Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The return of Silver Fern.

Australia's one and only KKK fraud has stuck her head out once again. Yes folks remember Silver Fern, Maxine Grey, Tina Greco, Skippy, Kiwi? Now it would seem that she is still spreading her BS far and wide. Nearly as wide as her fat arse. Hello again Lotie Rose. More on this traitor HERE.

Her nice little claim that she was spying on the Jews at the JTF forum just doesn't cut it. A bit like how these same Jews can and did remove all the posts that APP spokesperson Darrin Hodges made on the same forum. She now uses this as her only credentials. Very convenient.

Her actions alone on just about every WN forum only serve to prove that she is and was nothing but a tool for the enemy. The list of good white folk she has attacked in this country alone is staggering. Funny enough they are all the same people and groups that Darrin Hodges and members of the Australian Protectionist Party are currently attacking in another smear campaign.

Tina why is it that your mother wears a Star Of David around her neck? Please feel free to drop in and give us an answer.

Now members of this blog did in fact meet Tina Greco in Sydney. After the meeting it was discussed that something was very strange about this one. The number one thing that stood out was the fact that she could not look anyone in the eye. In fact it was so obvious that it was noticed by all. It left everyone wondering what the hell was she hiding.

Not long after this meeting Tina Greco started using information that was originally invented by Mathew Henderson Hau founder of the Jewish run Anti Racist and criminal group Fight Dem Back. These claims are simply laughable. When confronted over this and other claims via telephone she apologized to a staff member here on behalf of the Australian KKK. Yes it was tapped. It has since been sent onto other well known and respected WN in Australia as proof of her BS. It was also reported to members of this blog from an ex KKK member that she purposely targeted individuals in the WN scene in a smear and lie campaign. He was ordered to use Storm Front Down Under while she used the VNN forum. Of course this happened after she was banned from all the Australian WN forums.

Sadly she is still out there doing her best to disrupt the movement. What she later done with the info she admits in the same phone conversation she was collecting on prominent WN and NS groups in this country is anyone's guess. Needless to say this Jew has ZERO credibility and should be avoided like the POX.


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PS who the hell is Chris Merrett?

Anonymous said...

The Silverfish is a destructive and vexatious insect most notoriously difficult to eradicate.

Neither prophylactics or insecticides are as effective and enjoyable as a size twelve boot employed in crushing them underfoot.

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