmother had been buried that day.

The man, his brother, and two other men were involved.

Fighting breaks out after funeral

1st February 2010


BOGGABILLA Police described the actions at Peter ‘Bo’ Duncan’s funeral and wake on Friday as simply not good enough.

Boggabilla is an Aboriginal camp on the Queensland New South Wales border. Not the sorta place to be in late at night if you are white.

His funeral was held at Goondiwindi on Friday afternoon, before everyone moved to Boggabilla for the night where the evening took a turn for the worse.

Boggabilla is not a dry community. It has two pubs. It is well known for street crime' violence and child prostitution.

The fights spilled out onto the streets and police were called several times.

Boggabilla police were assisted by the Goondiwindi police to help get the situation under control.

No injuries were reported and so far no arrests have been made although Inspector Styles said that further action would be taken.

Inspector Styles said the incidents occurred as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

This is typical behavior. The people of Toowoomba had already been living with this type of behavior since this mans death. Everyone was thinking that these attacks and reports of violence in Toowoomba were Revenge Attacks. But no one could figure out why the White Folk? Both the groups involved in Duncans death are black?

No white folk had been reported to be involved. It all seemed to be a case of drunken indiscriminate violence towards the White Community. The fights in Boggabilla only suggested to people that this was still a family feud. The whites being bashed in Toowoomba must be victims of drunken emotional Duncan Family members or their friends. As stated this is not a surprise to many. They family is well known for their violence.

The cat is let out of the bag.

Widow gathers protest support

19th February 2010


ANGRY widow Normella Duncan wants answers about the bashing death of her husband Peter “Bo” Duncan.

Mrs Duncan said Toowoomba Police would not be able to ignore the justice protest she was holding next Friday — involving more than 500 family members and friends.

Thats tomorrow folks.

Fliers are being distributed around the communities of Cunnamulla, Boggabilla and Moree to drum-up support

Big trouble for Toowoomba this weekend. Over 500 angry Blacks from some of the most violent Aborigine community's in South East Queensland.

Mrs Duncan disputed police concerns the protest could degenerate into violence.

The Police know. They are aware of the bashing's of local white residents. Everyone knows but the News Paper. Funny that.

And here it is folks. Get ready.

“I’m not a racist person. But if four black men bashed a white man, they would be in jail awaiting trial,” she said.

Widow wife plays the race card. It was white people who were involved in the fight. Now everything makes sense.

“The police are making out that we’re going to be violent, but it will be a peaceful get-together.

“We want answers and we want somebody made accountable for what happened to Peter.”

The Police are scared so should the residents. It simply will not be a safe place in Toowoomba until these people get their pound of White Flesh. Yet White folk are bashed every weekend by the same people now screaming for justice.

Now have a look at who is organizing this. Many of our old readers are familiar with one Black Racist in particular.

Mrs Duncan said Aboriginal activists Lyall Munro and Stephen Hagan would be at the protest.

Stephen Hagan. The most racist black man at the University of Southern Queensland. The same man who proudly boasted about his Jewish Lawyer who makes him a lot of money. Old Steve "the KKK stole my lunch" is one of the most left wing anti white ex crims ever to walk this planet.

This letter from a local black sums it up.

Mrs Duncan im sorry for you loss. But you do not help yourself or the memory of your late husband when you act like this. Im a proud Black man but firstly im an Australian. You say that you are not a racised but you have two of the greats Black rights people attending the protest. Hagon is a man who lives on hatred of the white man, and Lyall is a man that drums up black power. You want people charged that is a joke. If they charge them now with murder it would be thrown out of court. If you charge them with assult this would not be good enought in your eyes. Until we all start to live as one group of people in this country under 1 set of laws you will never find peace. Let the police do there job.

We will not say anymore on this for now. But be sure we will be taking a trip to Toowoomba this weekend to keep an eye on what happens. We predict a riot. If you are planing a night out in the Toowoomba City on Friday night, DONT!

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What goes around comes around...

Sweet, poetic justice.

From the ABC Website:

Documentary producer wins defamation damages

The producer of a controversial documentary that depicted teenage girls talking about their sex lives has been awarded damages for defamation by a Canberra court.

Dennis O'Rourke successfully sued Indigenous rights activist Stephen Hagan for implying to a journalist that he was unscrupulous in making the film Cunnamulla.

Nationwide News has also been sued for publishing Mr Hagan's comments in The Daily Telegraph six years ago.

The ACT Supreme Court today ordered $200,000 be paid to Mr O'Rourke.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!



While we are looking at Mr. Hagan lets see what he has to say about the KKK in Toowoomba? It seems that he is an expert. Over the years he has sued a University in QLD for publishing his address so other Indigenous peoples may contact him. But shock horror Hagan claimed that KKK branches in Crows Nest, High Fields and Dalby sent him hate mail saying “Don’t snigger nigger the Klan is getting Bigger”. Fearing a cross burning he sued the Uni for an undisclosed amount to relocate his family to protect them. Whitelaw staff knows this was a scam on Hagan’s part. Using his Jewish lawyer that he bragged about on ABC Speaking Out in 2005 he won this case and another one against McDonalds for the Long Black Coffee.

Mr. Hagan’s own Racism knows no bounds. Last year he accused the RSL of being made up of nothing but Racists after his cousin burnt the Australian flag on Australia Day 2006.


Mr Stephen Hagan

Name : Mr Stephen Hagan
Position : Lecturer
Section : Pro Vice-Chancellor's Office (Social Justice)
Centre for Australian Indigenous Knowledges
Office : TA205
Location : Toowoomba Campus
Phone : 61 7 4631 1867
Extension : 1867
E-mail :
Qualifications : BA CanberraCAE

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