Thursday, February 04, 2010

Regional Australia Vilified Yet Again By The ZOG Press

The following is typical of Controlled Media shrill employed to create yet more White Guilt to ensure there is nobody game enough to resist the Criminal Cabal of the Multi-Cult.

The Daily Advertiser News

Refugee supporters receive hate mail

03 Feb, 2010 09:48 AM

SUPPORTERS of Wagga's African refugee community have become the target of "hate-filled" mail and phone calls from individuals claiming to represent the right-wing Australia First Party.

“A fervent advocate of the region's African migrant community,”

A “fervent advocate”? And why IS that? We believe this is a legitimate question and one that ALL these “advocates” should be required to answer with an honest explanation about precisely why they favour the welfare of aliens over that of their own people. While White children still live in poverty and hardship there is no excuse whatsoever to champion the cause of utterly inassimilable aliens into our formerly homogeneous White European Nation. This Fletcher idiot is a disgrace and a waste of White skin. Just take a look at the photo of him in the original 'news' piece. ALL these Leftist 'White Guilt' merchants are ugly, twisted and wretched creatures with souls to match. May they all rot in their own special Hell.

SHAME on him and all his traitorous kind. I would ask what is in it for him? Is he having Interracial sexual relations with these creatures? Is he the recipient of some sort of Taxpayer funded ‘Government’ grant or support payment for assisting these Negroids? How about HE has the ‘courage of his convictions’ to ‘speak out publicly’ about precisely what HIS role in this affair is?

“David Fletcher this week was shocked when a piece of unsolicited mail, purporting to be from the party, was delivered to his Forest Hill home.”

Well boo hoo! I’m sure the ‘shock’ felt by the White victims of ethnic crime rates a little higher than receiving a sheet of paper in the mail. You big girl’s blouse!

“Mr Fletcher, who has submitted several letters to The Daily Advertiser weighing into the debate surrounding an anonymous blog recently created by a Riverina Australia First Party supporter, said he was outraged by the contents of the letter.

He said the writer had made outlandish claims about the IQ and hormone levels of individuals of African descent and also featured what he described as a "disgusting" caricature of an African man complete with the heading "African 'Refugees' Today, Gangsters & Drug Addled Welfare Parasites Tomorrow."

“Outlandish claims”? Having not actually seen or read the leaflet, this writer can only assume the text points out the low intelligence of Blacks compared to Whites. Facts really, which are self evident. No problems there.

"I'm not going to stand for it, it's disgusting, it really is," he said.

"I'm outraged for a lot of reasons.”

There’s that word again, “outraged”, doubtlessly proffered by the ‘reporter’ and eagerly grasped by this idiot. It is so patently contrived and worked into EVERY one of these stories. It is PATHETIC.

"We have an African family out here at Forest Hill and their kids run around and are just happy little Aussie kids, kicking around a soccer ball with big smiles on their faces.

"It's frightening, particularly for the children, what they might face and where it might lead I don't know."

Perhaps Mr. Fletcher’s concern would be more appropriately focused were he to consider the dreadful anxiety and distress felt by White Australian parents for their children every time they venture away from home, even to school. The facts are, Mr. Fletcher, that ethnically based gangs, usually Arabic or Pacific Islander based, but increasingly Negroid in character, roam our suburbs at will for easy prey in the form of White meat. Our Police are both psychologically restrained by their ‘cultural sensitivity’ training and, following the huge influx of females and slightly built males, physically simply not up to match fitness to tackle the street thugs. You truly do need to get out a little more Mr. Fletcher, in a CITY and not just a country town.

“Mr Fletcher said he was completely supportive of debate on the issue of sustainable immigration,”

LIAR! A ‘debate’ with this type is a waste of time and precious oxygen. One would spend one’s time more constructively in an attempt to explain the basic laws of physics to a common cockroach.

“however would prefer those who opposed his views to have the courage to be named and own their opinions.”

This is code for let us know who you are so we can start proceedings against you first through HREOC and then perhaps even criminal charges under Australia’s (quite illegal) so-called Anti vilification laws. “Courage” doesn’t come into it. Under the current draconian ‘laws’ the producer of that flier faces real gaol time. Why would anyone put their name to it, truth or not?

Then again…this could all just be absolute chutzpah and some AntiFa or member of the ‘Jewish Community’ concocted this entire stunt to discredit Australia First despite the fact A.F. have not produced the article in question.

"I don't have a problem if they are against migration as long as they have reasons that they can debate in a logical and rational way," he said.

As already explained above. It is like trying to be ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ with @ndy ‘slackbastard’ or ‘Darp’ or ‘weezil’. There can be no connection, no area of agreement or understanding because they operate on a different system. It is like the difference between Alternating Current and Direct Current. The two are incompatible.

"It's too easy to sell fear.”

Darn tootin’! Just look at Hollywood and TelAvision.

"It's harder for these people to show their faces and own their words, all they do is hide behind the cloak of anonymity."

As expressed above there is good reason for this. The suppression of ‘Free Speech’ In Australia is now effectively complete. Should the matter go to court we hear that the truth is now considered “no defence” in such matters.

“Mr Fletcher said he was aware that some Wagga residents may be wary, but that African families were ultimately just like any other Riverina family.”

If I were a Riverina resident I would be deeply insulted by that gross claim.

"I can understand people are a little bit fearful because they do look different," he said.

"A lot of the men are six foot four and are very dark-skinned, but if (people) stopped to invite them around for a barbecue they'd find out that they are just like us, they have the same problems and the same hopes."

Oh dear. Does he truly believe this utter claptrap he speaks?

"A member of Wagga's African population and at least two of the community's advocates have also received threatening phone calls."

Well then. That is a job for the POLICE. But you just watch, nothing will ever come of this because the entire thing is a smear campaign against White Australian Nationalists. No 'evidence' will emerge because there IS NONE!

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